Cool Things To Do With Your Phone In Settings

Cool Things To Do With Your Phone In Settings – Just because we’re all stuck at home these days doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Here are 50 things you can do with your kids indoors.

1. Build a fort: My kids are obsessed with collecting all the pillows and cushions in our house and building a giant fort to hang out and sleep. I suggest you let your kids use an old blanket that you no longer care for to avoid losing your s%*t in an accident, because it will.

Cool Things To Do With Your Phone In Settings

Cool Things To Do With Your Phone In Settings

2. Manicure / Pedicure: Everyone could use a spa day, especially these days. Try safe brands like Piggy Paint for kids and Olive and June for moms.

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3. Board games: With a large group of children in En Mi Casa, we played a lot of Don’t Wake Up Daddy; Sorry!; problems; block airport busy one Jenga cat explode. Backgammon; life; Chloe and Catan

4. Treasure Hunt: Create a treasure hunt in the house (or yard). Fill plastic Easter eggs (yes, I know it’s early) with coins or rocks (or whatever else you happen to have 40-50 of) and hide them everywhere. Then he let everyone go to them. Create creative prizes to give to each child based on how many they have. By the way, when it comes to rewards, I find things like “alone time” and doing exactly what your child wants to do to be better than anything physical you can reward them with.

5. Bake: Muffins are a fun and easy cooking project with kids. Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Spinach Muffins, or Flourless Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins (which my kids love) are just a few suggestions, but if you need more recipe ideas, there are tons! Also check out these adorable aprons from Hedley & Bennett. My kids feel like professional chefs in their own backyard.

6. Flashing lights: Gemma’s friend gave her one, and it’s one of her favorite activities to do alone or with someone in our family. My husband and I love it especially because it brings back so many childhood memories!

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7. Dress up: Whether you wear pretend clothes (fairy costumes, cowboys, etc.) or let the kids raid mom and dad’s closet, it’s fantasy at its best.

8. Throw a dance party – It keeps everyone happy and gives everyone a much needed workout. This is a Dymano Girls I Love playlist that will put you in a totally awesome mood!…

9. Read: No explanation needed. Especially interesting for young children, but perfect for any age. If you need options, most libraries have free digital rentals. Some even have default story times set, so check out what’s on offer. Here are some of our favorites to read right now: Glue, Square, Don’t Let the Pigeons Drive the Bus, El Deafo, Mrs. Online game Bixby’s Last Day.

Cool Things To Do With Your Phone In Settings

10. Make your own picture book: Fold a few pieces of paper in half crosswise and staple on the fold to make a book. And the options are limitless. You can make one that shows finger-drawn characters (press your fingertip into an ink pad or paint your numbers, press them onto the page, then draw faces and bodies with a pencil) or use crayons and markers in a way that more traditional. . Create characters and stories all the time!

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11. Personalized Treasure Boxes: Gather empty shoe boxes (any small box will do) around your house and use glue, tape, pens, rocks, crayons, and any other arts and crafts supplies you have so everyone can customize them. You can also decorate the interior and use them to hold gifts, special treasures or other special trinkets with meaning.

12. Indoor or Backyard Picnic: Roll out a picnic blanket, grab your favorite snacks, and put on your favorite playlist. Don’t think about it. Just keep it simple and enjoy eating and hanging out somewhere new. It’s a big change of pace.

13. Puzzles: Puzzles are a great way to while away the hours. In addition, it can ease anxiety and help slow down time. Something we could all use.

14. Write a letter to a grandparent or an elderly person in your life: It is a particularly difficult time for many seniors right now, especially those who live alone. Writing a handwritten letter or card to a grandparent, elderly family member, or neighbor can help brighten their day!

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15. DIY Karaoke: While a karaoke machine would be a nice thing to have now, you don’t need one to have experience at home. List some of your kids’ favorite songs to choose from and have a karaoke party in the living room. Get a brush or spoon to use as a microphone and sing to your heart’s content!

I haven’t done much research, but if you really need a pure karaoke experience for a song without dirty words, there are obviously places on the Internet that you can find that offer karaoke versions of songs.

16. Meditation: Meditation is an incredibly useful tool for relieving stress and anxiety, and helping us live more in the moment. Headspace is a great app that makes meditation easy for all ages. With fun and engaging animations that simply teach you the basics

Cool Things To Do With Your Phone In Settings

From guided meditation categories by need (concentration, sleep, anxiety, etc.) and age, it is a resource just a click away.

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17. Personalized Life Size “May” Plate – Whether you have a large roll of cork or craft paper or an area outside the front door, this will keep the kids busy for a while. Trace your child’s entire body with a marker on paper or chalk on the floor outside. Then ask them to fill in the details.

18. Plant a garden: If you can’t plant one outside, there are ways to make an indoor or window version. This activity is especially great because it does a lot for the children, teaching them where food comes from, the joy of taking an interest in something, and patience is all important. Here’s a good introduction to get you started

20. Start learning a new language: Duolingo is a great app that makes learning a new language fun and easy.

21. Umbrella: Take a sheet, have everyone hold the corners and edges, then start moving your arms up and down to make it go up and down. If you have enough arms to let one person at a time go to the middle, do it. Make sure you get a lot of laughs.

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22. Make your own MadLibs: I was a big MadLibs kid and my kids have inherited the gene. Go back to writing your MadLibs, and when you’re done, ask a family member to fill in the blanks.

23. Make a movie out of LEGOs: My son loves to tell stories and build, which makes this activity a lot of fun for him. Smartphones make filming and editing your story incredibly simple. This activity can work with any type of game really, just let your child’s imagination run wild. If you really like this idea, try a stop motion video, which takes a lot of time for the kids (amazing!) and gives good results. Stop Motion is an application we use to make the process very simple for children.

24. Have a fancy tea party: What’s better than an old-fashioned tea party? Grab paper and crayons, make a guest list (don’t forget to invite favorite stuffed animals or toys), and have your kids send out formal invitations to hand out to guests. Then prepare a tea party, dress up and enjoy. While tea and snacks are the norm, mini sandwiches and pastries are always a welcome addition!

Cool Things To Do With Your Phone In Settings

25. Kite Contest: Ask everyone to make their own kite and create a flight zone to see who can fly the farthest. You can even go so far as to create a support for different levels of competition!

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26. Hopscotch: Use chalk outside or painter’s tape indoors to create a play area. My girls will play this for hours together! Fun, easy and even provides some practice.

27. Lava Floor!: This is a great game to keep things fun and interesting. The rules are easy. Whenever someone yells, “Lava Earth!” Then everyone in the room has to find a place to sit on the floor. To keep things safe, place pillows or other soft objects as safe zones so you don’t end up with a baby jumping on a side table or worse!

28. Make your own fortune: Give my son a piece of paper and four markers, and he’ll tell you your future in minutes. A favorite childhood activity for many of us, making your own puzzles can be a great way to keep kids creative and give them a funny outlet.

29. Take a virtual tour of a national park: With the need to spend a lot of time indoors, this is a great way to experience nature. Both Yellowstone and Yosemite offer hikes that you can experience from the comfort of your own home.

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30. The Guessing Game / I Spy: These are two simple classic games

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