How To Locate Lost Phone Using Phone Number

How To Locate Lost Phone Using Phone Number – You reach for your phone and realize it’s not where you left it. If you feel a tingling sensation in your bag, go to your room. But the truth comes out: your favorite device is gone, and you don’t know where you lost it.

Now that we’ve come to depend on our smartphones for everything from checking bank balances to making big social shares, losing one can be a major headache. And we’re not just talking about missing Facebook updates. Without your laptop, you lose touch with family and friends (who remembers phone numbers anymore?), you risk losing work relationships, and your travel plans fall into disarray.

How To Locate Lost Phone Using Phone Number

How To Locate Lost Phone Using Phone Number

So you have to get your lost phone back as soon as possible. The good news is that there are apps on your phone to help you. The bad news is that these apps have to be pre-configured.

How To Use Imei Number To Track Your Lost Android Phone

Before we begin, we have a small warning. If you’re reading this because your phone is missing, but you haven’t set up a data recovery app before, we can’t help you (besides our usual advice: look in the last place you remember seeing it and find someone else’s phone). Ask) Call your friends numbers). If your phone is stolen, we do not recommend tracking it yourself. For your own safety, contact your local law enforcement authorities and submit all information provided by your phone finder instead of taking matters into your own hands. let’s start now.

Apple has embedded phone settings directly into the iOS operating system. “Find” apps that allow you to track a lost iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device are associated with your Apple ID; So make sure you remember your password or keep it safe with a trusted password manager.

To set up this feature, open Settings on your iPhone, tap your name at the top of the screen, then tap the menu button that lists your iPhone as one of the devices associated with your Apple ID. Tap on Find My iPhone to enable the feature and make sure you have enabled the toggle next to Send Last Location. To recover a lost phone, you also need to make sure that location services are enabled on your phone. It should already be on, but you can control it by opening Settings and tapping on Privacy and then Location Services. After enabling these settings, you can continue with your daily life as long as your iPhone doesn’t leave your hands.

So what should you do when you lose your iPhone? First, open a web browser on any computer and go to, then sign in with your Apple ID. Or get another Apple device, like a laptop or iPad, sign in with your Apple ID, and install the version of Find My app for that device.

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The next screen should display a map with the location of your iPhone and other devices you’ve registered with it. Touch the dot and you’ll see the phone’s battery level, as well as the date and time the iPhone last reported its location. So, if the last check-in was earlier, it could be due to the battery being dead or someone turning it off. In this case, the location on the map may be out of date because the phone cannot report that it is where it was turned off.

Find allows you to interact and log in with your phone. For example, if Maps says your phone is buried somewhere in your apartment, you can click Play Sound to make the phone ring (even if it’s on mute).

If the phone appears to be floating elsewhere, you can take more drastic steps by clicking ‘Mark lost’. This will remotely lock your device and display a message of your choice to strangers who might see it on the street or in a restaurant. It will also prevent the phone from making Apple Pay purchases.

How To Locate Lost Phone Using Phone Number

Enabling this mod should be enough to prevent thieves from accessing it. However, if your phone has gone somewhere you’ve never been and you’re concerned that your data might fall into the wrong hands, you can use the Erase this device option as a last resort. This will remotely erase everything on your phone. So if your phone never comes back to you, know that your data is safe. On the other hand, if you get caught in your paws again, you can restore to the device from an iTunes backup or iCloud.

Find Lost Phone Track My Lost Phone Apk For Android Download

Android devices have their own version of the Find My iPhone option. On stock Android, you can find it by opening Settings and tapping on Google, and then tapping on Find My Device. There, toggle the button at the top of your screen to open it. When you activate it, you can find your Android device in case you lose it and erase it if necessary.

Some Android manufacturers put their own phone finder apps on their devices. For example, Samsung has a program called Find My Mobile. However, as long as you’ve registered a Google Account on your phone (and you haven’t forgotten or lost the password), you should be able to use the Local option. Like iPhones, you’ll need to turn on Location Services on your Android device. Go to Settings to check.

If you lose track of your Android, your game plan should be to be its owner. Lost iPhone. First, go to in any web browser or open the Find My Device app on another Android device. Sign in to your Google Account and you can see a map showing where your phone was last located. Here’s another great trick: Go to the Google home page and ask “Where’s my phone?” As long as you’re logged into your Google Account in the search box, it will open a map showing the same phone.

This page gives you another option besides showing the location of your Android device. For one, you can hear the phone sound even when it’s on silent mode, which may help you find the cushion under it. The ringtone lasts five minutes, giving you plenty of time to do laundry or go rummaging under the bed. Note that the location on the map shows the location of the phone.

How To Track Android Cell Phone Using Imei Number

, So, if your apartment’s battery runs out before someone shakes their phone, you won’t be able to find it near you, even if the map says it’s near you.

Another option is below the button that says Recovery and takes you directly to the Find My Device page, where you can remotely lock and wipe the phone, the same options you get with the equivalent Apple service. On a lost device, use the Secure device option to sign out of your Google Account and lock the device. You can also set a message to be displayed on the lock screen if you think someone might take your phone and return it to you. As long as it is locked, no one can access your data, unless we are talking about people with hacking skills.

Lastly, if your phone is stolen and you want to make sure that the data and apps on your phone are not at risk, the Wipe Device option is available. Remotely locking your phone is usually enough to keep people away, but if you never get your phone back or if you think someone walked past the lock screen, it’s safest to There is an option. Note that this will permanently delete your data unless you have backed up your data elsewhere.

How To Locate Lost Phone Using Phone Number

Third-party developers haven’t been in a rush to release their own apps in this area, as both Apple and Google offer their own full suite of tools (tools that can monitor your other devices like Android Wear smartwatches and Apple Watch). Are). , But they do offer some options that we like.

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Cerberus, an anti-theft app for Android, offers a one-week free trial and requires a subscription fee of 5 euros, which is about $6 a year, after that. In addition to the ability to track your phone on a map and activate its speaker, Cerberus also allows you to take photos and screenshots of your phone’s screen with your phone’s camera. This can help you find out where your phone is and who has it. The app may also permanently display the message to the person receiving your call.

Pre Anti-Theft offers similar services to Cerberus, but the app works on both Android and iOS devices. You can also view your registered phone on a map, as well as take screenshots and pictures, and display text on the screen. Both the apps can send really loud alarms. Pre Anti-Theft is free for up to three devices. A $5 per month upgrade gives you additional control areas; This means that you will get a warning if:

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