How To Back Itunes Up To Icloud

How To Back Itunes Up To Icloud – You should also back up your iPhone and iPad before upgrading to iOS 12, which can take up most of your Mac’s storage space. Learn how to prevent your Mac’s disk from clogging up.

You back up your iOS devices to your Mac, right? Ever since iCloud Backup was introduced in iOS 5 in 2011, we’ve probably gotten rid of connecting iPhones to computers.

How To Back Itunes Up To Icloud

How To Back Itunes Up To Icloud

However, 7 years later, iCloud still hasn’t backed up everything. Also, if recovery is required, it’s not what you’d call instant recovery.

How To Back Up Your Iphone With Icloud, Mac, Or Pc

Basically, iCloud backs up data about data. This includes account information and app purchase history so you can log back in or re-download something. iTunes Backup backs up your app and everything in it.

If you’re helping new or inexperienced iOS users, you know they don’t think about backing up iTunes on their Macs. I also find that when I run a backup, the backup itself can take up a lot of space.

What you don’t know is if you can do anything about it. You can transfer backups while keeping a full backup and have it as easy as connecting your phone to iTunes. Put it on an external drive.

Plus, iTunes can automatically back up and restore from that drive without you having to do anything.

How To Back Up With Itunes?

If I do this because I have a MacBook Pro with limited SSD space it works fine. However, we are responsible for

Physically move the backup from iTunes’ default storage location to an external drive. Then use Terminal to create a symbolic link between the two sites.

If you didn’t need to use symbolic links, you can think of this as a deeper alias. While an alias tells macOS where a file or folder is, a symbolic link tells macOS that the two locations are actually the same.

How To Back Itunes Up To Icloud

It’s a subtle difference, but aliases don’t have enough hooks into the system if you’re using macOS features like iTunes Backup.

Where To Backup Iphone For Free

Create a new folder on your external drive to store your backups. Give it a name that’s easy to remember, but don’t use spaces. It’s fine to name the folder “BackupiPhone”, but you can’t name it “Backup iPhone”.

Next, find out where iTunes stores your backups. In the Finder, select the “Go” menu and select “Go to Folder” or simply press Command-Shift-G. In the drop-down list that appears, enter the following:

There will probably be only one folder there and it will be named “Backup”. However, if you use a backup program like iMazing, this folder may contain other items, but they will be clearly mentioned. Select the folder called “Backup” and copy it to a new folder on your external hard drive.

Wait for the backup to finish, then delete the original backup folder if you dare. If you’re not that brave and smart, rename it to something like “OLD BACKUP”. Something that lets you see what it is and where it needs to be renamed if you want everything back.

How To Back Up Iphone X To Icloud And Mac

Make sure iTunes is not running. Then fire up the terminal and type the following command carefully as usual. In this case, the selected external drive is named Sierra and the folder created is named BackupiPhone. Note that the original Backup folder was copied there. This makes the command you need to type look like this:

The original Backup folder will again contain one called Backup, but this will be an icon. At the bottom left is an arrow that looks like an alias, double-click it to open the backup folder on your external drive.

Now you are done, but you should know that you are ready for the future. Connect your iOS device to iTunes and click the iPhone or iPad icon to view the overview page.

How To Back Itunes Up To Icloud

There you’ll see a section for backups and a heading that says “Automatically back up with iCloud or options on this PC.” Make sure “This computer” is selected and click the “Back Up Now” button.

How Do I Know If Iphone Is Successfully Backed Up?

After a while, iTunes will start backing up. There is nothing new in the original backup folder, but there is something new on the external drive.

Specifically, a new folder is created inside the Backup folder on that drive, named with some string, but also timestamped.

ITunes backs up your iPhone here and keeps backing up until you put everything back together. To undo this, remove the symbolic link to the original backup folder. The next time you back up through iTunes, it will go back to saving in iTunes.

You can back up the latest backup folder from the external drive, but it’s better to treat it as a backup in case something goes wrong. Once the phone is properly and completely backed up to the original iTunes folder, it can be deleted.

How To Back Up Your Devices Using Icloud Or Itunes

This is a special solution if your backups lose a lot of space. This is also a workaround to create a secure backup of the drive that can be deleted later, but it’s not the best or easiest solution.

To ensure a complete backup of your iOS device to an external drive, use a tool like Hazel or Keyboard Maestro to make scheduled backups.

Electronics stores like Amazon and B&H Photo have a wide selection of portable external drives for under $65.

How To Back Itunes Up To Icloud

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How To Back Up Your Iphone To Icloud, Macos, Or Windows (2022)

By the way, if I save the backup to my Mac, will Time Machine restore the backup?

Can this be done wirelessly on the NAS? Ultimate does not require a Mac to be on. Is there an app for this?

“If you’re helping new or inexperienced iOS users, you know they don’t want to back up to iTunes on Mac.” A bit counterintuitive. I’m an experienced user, but I still want to backup to iCloud, so I’m a bit confused about the options. I also want regular backups on my computer.

King Editor of The Great said, “If you’re helping new or inexperienced iOS users, you know they haven’t thought about iTunes backups on their Macs.” It’s a bit counterintuitive since it requires disabling iCloud backups. I’m an experienced user, but I still want to backup to iCloud, so I’m a bit confused about the options. I also want regular backups on my computer. This doesn’t apply to my setup… just did it. My iPhone X is set to backup to iCloud by default, but all I have to do is click the “Back Up Now” option under “Manual Backup and Restore” to get the backup. Just go away from Save to your local drive without changing your iCloud settings.

Back Up Your Iphone Even If There’s ‘not Enough Icloud Storage’

Entropys: Is it possible to do this wirelessly on a NAS? Ultimate does not require a Mac to be on. Is there an app for this? It should work. A symbolic link is just a “pointer” to another location. If you can “see” the NAS from the command line, you need to specify a sym link to that NAS. Try it and see if it works. If not, you will soon find out, so you can remove the link and rename the OLD folder again.

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How To Back Itunes Up To Icloud

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Solved: Iphone Won’t Back Up To Icloud

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