Chiropractic Office Interior Design Ideas

Chiropractic Office Interior Design Ideas – No one can claim to be able to design chiropractic practice, but Samo Davlen has helped chiropractic grow and become more successful for over 32 years. We create world-class chiropractic practices that support and advance the clinical and business guidelines that guide modern chiropractic practice, enabling clients to exceed their expectations for patient numbers and services. Only Davlen can share its unique knowledge while serving more than 6,000 colleagues worldwide. Davlen only understands what needs to be done instead of what can be done. Our goal is to transform your clinical and business goals into highly effective workspaces. Offices large or small, build from scratch or remodel for growth, single rooms or private workspaces, we’ve tried solutions to fit every budget. We’ll show you how we’re not only the best option, but also the cheapest one. So if you want to do more in less time and less space, you’ve come to the right place….

When you step into a clinic created by Davlen, you’ll be swept away by the feeling of world-class medical care. A good first impression is a balance of professionalism and comfort. Friendly staff greet you with the confidence and warmth that only a highly skilled workplace can provide.

Chiropractic Office Interior Design Ideas

Chiropractic Office Interior Design Ideas

Daven’s dedicated chiropractic workstations provide professionalism, efficiency and productivity. This unique furniture system is designed, tested and manufactured exclusively for chiropractic in our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility. It got off to humble beginnings when Jeanne David, now Davlen’s Operations Design Manager and CFO, launched a large-scale practice in a 2 ½-car garage attached to her doctor’s home.

Beach Side Serenity Is The Palette For This Chiropractic Clinic

A recent study found that more than 87% of chiropractors are not making good use of their positions. Our unique approach leverages our proprietary systems, strategies, services and products to help streamline patient flow and improve the utilization and profitability of every square inch of your clinic.

Our step-by-step process can help you determine the path to best serve your patients while achieving your goals.

As we developed our own market in chiropractic, we felt the need to develop several products to meet the professional needs of chiropractic. From creating the first portable T-Bar system to functionally powered EMR stations, diagnostic stations and reporting stations, our teams are always exploring their areas of expertise to find products that need better shipping methods.

Our goal is to help create world-class chiropractic practices that look good, function efficiently, and simplify the ability of chiropractors to attract, educate and inspire more patients to lead healthy, wellness-oriented lifestyles. no see. Davlen has developed unique products and services to enable chiropractors to serve their patients at the highest level.

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Our clients may have gone to the same schools, learned the same skills, listened to the same chiropractic mentors, and studied the same business principles from the same instructors, but they find that every physician we serve is unique. Our programs are developed to extract unique quality and custom design elements to achieve the desired result…

With our 32+ years of success based on chiropractor recommendations from your friends and mentors, not referrals from 5th Avenue advertising agencies, you can be sure we are providing our clients with the highest level of service. This is not to impress you, but to let you know that this is our job, just like you, and we take great pride in ensuring your satisfaction.

Only Davlen has dedicated more than 32 years to helping professions grow and become more successful by creating world-class chiropractic practices that support and enhance clinical and business growth. See what your colleagues are saying

Chiropractic Office Interior Design Ideas

Our feeling is that in a typical situation in Davlen, this couple’s team approached our company with the intention of renovating an 8,600 sqm building. This building, which occupies about 35% of the total area of ​​the existing building, is neat and tidy with elaborate woodwork and architectural details, but there is no disagreement since when. They hoped to retain the services of someone who could help them transform their workplace into a modern, professional-looking practice. Most importantly, we wanted to be able to do this without being shut down for months during the renovation. Many chiropractors find that performing physical therapy and rehabilitation in their offices can help their patients’ outcomes and complement what they are already doing. In the interior design of a physiotherapy room, there are two main things to consider in the layout. We covered this in detail in a previous article. Issue: 18 Apr 2021, “Designing or Measuring the Ideal Physiotherapy Clinic”].

New Patient Special

To help you get an idea of ​​the practice, we review a few examples of chiropractic offices with varying total dimensions, sizes of open physiotherapy spaces, and key physiotherapy components, along with the number of coordination tables. every practice

For reference, outdoor physical therapy spaces are often referred to as ‘active therapy’, and other treatments that require a more private space, such as massage, acupuncture, and electrical stimulation, belong to the category of ‘passive therapy’.

Total interior net square feet is 3,414 square feet, including 600 square feet of open/active space and 235 square feet of personal/passive therapy. At the center of the open treatment space is a work desk for clinicians with clear vision. Practices include 5 dedicated indoor locker rooms, 1 dedicated exam room and 1 compound.

With over 1,500 square feet of space for physical therapy, the practice is dedicated to these services, occupying one-third of the total 4,773 square feet of physical therapy office interior design.

Before & After: Health From Within Office

Five set-up bays feature four open tables separated by glass walls and closed for privacy. There are also four dedicated examination rooms to serve patients.

This practice is in high-rent neighborhoods near New York City where all space is at a premium.

It occupies a total of 1,127 interior net square meters, of which approximately half, 504 square meters, is occupied by outdoor physiotherapy rooms for rehabilitation. Since space is at a premium, the two semi-open control rooms perform double duty as manual therapy.

Chiropractic Office Interior Design Ideas

Every centimeter is also used as equipment, so the therapist’s workspace around the equipment also becomes a route through the office. View through the window of the Joint Examination Consultation Center

Park East Chiropractic

A large multidisciplinary practice, this 6,580 net square feet of office space includes 1,640 square feet for active care with a central clinical workstation.

Behind floor-to-ceiling glass walls is a 300 square foot passive “quiet rehab”. 3 massage/acupuncture rooms sit quietly in a private hallway. Four chiropractic control rooms are semi-open and three examination/treatment rooms, both serving patients.

As you can see, there are endless ways to combine chiropractic and physical therapy in the clinic.

Carolyn Boldt, IIDA, LEED AP has over 35 years of experience as a commercial interior designer. During this time he gained a thorough understanding of industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare, corporate design, sustainability and relocation design. She is a registered designer and director of CrossField with a mission to create practical and effective environments that enhance chiropractic success. He can be reached at Movement Chiropractic & Rehab’s design plans were inspired by the client’s love of the beach. It was a solid, loose unit with a lot of potential. Starfish blue accent color and soft white color were matched throughout the clinic. A custom-designed reception desk with sandy beach floors and colorful quartz countertops completes the tranquil beach vibe.

Humble Chiropractic Practice Turns A ‘new Leaf’

Consumer interest in art has created another interesting feature. The clinic displays works by local artists in the main hallway. We felt this was a great way to give aspiring artists a chance to showcase their work, especially at Vaughan, and give back to the community in a subtle way.

A wide central aisle was very important, as some of his potential clients could use crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs, and had a better view of the gallery walls. The corridor extends into an open space with ample space for exercise and rehabilitation.

The biggest challenge was arranging the treatment room in a small space to maximize profitability and other programming requirements such as a kitchen, accessible bathroom, office and storage. The duplex corridor is the most efficient use of space that opens up the rehabilitation space. Natural light passes through the clinic at either end to maximize daylight, which we felt was exceptional.

Chiropractic Office Interior Design Ideas

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