Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

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Author Prarthit Shah is an architect specializing in the design of dental clinics across India. He is a writer and speaker. He and his team of ARCHITECTS + DOCTORS work hard on the interior design of dental clinics, focusing on the most efficient clinic. His wife in the technical team. Dentist Dr. Heena Shah and famous dentists of all specialties. Prarthit consulted with dentists and designed several clinics over the past few years, including dental services, Learned about equipment and operations. His constant endeavor is to develop the knowledge base of dental clinic design and share it with the dental community in India. He also spoke at dental conferences on how to design a dental clinic both technically and aesthetically. Contributed to Indian Dental Association Times and FAMDENT Magazine. Dental Clinic Design Projects India [email protected] Contact: +91 9426998096

Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design. – Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar

Reliable Medical Office Design Ideas To Look For In 2021

This description is apt for the state of dentistry in India today. Most of the new clinics are built in commercial spaces that are basically intended for sale and lack any windows for natural light and ventilation. Dental chairs and equipment do not have pre-scheduled services; Clinics are decorated with yellow decorative lights. Good design is inexpensive, but bad design costs more in the long run. A bad design will reduce the efficiency of the work, affect the health of the dentist and will require constant maintenance.

Planning and organizing are critical to effective operations; It is important to avoid material problems and waste of money in the future and to create a unique practical identity in a competitive environment.

Even a small dental clinic can be a complex arrangement due to the many services it offers. Therefore, unique collaboration is required in design and construction. Carpenter electricians plumbers Dentists such as false ceiling makers etc. interior designers; Cooperation between installers and organizations is required. Here, Like the captain of the cricket team, the dentist is the leader of the whole team.

Especially opening a dental clinic for the first time because there are so many uncertainties. So for simplicity, here are the basics of dental clinic design.

Medical & Dental Office Design Ideas

The number of seats the doctor seat availability; X-ray unit type; storage usage; Personnel: All requirements must be specified prior to purchase of space.

Natural light and ventilation play a key role in improving work efficiency. It is not recommended for opening dental offices in commercial premises without windows.

The number of seats and their functionality depends not only on the total area of ​​the room, but also on the size and shape of the room. entry route; It also depends on the position of the windows and many other factors. Therefore, it is necessary to make a preliminary design before buying a place.

Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

One of the most important aspects of the dental clinic layout is to leave enough room to work in the chair. For an Indian standard, An ideal space for a chair is 10 feet by 7 feet. When space is limited, a chair can fit in a space that is at least 8.5 x 6 feet.

Dental Office Interior Design For Elite Practices

Although the basic diagram of the four-arm dentist suggests positions between 7 o’clock and 12 o’clock, each dentist should position himself around the chair according to his preferred working conditions.

The handrail movement of the seat should be done near the platform near the storage shed. If an X-ray unit is arranged on the wall; It needs to check itself that there are arms for the required seats. Generally, x-ray unit arms are 6 meters long, but longer arms can be pre-ordered if required.

Planning your dentures and other interior appliances is critical to success, so even a small mistake can be overlooked and cost you money. for example, If the X-ray unit is under air conditioning. A regular water leak will damage the entire X-ray unit.

Ergonomics is the science of design that transforms the worker. The use of dental ergonomics will increase the comfort of the dental team and reduce work interruptions.

Ways Create A Spectacular Modern Dental Office Design

Dentists lower back, Pain in the neck and shoulders; hand and arm problems; Often feel emotional stress etc. These issues are addressed by appropriate working conditions (Figures 6 and 7); Shadowless lighting and organizing tools and equipment can be solved in a way that minimizes deviations in the workplace.

A dental clinic has many services that are integrated with each other. If killed without a plan, the clinic will have pipes and wires hanging from every corner.

Although the scheme can bring about an absolutely brilliant effect, like a simple chair on the floor without any visible box or pipe. (Figures 8 and 9) All service lines must be placed under the floor and a small room should be made under the seat so that the pipes are not visible. All services will be connected directly from this room to the seat. These services include electrical connection; water supply; RO water supply; water supply; HDMI cable Includes vacuum cleaner and compressor. Such floor services will not only provide a clean look but also allow unhindered movement around the chair.

Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

In this case, The floor must be raised 5 to 6 inches above the slab and the position of the seat must be finalized before the floor is installed.

Get Inspired: Entries For Dental Office Design Competition Due Aug. 26

Other services such as – plumbing; electricity LAN cable; air conditioner CCTV cameras; intercoms, music system compressor, Backup power should be planned in the floor plan before the process begins.

The HDMI cable is used to transfer data from the RVG to the display, and it is not possible to connect the HDMI cable. Therefore, a separate 2-inch pipe must be installed under the floor to run this line.

High natural light is desirable for a dental office because it improves work efficiency. In addition, Natural light is considered the best shade for matching makeup.

Ventilation of the laboratory area is desirable to remove unpleasant odors and heat from the autoclave.

Perfect Office Smart White And Gray Small Office Design Color Office Design Ideas Dental Office Interior Design Ideas Office Workspace Photo Small Office Design Office

Decorative yellow lights should be avoided during surgery, as they interfere with the surgical procedure. Uniform lighting in the workplace is necessary because uniform lighting facilitates the work process. (Figures 10 and 11)

Durability in choosing materials to decorate the interior of the dental office. It’s a tricky thing because you need to strike a balance between aesthetics and budget.

For floor tiles, Marble is a common choice. Matte tiles are preferred because glossy tiles can produce artificial light with a rough and smooth look.

Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

Even the stone on the platform Solid surface (Corian) and glass options available. Granite is the most durable and cheapest, but you should choose a stone that is not contaminated by chemicals such as betadine in the laboratory. Even a stainless steel lab sink can rust and scratch, so it’s better to choose ceramic or polypropylene sinks. Although small, office sinks can be made of glass to match the seat.

Dental Office Showcase #6

Hygiene and disinfection are important aspects of dental clinic design. In particular, the laboratory area should be designed in such a way that it is easy to clean and requires no maintenance. Small things like a tissue holder near the trash can and sink can go a long way in maintaining sanitary conditions.

Radiation exposure should be taken seriously, and a suitable lead chamber and front entrance are key requirements for an OPG unit.

Storage cabinets built into dental clinics are available worldwide (Figure 12); But it will cost more than building them on site.

When making a cabinet on site; Each drawer should be as well made as the special materials it contains. Such a plan must be taken by a dentist in particular.

Office Interior Design

Vacuum cleaner CPU inverter, small cart All equipment such as CCTV DVR should be kept out of sight and easy to clean. In small clinics, dental carts with multiple drawers and folding tops are very useful and save space. (Figures 13 and 14);

The laboratory has many facilities and services. swimming pool, Autoclave Ultraviolet room micro motor, Disinfect the glass beads; ultrasonic vibrator, Refrigerators and other equipment should be managed according to the protective procedure. (Figure 15) Small projects like this will increase cleanliness and efficiency to a new level.

To give your clinic a unique identity during the competition; The clinic should be beautifully designed with a specific purpose. same theme and same color; materials, business card A logo can be made which can be kept on the clinic name board and website. Polyclinic logo can be added in the country for easy recognition by the public. Figure (16),

Dental Office Interior Design Ideas

In the design of a dental clinic, Combined with aesthetic performance, the result is a comfortable space that the doctor wants to work in for long periods of time, and patients won’t think about removing the pain.

Gallery Of Implantlogyca Dental Office Interiors / Antonio Sofan Architect

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