How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station – This article explains how to create your own internet radio station. to achieve this goal We use the open source programs Icecast and Mixxx which run on Fedora or Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pop!_OS and other Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

Icecast (Icecast 2) is a streaming media server that allows users to broadcast our online radio station and Mixxx is a DJ mixing app (which you can use as a simple music player if you wish). Icecast2 streaming server thanks to its live streaming feature.

How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

It’s worth noting that you can create your own Internet radio station using Icecast2 and Mixxx on other Linux distributions (including Windows and macOS), but the package name and path may differ and may need to be changed depending on your application. Configuring the Linux distribution you use more Therefore, this article focuses on Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu only.

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Icecast is a free, open-source streaming server that supports Ogg Vorbis and Theora, MP3, Opus, and WebM streams, and supports multiple simultaneous audio streams. (Each stream is referred to as a “fork”). This software can be used to create public Internet radio stations. Broadcast privately over a local network, etc. There are different types of clients. Many devices can connect to Icecast servers, either to provide streaming music “ports” such as Mixxx or to listen to streaming audio.

Mixxx is free and open source DJ software for Windows, Mac and Linux which includes most of the common features in DJS software as well as specific features such as support for advanced MIDI and HID DJ controllers. BPM, key detection and sync, effects, vinyl control Auto DJ and Recording etc. Since version 1.9, Mixxx allows live streaming. Shoutcast and Icecast broadcast servers are supported.

Icecast can be installed on a separate server or on the same computer running Mixxx for streaming.

When installing Icecast2 on Debian or Ubuntu, some configuration options appear. (Doesn’t work on Fedora):

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Replace the default password with your own password in all cases. If you skip the initialization You can run it again using sudo dpkg-reconfigure icecast2 . You can also change these default settings and more. You can do this by editing the Icecast2 configuration file (we’ll talk about that in the next step).

Path to Icecast configuration file on Debian/Ubuntu (installed by package manager) is /etc/icecast2/icecast.xml while Fedora is /etc/icecast.xml. You can edit this file to change Icecast2 internet radio station information, set limits. (limit the number of clients/listeners), change passwords for “source”, “broadcast” and “admin” users, and so on.

On Debian/Ubuntu, the default Icecast2 configuration that appears in the initial Icecast2 installation should support most of this configuration. You can also edit the Icecast2 configuration file.

How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

Open this Icecast configuration file as root with a text editor, such as Nano in the example below (Use Ctrl + O and then Enter to save the file using Nano. To exit the Nano editor after saving the file, press Ctrl + X . ):

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As mentioned in the site and comments on admin settings. This is the information displayed on the Internet Radio Server Information page of the Icecast web interface, so it is for demonstration purposes only.

This section is not present in the Icecast configuration file by default on Fedora (although it is at the top of the configuration file on Debian/Ubuntu)

You can use these defaults. This means that you will only be streaming to localhost using 8000 as the port. In this case, you can access the Icecast 2 server web page in your web browser by visiting http://localhost:8000 and the admin page by going to http://localhost:8000/admin is not yet because next we need to enable and start (or restart) the Icecast2 service

But you may want to change some of these settings. Replace the hostname value with the hostname/domain or IP address used for the stream. The bind address allows limiting the address Icecast listens to if no bind address is specified. (This is the default configuration) for a specific listening socket. Sockets are bound on all interfaces (including IPv6 if applicable). Port 8000 is usually used by default in many projects. So it might already be in use. So you want to make a change.

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There are many other settings in this Icecast2 file, but the defaults should suffice in most cases.

You can now access the Icecast server web page in your web browser by visiting http://localhost:8000 (which uses the default You may change) and go to http://localhost:8000/ to access the management page book. Manager.

Additionally, you must restart the Icecast2 systemd service whenever you change the configuration file. This can be done using:

How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

You can also install the new version of Mixxx on Ubuntu or Linux Mint using the PPA listed on the Mixxx download page.

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5. Live with internet radio! Configure Mixxx to feed the audio stream to the Icecast2 broadcast server.

From the Mixxx options menu, run Setup. Then go to live stream tab here see server connection and here it is:

That’s all you need to set up to get things working. You can also change the encryption. (Choose a higher bitrate stream or change the format from MP3 to Ogg Vorbis), metadata (data displayed when you play a playlist from your internet radio station), and “public streams.” Internet radio stations in the Icecast public directory for others to discover.

It’s time to add a song to Mixx. Double-click a track to add it to Deck 1, then click the play button for that category to begin playing the track:

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Enable live streaming after doing this Your online radio station will go live. There is also an icon that you can click to enable or disable the live stream in the upper right corner of the Mixxx window. This icon is also used to indicate the live stream status:

Use an audio player like VLC, Audacious etc and open your internet radio URL: http://localhost:8000/stream.m3u or http://localhost:8000/stream.xspf (with localhost and 8000 Default hostname and port which you You may find these links by visiting the Icecast2 Server Status page in your web browser: http://localhost:8000/status.xsl (again, replacing localhost . :8000 with your hostname and port)

Also (optional): You want to stream to Icecast using Mixxx, but Mixxx on your system will be muted and only internet radio listeners will be able to hear it. (This will prevent any audio from your system coming through the Icecast stream, so only audio output from Mixxx will play in the Icecast stream?? to do this You can run JACK with a virtual exit. Install JACK:

How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

Sound Hardware and set the Sound API option to JACK Audio Connection Kit (the master output at the bottom of this page can be set to None or System). If you don’t see JACK in the Sound API option, restart Mixxx Icecast to the FOSS server at Flexible, allowing you to stream audio and music to and from the server.

Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

Servers can be played via music playlists, live streams, or relays from other servers. For example, there is an iPhone app (Icefall) that simply sends the phone’s microphone input to the Icecast server.

The Icecast server is the client connection where the user listens. Here we are using VLC on the iPhone to listen to the stream.

Initially, icecast doesn’t require much configuration – just a server name and password. So when asked if you want to configure icecast, say yes, use the hostname for the server name and choose a good password.

I’m going to play my favorite old radio show, Speed​ Gibson from Secret Police International, available for free (no license) on in Ogg Vorbis format. Note that ice 2.x only supports Ogg Vorbis. Older mp3 support but now deprecated. Therefore, I will not mention If you want to install You have to create the ice yourself from the source.

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I didn’t need to run ice as root, so I created a user (raindog308) and put the playlist in my home directory. playlist file (Text file) is just a playlist in order of play.

I set ice to run in the background and pointed the ice log to my home directory.

The comments in the file say the metadata part is not used. But you will see it in the web interface.

How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

Take note of the hostname, port, and password that ice uses to connect to it. Also, “mount” is part of the URL, and “name” is the stream.

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As you probably remember We have set it to run in the background and we can see that it does.

At this point we’re streaming, go to the Icecast page on our server and see what happens.

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