Creating An Office In A Small Space

Creating An Office In A Small Space – Work from home As we have been used to for the past year, I predict that in the future we will spend less time in the office and more time working from home.

But what if you live in a small house and don’t have an extra room that you can use as a home office? There are easy and attractive ways to incorporate a home office into your small home.

Creating An Office In A Small Space

Creating An Office In A Small Space

From sectionals (closets/offices) to bookshelf dividers, you can create a functional, stylish and comfortable home office in your home, no matter how big (or small).

Tips For Setting Up Your Home For Your Small Business

What the Cliff is, it’s very simple, it’s a combination of an office and a closet. This might scare you a bit, because working in a closet might not seem cool and a bit claustrophobic, but you can actually turn your (built-in) closet into a nice workspace.

And making a shelf doesn’t have to be expensive, you can make a beautiful shelf from a few wooden shelves at the hardware store for a few bucks. These examples will show you that.

Another advantage of Clipis is that you can hide your office space when you are not working. However, all (before) cabinets still have doors. If you still want to hide your office space, you might consider adding a curtain or sliding door (which is a great space saver) that can be closed when you don’t need the workspace. It adds warmth and texture to your home.

Wall-to-wall panels create the most elegant home office. Add slats to the table top for extra storage. Thin wallpapers give a particularly nice look to the storage top.

Modern Home Office Ideas For A Great Home Workspace

The upper shell combines two ingenious design concepts. This cabinet is really small, and by adding a folding table you create more work space in your enclosure. (I also love all the colorful touches in this clip)

A great way to maintain your desk is to add wallpaper (removable) with a nice pop of color. The photo above shows that you can put an actual table in the shed (instead of the wall hanging shelves you usually see) to give it a more cluttered look.

That awkward spot under the stairs. That little place under the sloping roof. You all can use it for home office. With custom shelving and storage solutions you can use every little corner to create a functional home office

Creating An Office In A Small Space

I haven’t seen the storage solution for the sloped ceiling you see in the top left picture, but this one is really clever. Sloped ceilings are often considered awkward because you can stand there and tall furniture is useless, but narrow storage boxes can be added to sloped ceilings, perfect for paper storage.

Small Home Office Ideas To Create A Perfectly Petite Space

Bookshelves should not be placed on the wall. By using the bookshelf as a dividing wall, you can create a separate home office from the rest of the room.

This way you add some privacy, your home office isn’t always visible when you’re not working, and using a bookshelf as a dividing wall to your temporary office gives you plenty of storage space.

This shelving system can be found on Etsy and is ideal for small spaces. You can create a separate home office and have extra storage space

IKEA Kallax bookcases are perfect for creating a private home office with plenty of storage. Also, the open structure of the cabinet helps to keep the light in the home office

Small Office Design Ideas

If you are short, always use the height of your room. Now I know that no one is lucky enough to have high ceilings, but when your room is at a good height you should definitely use it.

Living in a studio apartment? Buy a loft and place it under your office. Of course, if you have a separate bedroom, that counts too. It depends on what you want to prioritize in your home, maybe a home office is more important than fewer beds.

A folding desk is perfect for small spaces because it doesn’t get in the way when you’re not using it. You can make one yourself (there are tons of tutorials online), but some stores also sell folding tables.

Creating An Office In A Small Space

The 4NM folding table can be purchased from Amazon and is perfect for small spaces. The desk is large enough to work comfortably and when you don’t need it, you just fold it against the wall

Ideas For Creating An Office In Your Loft

On the left is Mr. Ironstone’s folding table, the wooden slats (water resistant) give it a warm look. There is no folding table on the right, but the storage solution of this Lupia table is very clever. No need for extra cabinets to clutter up your space. After sharing more photos of my apartment, I think you’ll finally understand the small space I’m dealing with. Fortunately, my living room is a little more spacious than I thought. It can easily fit a sofa, a coffee table, two bookshelves and another piece of furniture. First it was the TV console, which I also used as storage. But as I started working from home more and more, I realized that my couch wasn’t big enough for a workspace. So my only option was to replace my TV console with a small home office.

Creating a home office in the room that serves as my relaxation area was no easy task. At first I created this small workspace, but over time it felt crowded and I avoided it and continued working on my couch. I want to create a space with soft colors and less clutter. So I started with a new desk.

The table itself should be simple enough not to distract from the rest of the room, but unique enough to create a space with its own unique style. To find the perfect piece I turned to my latest obsession, DENY Designs. If you love prints and colors like I do, you should decline. They have thousands of designs from 170+ artists and any design can be used on any of their products. Items are then made to order, so you get something truly unique and personal. I can’t get enough! I chose this table because its simple design keeps it versatile and has that beachy vibe that I love. Check out my top picks here!

Once I had chosen the perfect table, I had to find a way to create some sort of separation in the room. First I decided to have my desk facing the wall to prevent it from becoming a distraction. And instead of staring at a blank wall, I hung these amazing prints, also from DENY, to inspire me (find them here , here , and here ). Hanging artwork above your desk is a great way to create a unique atmosphere for that part of the room.

How To Create A Small Home Office With Limited Space

Then I built a little shelving system using some crates I found at a Brooklyn flea market. I love how versatile these babies are. Use as baskets or stack them vertically. I organized my bags and other supplies into boxes and placed them next to the table to further separate the rest of the room.

Once I had the larger items, I finished off the look with a few accessories. Boxes are my favorite way to keep things organized and DENY has amazing wooden boxes that you can customize with any of their designs. As soon as I saw those artworks, my eyes caught my eye.

I love how I created a workspace that has the same coastal intensity as the rest of my apartment, but is still separate enough to feel like its own separate space. I decorated the space and introduced soft colors to create a relaxing and refreshing work environment.

Creating An Office In A Small Space

// Thank you DENY Designs for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own :).

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