Bedroom And Living Room In One Space

Bedroom And Living Room In One Space – Bedroom and living room together: 3 ideas for day and night spaces The recent lockdown has led to the analysis of home spaces in the light of new activities at home such as remote work and indoor sports.

This situation emphasizes the continuous process of creating multiple work spaces that can be changed and adjusted according to the time of day. These values ​​will shape the way we design our homes.

Bedroom And Living Room In One Space

Bedroom And Living Room In One Space

In addition, social statistics show that in the next few years the demand for housing in cities will increase significantly and as a result will reduce the available space. In this case, many solutions that can create many situations in one room will increase the demand.

Feng Shui Living Room Tips To Bring Good Vibes Home

The hall is undoubtedly one of the most suitable places to use this method. Have you ever thought of putting your living room and bedroom in the same place?

For those who want to make full use of a small space or those who welcome fluid and ever-changing architectural designs, the dual-use design offers many advantages and flexibility:

Multi-function furniture change the purpose of the house itself. Fixed houses and different spaces are not taken into account, and are replaced by fluid spaces that create sustainable and varied spaces that meet the different needs of each member of the family at different times. -different times of the day or week and they work equally well. Duration.

With a few simple moves, a square meter of your home can turn into your office for remote work, your son’s digital classroom or your daughter’s gym.

Tips To Carve Out A Bedroom In Your Studio Apartment

Thanks to the metal beds, the bedroom is visible only when necessary, and during the rest of the day, it will not affect the space and vice versa.

Such solutions allow not only to gain space, but also to avoid the use of partitions that are often needed to separate the living area from the sleeping area.

To create different atmospheres according to different times of the day and activities, it is possible to choose a bright light solution in such a way that the intensity of the light can be adjusted as needed.

Bedroom And Living Room In One Space

Here are three examples that show the different types of metal and the amount of materials that can be changed when creating two useful rooms, with living and sleeping areas.

Inspirational Living Room Ideas

Combining the different moments of the previous day at home, our space 01 rises from the wall of 5.30 m and has a narrow sofa, the heart of both life and sleep. The Tango sofa is a two-way system, with a comfortable 3-seater sofa bed, combined with a double bed.

During the day, in addition to the sofa, the connection to the environment is provided by another system of change: the app. The removable table, when opened, turns into a 180 cm work surface for your remote work.

This space is also characterized in the same way: using the height with the spread bed and letting the sleeping and living areas come together in a straight line. The Space 07 system is designed for small, generous spaces and makes the most of small walls.

As the photos show, a calm and intimate atmosphere can be recreated even in a small space. This is possible thanks to Oslo, a sofa that offers a clean and linear structure that opens easily to give way to a real folding bed.

Modern Open Plan Apartment Stock Image. Image Of Coffee

What makes this area perfect for studying or working is the wall, the table has a split opening and is equipped with a back panel to connect with your equipment. Shaped and only 15 centimeters wide, Willy seems to disappear completely when closed, freeing up space to carry out daily yoga exercises.

In this setting, the location is further improved. Two beds, one bed, a sofa and space for your home office are well organized in a narrow room with a length of 15 meters.

As in the two previous answers, Space 16 can be easily transformed from a sleeping place to a sitting place thanks to the Circe Sofa (sofa with double bed with horizontal opening) And the screen, one or medium. The bed, when closed, creates a small independent study with a large table of 216 cm.

Bedroom And Living Room In One Space

If our spaces inspire you, and you want to use the space in your home, find out all the benefits of changing solutions! The artist’s studio creates an interesting opportunity for a small living space in this one bedroom apartment.

Living Room Ideas

By removing kinks that created pockets of dark space and lack of flow, and opting for an open plan, Craftsman Studio transformed this one-bedroom home into a beautiful and inviting home for two.

The one-bedroom apartment is blessed with a large bed tree outside the living room and bedroom windows, but it also limits the amount of natural light to the unit. So it was decided to remove the wall between the living room and the bedroom, which will open up the space and allow light to enter all parts of the house.

“The pocket hallway leading to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom has also been removed as part of the open concept, eliminating any dark space,” says Tristan Wu, Design Director of Professional Studio.

In response to the need for isolation between spaces, tall sliding doors with tempered glass are introduced. This not only allows for internal access but also, as Tristan explains, “allows for a variety of private and recipient/public settings.”

Small Living Room Furniture Arrangements That Maximize Space

Tristan shares how he got rid of some of the kinks in one bedroom to achieve a clean and uncluttered design language. “In the past, when a person first entered the house, the space and vision were closed by a kink / wall that was part of the kitchen. Since it is the place most damaged by the kink, we planned to remove it .to create a.more compact and functional kitchen space.

Removing this kink also allows the installation of the island, which creates an extension of the dining table, and the dining area. Both of them became part of the main hall.

In one section, the bathroom created a blank wall in the adjacent bedroom. He was pulled from the wall and fell. With this initiative he was able to include a powder room, this recently created enough space for a water closet and a bathroom, as well as the owners of the house (private through the bedroom) and guests (inside from entering the common). area) can be used. )

Bedroom And Living Room In One Space

Tristan shared that the best part of the design journey was thinking of a new bedroom design. “Traditionally, due to space constraints, the wood will be placed on the wall with clothes. But we chose the idea of ​​the island instead, placing the bed in the middle of the room,” said the designer.

Rustic Living Room Ideas For A Cozy Retreat

The best information that brings different services and values ​​to the area is analyzed and integrated into the system. It includes removable tables within the bed frame, a fully concealed dressing mirror and a chair that forms part of the display/storage board when not in use.

A wall is a type of wall that is mounted, with houses and goods that can be easily moved according to the needs of the owners of the house. “One of the advantages of the wall hanging system that many people ignore is that by opening the system, the porosity encourages light to enter, often making the space brighter and larger,” he said. Tristan.

A removable glass separates the bed/rest area from the wardrobe/dressing area. It also defines different areas in the room, and successfully hides everyday objects while allowing light to filter through.

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Bedroom And Living Room In One Space

Marshall Bright is a freelance lifestyle writer and home decorator with over 10 years of experience. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Bright has covered everything from design to health for websites like Apartment Therapy, Refinery29, InStyle, and Chicose.

Feng Shui Living Room Tips

There is something very beautiful about the bedroom – it is equal parts practical and luxurious. You get a private place to read, relax, and yes, sometimes to store clothes. But, it is also an effective way to increase the space.

You don’t have to have a large bedroom to add complexity

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