Things To Make Out Of Wine Corks

Things To Make Out Of Wine Corks – Now you can breathe a sigh of relief…my tutorial on how to make a large wine cork sculpture using newspapers and wire hangers is finally here! I had to take it easy this weekend, so Boo and I camped out on the coffee table in front of the TV covered in corks and stuff. I let Boo choose the project and of course he chose the tallest of all land animals – the giraffe. A snail or a bird will be much easier to deal with!

First we started with the wire hangers… and bent them into the desired shapes for the body, legs and neck. With the help of newspaper and packing tape, we “expand” the shape of the body:

Things To Make Out Of Wine Corks

Things To Make Out Of Wine Corks

This step is completely optional…but Boo wanted to add some hard plaster tape to the sculpture as her contribution. Pinning the caps together helped, but I think this step can be skipped:

How To Use Wine Corks: Crafts, Home Décor Projects, And Garden Ideas

Once the frame of the sculpture was complete, I used hot glue to begin attaching the wine corks to the giraffe body. I started with the main body and slowly worked my way down to the neck and legs:

Once a large section of wine corks were attached, Boo generously squeezed wood glue between the corks and allowed them to dry and harden for a while. The wood glue dries the same color as the corks, so you can get as messy as you like. It was a great job for Boo…beautiful and messy. He liked the way wood glue seeped out when it flooded the cracks:

It is very sturdy with all the wood glue holding it together. The color of the glue also made everything more coherent:

If you have cork left over, check out some of my other posts on wine cork stamps:

Make Your Own Cork Board With Wine Corks

#smalltownusa Living a simple and creative life in Bryson City, NC. Renovating a 1960s farm and former train depot. Thanks for reading! Read more in the About Me section. Are you an alcoholic? Grab those corks so you can make one of the really clever wine cork crafts. With 20 ideas, you’re sure to find one to try now!

Did you recycle your wine bottles? What about plugs? Well, bravo for recycling, but have you ever thought about recycling them?

Wine bottles and corks can be used to make very creative crafts that you can use in your home and garden or give as gifts. My other blog, Mod Podge Rocks, has a fun light bulb you can make out of wine bottles. But what about plugs?

Things To Make Out Of Wine Corks

There are tons of wine cork craft ideas out there and I’m sure you’ve found one or two while browsing Pinterest. You might start saving wine corks in hopes of something fun.

Wine Cork Crafts

Well, I have some great ideas for you to try. But what if you don’t drink wine or don’t want to drink 100 bottles of wine to do something? Here are some ideas on where to get handmade wine stoppers:

You may be wondering if there are any things you should keep in mind when cooking with wine corks. Before starting your project, be sure to read these important tips for working with cork.

If you use corks, wash them and let them air dry before using them for crafts. If you buy them new, you can skip the cleaning and just enjoy them straight away.

Speaking of fun, scroll down to check out my collection of 20 ingenious wine cork crafts. Which will you try first?

Wine & Dine: 10 Easy Projects For Leftover Wine Corks

Make a cork bulletin board with wine corks and an old picture frame. A great upcycle project and the dimensions can be adjusted to fit any frame you find.

Learn how to make a wine cork wreath as easy as possible! This easy DIY garland takes about 100 wine corks to make and looks so cute!

These are actually two DIY projects that Jessica joined together. The DIY coffee table is an old suitcase painted white and topped with a window full of wine corks. You don’t need coasters with this table!

Things To Make Out Of Wine Corks

I love how these necklaces turned out. All you need is some jewelry making materials, a cork and nail polish.

Unique Wine Cork Wedding Décor Ideas

Learn how to make simple coasters with heat and water resistant wine corks. Easy to make DIY decorations or gifts.

Create a DIY cork monogram to display in your home. You can even make one for everyone in your family. These would look great in a den or basement bar.

This utensil holder will look great in any kitchen and make a great DIY gift for the wine lover in your life. There’s a box in the center that ties it all together, so technically you can do this project for free.

Here’s another bulletin board idea. It uses end-facing caps instead of sides. The exterior of the board reminds me of the metal bars on a wine barrel!

I Own A Small Wine Bar In Mexico And Was Wondering If You Had Any Ideas On What To Do With All The Leftover Wine Corks.

This DIY pillow is trendy and inexpensive. In this tutorial, Amy shows you how to make this simple craft using wine corks.

Cork is a great bathroom material because it is water resistant. Find out how to turn your wine corks into a stylish rug in your bathroom.

These Juicy Wine Cork Magnets are colorful magnets made from recycled wine corks. These cute staples will complement your fridge perfectly.

Things To Make Out Of Wine Corks

This wine cork key ring is a great idea for a cork taken from a special wine bottle. Maybe you were drinking at your wedding or when your husband proposed?

Wine Cork Starfish — The Nifty Nerdarella

Learn how to make a DIY seal from a wine cork with this great tutorial. This is a perfect indoor craft for kids.

Use your wine corks to make your own DIY cork board. This cute craft can be placed on the wall, doorknob or fridge (with magnets).

This has to be the easiest idea on the list! You don’t have to stand in line, just drop the wine corks in the space between the two glass containers.

Here’s an affordable way to label your plants in your garden! Attach a wine cork to a bamboo slide and write the name of the cork.

How To Make A Diy Wine Cork Bath Mat

Learn how to make a wine cork skeleton to match your Halloween decor. This is a simple and economical vacation plan.

, Christy made these fun wine cork pineapples with her kids. They make beautiful magnets!

As I mentioned with the bath mat, wine corks are water resistant so they are great in the kitchen too. This is a great idea for a backsplash!

Things To Make Out Of Wine Corks

Make wine cork pumpkins for a simple and unique fall decoration. These are adequate for all levels of crafters.

How To Make Wine Cork Wreaths

A pineapple is a symbol used to welcome people into your home. This colorful wine cork art would be perfect in a foyer and great for summer decor.

Use this easy tutorial to make a wine cork reindeer, perfect for turning into ornaments, decorations or Christmas decorations.

Did you enjoy these wine cork projects? I want you to check out these other sweet ideas: Image: It’s the end of the day. Maybe it’s just too stressful or just a good day. Either way, you can’t wait to dig into the bottle of wine that’s beckoning to you from the fridge. When the glorious moment finally arrives, pour your glass.

But have you ever stopped to look at a wine cork sitting on the counter (or in your hand) and realized that this humble object holds enormous potential?

Diy Cork Board From Wine Corks |

Apparently, it was nothing more than a simple bar. But add other hats and you have almost endless craft projects. These aren’t just your average craft projects, but some of the cutest and most effective DIY wine cork projects we’ve found online. If you don’t believe me get ready to have your mind blown!

From artistic to practical, we’ve rounded up some awesome wine cork crafts. I love the colors on the wine cork bulletin board, it might be my favorite. However, it may take me a while to collect enough corks.

But if you already have a whole jar full of corks and don’t know what to do with them, check out these 21 DIY ideas to make your next dinner party or birthday gift memorable and unique!

Things To Make Out Of Wine Corks

Make some cork coasters to hold the wine glasses. That’s the right thing to do! This design is both artistic and functional. Your guests at your next dinner party will rave about it and appreciate how creative you are! For this cork and nut craft you’ll need: Grab wine corks, a box cutter, sandpaper, and a hot glue gun.

Wine Cork Birdhouse

A wine cork bulletin board Mom loves! He’ll never forget his to-do list, and he’ll never forget you!


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