Daybed Office Guest Room Ideas

Daybed Office Guest Room Ideas – Have a nice Saturday! Have a nice weekend everyone! I am happy to share an update that we have finally arrived at our home office that doubles as a guest room. As soon as I moved in, I painted the room and put the tables, chairs and other things I already had here. Then I threw in some more shelves and sideboards until I could figure out what to do with it. I want. Do it here Well, after using it like this for a few months, I’ve found it to be very functional, even if it’s not what I envisioned here. So for now I’ll just use it as is.

The only thing that didn’t work here was the white couch. It was in the guest room at my previous house, but there was also a queen size bed, so I basically used it as a couch instead of a bed. I quickly learned that the house was not big enough for a person to sleep comfortably. So I started looking for a day bed that would function as a sofa during the day and a double bed when I have guests. . When I’m looking for home decor items, I always look to Wayfair because of their wide selection, low prices, and fast shipping. I recently downloaded the app and discovered that it has a great new feature called “View in Room”. I love Hallie’s sofa bed.

Daybed Office Guest Room Ideas

Daybed Office Guest Room Ideas

By clicking on the View in Room option, we were able to see exactly how it would look in our space.

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How cool is that I could see the preview, so I pulled the trigger. Download the app to get a 10% off promo code. Highly recommend this app. The app makes it easy to browse websites and the ‘show in room’ option makes a big difference in decision making.

Very comfortable and I’m sure we all absolutely love it. More pictures of the room are here.

I added a new rug to the space and played with it. I liked the idea of ​​using a cozy rug with a more neutral texture but it moved quite a bit so I decided to put the other rug back here after 2 days (you can see it in the last 2 photos).

We have also added new artwork in this room. I love the gracious feel of this print from Minted. Siysnksi Twin Size Upholstered Daybed With Trundle And Drawer, Wooden Daybed Frame, L Shaped Sofa Bed For Bedroom Guest Room Office, No Box Spring Needed, Easy Assembly (gray)

I tried this fun little pouf in my room, but it’s actually too small, so I’ll be looking at something a little bigger.

I will probably paint the sideboard a different color, but I don’t know yet if it will stay there permanently, so I haven’t moved yet.

This is the carpet that was here, but a few days later after living with the other carpet and noticing that it was very slippery, I came back here. I didn’t want to re-photograph everything because I already did, but I thought I’d at least take a few so I could see what it looked like.

Daybed Office Guest Room Ideas

Day bed provided by Wayfair in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Not everyone has a big house. If you are faced with the problem of lack of space, you can solve it by combining spaces. We’ve already shown you how to combine your home office in the bedroom, living room and kitchen, but today we’re going to show you another popular combination: the guest bedroom and the home office.

How We Created A Home Office Guest Room

There are two ways. One is a smooth transition without spatial division, and the other is a visual separation of the two areas through design, furniture and color. You can also choose a sleeping area with a comfortable bed. If you are very short on space, you can also choose a convertible sofa that turns into a bed when you need it. Let’s see all the examples.

If your guests’ bedroom has enough space, treat them to a real bed and visually separate their work and sleeping areas. Choose a desk in a different shade and place it next to a window or next to a wall away from the bed. Another great idea for dividing these areas is to create a level above the bed and place a desk below it. If you can’t afford to invest so much space in your work area, choose a window that has the same functionality as a regular desktop.

The quiet and airy guest bedroom has a black and white and black table and chair.

Pair the guest bed and home office with orange for a cool space

Guest Bedroom Office Combo Ideas — Belfort Buzz Furniture And Design Tips

A guest bedroom with a home office space with a bookshelf for comfortable work and a wooden desk by the window

A minimalist guest bedroom with a bed and a desk by the window will be perfect and smooth

If the guest bedroom is very narrow, replace the bed with a sofa bed. It does not take up much space and at the same time gives you enough space to sleep. As for the table, it can be placed on the windowsill or it can be a built-in table with built-in shelves. If you have a small room, there is no need to divide the space anyway, and there are many combinations in which the bed and the table can be placed very close to each other and the table can be used as a dresser.

Daybed Office Guest Room Ideas

Replace a bed with a sofa bed and place a glass table by the window to free up small spaces

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A guest bedroom with a stylish bed by the window and a glass and metal desk

A guest bedroom with two sofa beds and a shared home office by the window

A quiet and airy guest bedroom with a comfortable sofa bed and a desk by the window

A small space with a daybed for sleeping and a chic writing desk with a chair for a home office

Home Design Ideas For That Tricky Guest Room And Office Combo

A small but clean home office with a wooden desk by the window and a gray couch that doubles as a bed

An airy and bright space with built-in shelves and a desk and a small couch that doubles as a bed

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