Best Guest Room Office Ideas

Best Guest Room Office Ideas – There’s nothing quite like being able to dual use a space in your home. Especially now that remote work is popular, setting up a home office requires creativity in terms of space. Many people make the most of their space by using the guest room for two purposes. So check out these cozy guest home office ideas to help you get there with ease!

One of the best things about a guest room office suite is that it allows guests to stay overnight while also implementing some of the best home office design ideas. This is especially useful if you live in a smaller house or apartment that doesn’t have a separate guest room.

Best Guest Room Office Ideas

Best Guest Room Office Ideas

If you want to create a combination office and guest room, there are a few things to consider.

Office Guest Room Ideas For A Stylish Hybrid Space

Pro tip: If you know your interior style, you can design the perfect office guest room? Take our free interior design quiz and discover your unique interior style today! 8 guest office ideas to make the most of your space

With a few strategic design decisions, you can create a modern and functional space that will make you and your guests feel right at home.

Few solutions are as effective as folding furniture when it comes to making the most of limited space. These versatile pieces can be easily folded away when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space. This is the perfect concept for a small guest room in a home office. This helps you maintain the look and feel of a normal workspace when there are no guests present.

Keep the design of the office suite consistent in the guest room. One way to achieve this is to use the restroom as a place to work when guests are out of town. Choose a dressing table that matches the overall decor of the room and guests will never notice the difference.

Home Office Guest Room Ideas To Help You Decorate

Nobody wants their guest room to look like a corporate office. When choosing furniture for your guest room’s workspace, choose stylish and well-designed furniture. Materials like chrome, colorful velvet upholstery, and abstract artwork create a luxurious vibe and relieve the stuffy cabin.

If you have a guest bedroom in your home office, it’s important to provide your guests with ample storage space. This eliminates clutter, which may also be needed to focus on work. A built-in wall provides the perfect space for home office essentials, as well as shelving and cabinetry for things guests might need during their stay. Also, consider reserving closet space for your guests to hang their clothes.

Any guest room that doubles as a home office should strike a balance between hospitality and professionalism. Too much of it will result in the room becoming too cold or too messy. One of the best ways to avoid this is to incorporate decorations into the room to create a select atmosphere. Hang artwork on the walls to add color and interest without overwhelming the space. Plants and flowers are always a welcome addition to any room in your home.

Best Guest Room Office Ideas

Choosing the right lighting combination for a home office in a guest bedroom can be quite a challenge. Make sure the room is adequately lit but not too bright or overwhelming. A good rule of thumb is to choose a combination of task lighting, such as table lamps, and accent lighting, such as floor or table lamps. Also, install a dimmer to expand the options and create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

Two Person Home Office Layout

When guests are not staying the night, the sofa bed serves as a sofa only, with enough space for a desk, chair and other office furniture. And when guests arrive, simply unfold the bed and offer them a comfortable place to sleep. With that in mind, you get extra living space when the sofa bed is not in use.

The combination of guest room and home office can be very versatile. One way to make good use of a small space is to use a folding table as a small office space. By simply incorporating a desk and a few hidden shelves along an unused wall, you can create an efficient workspace that’s easily hidden away when not in use. The main advantage is that the hanging folding table with cabinet can be placed almost anywhere.

Our best interior designers will help you create a wonderfully functional space! Schedule a free interior design consultation today to get started!

Guest Room Ideas: Cozy Design Essentials 22 Stunning Home Offices Inspiration for an Elegantly Efficient Space Feng Shui Bedroom: 15 Principles to Achieve Chi Balance Office Interior Design Services: Top 10 in 2023 If you’re short on space in your home, consider creating a purpose built, multi-room furnished home office/guest room for overnight guests. This space can be an extra bedroom that you use for occasional guests or to store unused things. With a little tidying up, this space can be transformed into a very functional and attractive space.

Small Guest Bedroom Tips And 25 Examples

With so many of us requiring offices in our homes, this is a great way to use the space on a daily basis while also accommodating the occasional visitor – or providing the perfect spot for a nap! It may seem difficult to accomplish this task, but wall beds and sofas are among the best solutions.

Check out some awesome home office ideas below that we’ve rounded up to get you started. Below each image is additional information and a designer resource. Don’t forget to let us know which of these home office ideas inspired you the most and why in the comments below!

1. This modern, multipurpose space in a Los Angeles home includes a guest room/home office. Plenty of natural light permeates the interior, creating a sense of spaciousness. All pillows are made to measure. The walls are plastered with 1/2 inch plywood. A beautiful painting by the artist Uta Ritka hangs above the sofa. The dimensions of the room are 7′ x 8′ and the desk is approximately 7′ x 2 6″. (via Sol House Design)

Best Guest Room Office Ideas

2. A modern home office/guest room in a San Francisco home features a custom trundle bed. Suitable for 54×75 mattresses. The room also features a built-in desk and functional built-in closets for linens and stationery storage. Sliding glass doors lead to the patio. (by Tamalpais Construction Company)

Small Guest Room Ideas That Are Larger Than Life

3. A small apartment uses the second bedroom as an office and occasional guest room. The Modernica Case Study day bed can be used as a night bed for one guest. The sturdy table top is made of solid maple wood and is accented by a chair by Different World Humanscale. The racks were made by Custom by Ferris LLC in Washington, D.C. individually designed. The room is 9’x9′ and the track is from WAC Lighting. (via Patrick Brian Jones PLLC)

4. This classic home office doubles as a guest room with a colorful couch. Built-in cupboards provide functionality and storage space. (by Katie Ridder)

5. An Ottawa apartment includes a sleek and stylish office and guest bedroom. Behind a wall with integrated storage space is a bed that can be folded up as a comfortable guest bed. (via Eye Detail 4)

6. The 168 square meter room is for sleeping, reading, sewing, writing, painting and lounging. This space is creatively designed to take advantage of every angle. With two closets, one has been converted into a small office. Sewing supplies and other handicraft supplies were stored in mesh containers. (via Hearth & Hedgerow)

Best Home Office Color Schemes

7. A small and messy space is transformed into an efficient home office and occasional guest bedroom. The vision for this space was to create an atmosphere with taste and style that reflects the Nigerian heritage of the owners. (by Don Rosene Interiors)

8. The home office/guest room features custom built-ins, a Murphy bed and a desk. A walnut headboard has been added for a customized look, and oak shelves offer plenty of space for accessories. (via Jula Cole Design)

9. An apartment in Toronto, Canada has a traditional style study and guest room. This room offers plenty of natural light from the windows that surround the lake view. (via Jackie Glass Inc.)

Best Guest Room Office Ideas

10. Floor-to-ceiling open shelving provides ample storage for books in this cozy study in an Edwardian home in Noe Valley, California. The small bed in the closet folds out to accommodate guests. (via Niche Interiors)

Best Guest Room Paint Colors To Make Everyone Feel At Home

11. A New York home is a modern living space that doubles as a library, work/home office, and occasional guest bedroom. This space features built-in bookshelves and wall-mounted reading lamps to create a clean and timeless aesthetic. (by Best & Company)

12. This purpose-built home office in Naples, Florida features a Murphy Bed Zoom electronic pull-out bed. This unique bed rolls behind a closet and stands upright! There is a lot of space when folded

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