Basement Office Room Ideas

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Basement Office Room Ideas

Basement Office Room Ideas

The first step in designing a home office is to find a place to put your home office. And in some cases, it requires creativity. If you don’t have room on the main floor and all the corners are talking, it might be a good idea to go down and see if there’s any room in the basement that you can offer.

Basement Office/family Room Design Board

“With more and more employees choosing to work from home, I think the basement is the perfect place for a home office,” says Gail Jamentz, lead designer at Soul Interiors Design. “They usually provide privacy from everyday activities in the home and often have more unused space than other rooms in the home.”

Admittedly, a home office in the basement may seem like an odd place. But with a little imagination, you can create a basement home office that’s just as thoughtful and focused as any other floor home office.

To make the transformation a success, we asked four interior designers to show us how to turn a basement into a functional home office.

Start by asking yourself two simple questions. How much office space do you need and how much basement space do you have?

Finished Basement Ideas + Easy Tips

“Think about what other activities are going on in the basement,” says Erin Koren, co-founder and lead designer of Curated Nest Interiors. “The kids play there during business hours, so do they need an enclosed space? Do they need storage? How many screens do you have?”

Knowing the limitations of your home office and basement will help you decide where to locate your office. Sometimes you need a full room. You can also push your desk against the wall or put it in an unused closet.

Consider decluttering before remodeling your basement. This can mean getting rid of unnecessary things. Alternatively, it could mean completely emptying the basement.

Basement Office Room Ideas

Nadia Watts, head designer at Nadia Watts Interior Design, says she likes this approach. Because it gives you a “clean slate” to work with and makes it easy to see what your space needs and what it needs.

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Is there an easy way to transform your basement? Repaint “Repainting is a great way to transform a room,” says Watts.

And be careful with your color choices. “If you work long hours, try using colors in your office that make you want to be in the office and be productive,” says Koren. “Having a space that makes you comfortable and productive will help you succeed.”

No office is complete without a really good desk chair. So invest in a chair that will keep you comfortable all day. “Invest in comfortable chairs and desks that support your work,” says Watts.

Stock up on other essentials to keep you comfortable throughout the workday. If you catch cold easily, keep a fluffy blanket or fluffy slippers at your desk. (After all, one of the perks of working from home is that your colleagues can only see your upper body.)

Basement Office Ideas

If you’re one of the lucky few with a basement with windows, make the most of that natural light. If not, consider upgrading your lighting fixtures. “One of the challenges in basements is light, or the lack of light,” says Watts. “Do I need to add or upgrade lights to create more light?”

Look at the built-in lighting in your room. Next, consider where you can make a difference. Could you replace the overhead lines with larger options, switch to brighter light bulbs, or add some lamps to the walls?

Lighting is an obvious problem when building a basement. But noise can also be a problem. That’s why interior designer Lynn Stone, co-founder of Hunter Carson Design, recommends spending time downstairs before decorating.

Basement Office Room Ideas

If your basement is noisy, you have several options. “If sound is a problem, using insulation, carpeting, and strong doors can help minimize it,” says Koren. And if the situation is bad, Stone recommends contacting a contractor to help you insulate your walls and ceilings.

Rustic Industrial Office

If coffee is part of your routine, make room for it in your home office. “The hallmarks of a good office are things like a boardroom table that turns into ping pong, a coffee machine that makes you forget Starbucks, and an environment that wants to be there,” says Stone. He added that turning a boardroom table into a ping pong table might be a long way off, but a coffee machine that’s easy to use might be a long way off.

Even if you don’t like caffeine, you can always treat yourself to a decorated snack shelf. “When it comes to those busy days, it’s nice to have healthy snacks in your home office, especially if you’re working in the basement away from the main kitchen,” says Jamentz.

What’s great about building a home office from scratch? You can design the space according to your needs. So if your workday includes different types of activities, set aside space for each task.

“Functional home office design works best when similar activities are grouped into their own zones,” says Jamentz. He points out that computer work may be in one zone, meetings may be in another, and mailroom operations may be in another.

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“Once you’ve surveyed your work area, determined the best space for each activity, and measured the equipment you’ll need, you can organize the space,” says Jamentz. This approach keeps your space organized, comfortable and optimizes your productivity.

“Seeing beautiful art, inspirational quotes, and decorative items can make your work day more enjoyable,” says Jamentz. “Also, showing customer testimonials, testimonials and reviews is a great way to boost morale when we have the occasional tough day.”

Decorate your home office with candles, prints and more to cheer you up when you need it most.

Basement Office Room Ideas

When setting up your home office, consider whether your floors need a lift. “Once a blank slate has been created for the space, we encourage clients to decide whether the basement needs new or updated flooring,” says Watts. This could mean replacing the floor completely or just cozying up with a rug.

Basement Home Office

Before it became your new home office, your basement probably had another purpose. And maybe you don’t have to give up that feature.

“What I love about the basement is that it’s a great place to store things that don’t fit anywhere else in the house,” says Stone. “If you’re looking to convert your basement into an office without compromising the benefits of basement storage, call our custom cabinetry staff.”

With stylish storage options like floor-to-ceiling cabinets, open bookshelves and desks with drawers, you can make the most of your basement without cluttering up your home office.

The right lighting is important in your home office. And it often takes several different ways to get the job done. “Ideally, it’s best to have three sources of light in your workspace: an overhead ambient light, a task light and, if possible, natural light,” says Jamentz. Many basements have limited natural light, so it’s best to turn everything off for the rest of the setup.

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So upgrade your overhead lights, stock up on table lamps and invest in bright light bulbs. Then install a lower power switch for more flexibility.

“As the sun starts to set, switch to warmer, more welcoming lighting and try to reintegrate your workspace with the rest of your home,” says Stone. “You can have the perfect office, but if the lighting isn’t right, it feels like you’re working in a basement.”

Keep your space clean, organized, and ready for success. “When designing spaces that support activity, it’s important to focus on the importance of interior aesthetics to mindset, well-being, and energy,” says Jamentz.

Basement Office Room Ideas

There are many ways to do this, but classic desk accessories like bulletin boards, fountain pens, and calendars can make your office look nicer and more practical.

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Upholstered furniture may seem like an odd choice for a home office. But this is a surprisingly nice option. First, it provides a comfortable place to rest during your lunch break. This should also reduce the noise in the basement to some extent.

“Adding soft furnishings, such as comfortable couches, rugs, and drapes, can greatly reduce unwanted noise that bounces off hard surfaces in a room,” says Jamentz.

One simple step that shouldn’t be overlooked? Make sure all power outlets are present

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