Cool Things To Do With Led Lights

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Thanks to Gen Z and Millennials and their relentless pursuit of a good social media post, these three unexpected (and annoying) things are suddenly hot trends online…

Cool Things To Do With Led Lights

Cool Things To Do With Led Lights

We know what Gen Z and Millennials post the most on social media – we asked them and the top answers are friends, memes and events/experiences (followed by food, family and selfies). But there is plenty of variation in these categories – and many stylistic and content trends that rise and fall across platforms. We’ve seen rainbow foods, dance moves, and VSCO girls having a moment in the sun, but there’s always something new in the invisible world that is social media. Here are three that get a minute:

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TikTokers are making LED lights cool again. Remote-controlled color-changing light strips are being installed in teenagers’ bedrooms across America, dubbed “TikTok lights” and posted on social media. According to Vox, “Lighting is often used to create optical illusions, such as an evil clown alter ego or a simple pinball challenge.” Because LED strips are readily available, they are very inexpensive (starting at around $16.50 on Amazon ), and they have a huge impact on social videos, this trend is gone. Searches for TikTok lights have exploded over the past six months, peaking in December and January (many Gen Z kids seem to be clamoring for it this Christmas). The results of those searches now show listings of LED lights on Amazon and Target that have been rebranded as “TikTok lights” for online shoppers. Meanwhile, a search for “TikTok lights” on the app will turn up video after video of users installing LEDs in their rooms or showing off color-changing effects, and YouTube is full of longer videos of teenagers installing their new light strips. – some, like the bedroom makeover – LED lights! by Whitney Bjerken with hundreds of thousands of views.

Strip lights aren’t the only thing that TikTok videos enhance. The New York Times reports that TikTokers are making bathrooms the new standard. While early YouTube was known for showing the corners of teenagers’ bedrooms, the mobile-friendly TikTok brought filming to other, even more private parts of the home. Bathroom selfies have been a thing for a long time, and now TikTok is making the bathroom video the next trend. Creators search for locations for the best video lighting, and many find that bathroom content performs better than videos shot elsewhere in what consumers call the “bathroom effect.” Although personal, bathrooms are considered neutral and less visible than bedrooms. Bathroom filming is so popular that memes involving sinks often circulate on the platform. It’s not just their own bathrooms that teenagers film: in August, New York Magazine wrote that TikTok also provides a window into high school bathrooms: “On TikTok, we see the school bathroom as a hangout area. Users make videos of themselves and friends tripping or mugging after the camera.” High school students put together complete sketches for school bathrooms, post group videos during recess, and generally use the bathroom as a hangout/creative space.According to current TikTok metrics, the hashtag #bathroom has been viewed 277.5 million times, so break out the Windex: these cobbled living spaces are officially the new hot spots.

Of course, social media isn’t just about silly TikTok videos (although they certainly get a lot of attention.) No, Instagram is still the most popular platform among Millennials and Gen Z, according to the latest social media research. On a more visually appealing platform, meat and cheese boards are having a social media moment — thanks to charcuterie influences. Meat and cheese boards — which some call “adult lunches,” according to Business Insider — are booming online as influencers post their food-filled art boards on Instagram. We’re not talking here, of course, about a pile of cookies and some sharp cheddar – these plates are beautifully arranged with sandwiches, sometimes across entire table tops. (A la the grazing board movement.) Refiner29 reported on the trend back last July when they reported on the @ThatCheesePlate account, which currently has 174,000 followers and whose creator makes a living influencing the cheese plate—she has a cheese plate buyer. , teaches classes, and the book will be published soon. While they may be most popular on Insta, where #cheeseboard has over 660,000 posts, cheeseboards on TikTok and Facebook groups dedicated to cheeseboards are also exploding.

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LED lights are so popular because they offer a cost-effective way to light up your room and projects. They are very flexible, light, flexible and easy to install. Now there are more people who buy LED strip lights online and offline. Hence, everyone is looking for LED lighting ideas these days.

Among all LED lighting products, LED strips are by far the most popular. We can use it for sofa lighting, truck lighting, LED room decoration and so on!

Here we have explained 20 LED strip lighting ideas that you can work with LED strip lights. If you want to start your own cool DIY ice cream projects, read on and enjoy!

Cool Things To Do With Led Lights

In fact, walls are the most common area where LED strip lights are used to illuminate a room. There are many ways you can use LED light strips to illuminate walls. However, all these methods are usually divided into three categories:

How Light Emitting Diodes Work

In LED rear wall lights, light strips look out through the hollow part of the wall. This type of lighting is great for giving your room a diffused, soft look. Recessed wall lights can be used in homes (especially bedroom walls), offices and even commercial spaces as they give the room a more sophisticated look.

You can also choose recessed wall lamps, where LED light strips are glued or mounted on the wall surface. This type of lighting is usually preferred when you need bright, unfiltered light in your room.

Finally, you can also use LED light strips for decorative wall lamps. You can let your creativity run wild and use RGB LED navigation lights and RGBW LED light strips to create works of art on your walls. LED strip lights are great for decorative lighting because you can install and mount them easily. They can be reused for years.

Here comes the popular LED strip project for teenage boys! Backlighting TV screens is a great way to add to the overall style of your TV and room. LED light strips are flexible and safe, so you can easily install them behind the TV without worrying about damage or interference. It’s a great way to create bad beauty rooms with LED lights, especially when the TV is off.

Pack Led Light Up Toys Glow In The Dark Party Supplies Party Pack Favors

Backlighting of TV screens is a fairly simple process. You can choose between LED light strips in different colors and even ones that change.

Add style and personality to your cars by installing LED light strips in important places inside and outside the car. LED light strips are easily powered by the car engine, easy to install and safe to use. In addition, thanks to them, your cars will look even more attractive. When it comes to customizing cars, you can let your creativity run wild.

There is a lot you can do when it comes to car lights. You can choose to light up the interior of the car or stylish background lighting to make the car shine. You can choose colors that complement the overall beauty of your car, or keep it simple and classic and go bright white. You can do the same with LED truck lights.

Cool Things To Do With Led Lights

LED home lighting is best at festivals. The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time of year. Fun decorations are everywhere and the holiday spirit is at its peak. Holiday decorations are an important part of Christmas, from the Christmas tree to the chimney, everything must be lit in the right way. LED string lights are a great way to make beautiful Christmas decorations because they are easy to use and can be taken apart and reused for years.

Led Lighting Guide: How To Choose The Right Types Of Outdoor Canopy Lights

There are so many Christmas decorations that can be highlighted with LED strips. Of course, there is the Christmas tree, which is the main attraction of any Christmas setting. You can also use LED light strips to decorate the chimney and flue. Microfiber Christmas lights on walls, ceilings, doors and couches are always a treat and get everyone in the Christmas spirit because people can see them at first glance.

Stage lighting is an important part of any event. Whether it’s a formal event, a runway show, a theater performance or a concert, stage lighting plays an important role in its success. LED light strips are a great way to illuminate

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