Enclosed Front Porch Ideas On A Budget

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Permanent Porch Enclosure Porch enclosures turn your porch into a sunroom, screened porch or 3-season room and can be done without breaking the bank. Myer and I love enclosed porches because they allow you to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably several months of the year.

Enclosed Front Porch Ideas On A Budget

Enclosed Front Porch Ideas On A Budget

I have found that finding information about fencing options is not easy. Let us sort it all out for you.

Fab Front Porch Ideas (photos)

Enclosures range from outdoor curtain systems and simple weekend DIY kits to more complex units installed by technicians.

Whether you choose curtains or stylish air systems, there is a wardrobe for every budget or for every reason.

Enclosed porches are a great place to relax. We all have our reasons for loving our enclosed porches, but here are a few that come to mind:

Add elegance and ambiance to your porch, screened porch, three and four season porch using outdoor curtains or outdoor drapes.

Screened In Porches You’ll Never Want To Leave

3. Attractive Mosquito Netting Mosquito netting, a very specific type of porch blind, is an easy way to enclose your porch, deck, or patio without the expense of protecting your porch.

Note: Photo courtesy of The Larelle House Bed and Breakfast, now Dickens House Bed and Breakfast.

4. DIY Screen Porch Kits From standard to custom packages, DIY screen porch enclosure kits are great for adding space and expanding your outdoor enjoyment.

Enclosed Front Porch Ideas On A Budget

Our Short Story When we lived in New Hampshire a few years ago, Mary and I bought and installed a porch cassette kit like the one pictured below, and we’re glad we did. We really enjoyed the extra family space for dining and relaxing. It was an extra room in our tiny house and a great investment for our family.

What Is The Best Size For A New Screened In Porch?

Depending on your geographic area, these may be seasonal structures because they are not built to support the weight of snow or ice. However, they are very easy to install and store for the winter if needed. They are three-sided and attached to the side of your house; Perfect for terraces or patios.

We had a portable screen porch like this when our family lived in New England. Image courtesy of screen-house.com

7. Prefab Window Wall Systems Window wall systems can be installed on your porch, deck or patio using your existing roof. The walls are pre-made and fit the opening and are perfect as a DIY project for most homeowners.

Panel designs vary as some can slide or open – to allow for maximum airflow and flexibility.

Can These Porch Extension Ideas Improve Your Home?

We think these would be ideal as a screened porch, three season porch, or even a four season house.

8. Build your own enclosure You have many different options, any of which you may need.

Quick Porch Enclosure Ideas This is a versatile and easy way to build a porch enclosure, especially one that you can open and close at will to block the wind or provide privacy when you need it.

Enclosed Front Porch Ideas On A Budget

Attach the shutters with hinges to extend half the length between the columns. Do two sets for each interval. Attach the valve assemblies to the columns. Use an eye and hook to fasten the shutters together in the middle.

Enclosed Patio Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Space Cozy

While not everyone can afford a custom screen porch or three-season porch (like the designs from Nashville’s The Porch Company), it’s a great option for a unique enclosure.

Many of them include fireplaces, sophisticated lighting and exotic flooring. Whether you’re considering one or not, you may want to look at some photos of exquisite custom screen porches to get ideas for your own enclosure.

10. Turn your porch into a three-season room, sunroom, or four-season room Why not extend your time outdoors by adding features to turn your porch, patio, or deck into a three-season room, a sunroom, or even a four-season. the room

Photo courtesy of Copperline It’s not that hard to do since the frame is already there. Add conservatory or double glazed windows, insulation, a heating and/or cooling source, some external siding and you have the perfect space for an outdoor space you can use all year round.

How To Enclose A Screened In Porch

The vinyl window you see above is great for blocking rain, snow or wind without losing your view.

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Enclosed Front Porch Ideas On A Budget

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Gorgeous Outdoor Front Porch Lights

By Mary and Dave Morris, Copyright © 2008-2023. All rights reserved. No content or images may be reproduced or copied without our express written permission. One way to literally live larger is to expand your outdoor space in a way that allows you to enjoy it more—and a screened-in porch may be just the ticket. Unlike a patio or sunroom, which usually has solid exterior walls, a screened porch has a ceiling and, as the name suggests, allows access to a large portion of the screened area. Such a structure protects you from pesky insects and sudden showers while admitting light and air. Whether you’re ready to add the best of both worlds to your home or give an existing porch a stylish new twist, you’ve come to the right place for helpful ideas and ways to create the perfect porch. .

An open porch involves installing the frame around the screening and then attaching the eyelets to the frame. Measure the balcony’s height and width to 10 percent to determine material requirements, then mount the enclosure using basic tools. Although a simple DIY project is still easy, framing kits and systems are available at home centers.

If your goal is to build a screened porch from scratch, buy redwood, cedar, or ACQ (alkaline quaternary) wood to resist insect and weather damage. Be sure to use the right screws, too: galvanized for redwood or cedar and ACQ compliant for treated wood.

Because the outdoor space gets a lot of foot traffic, a screened porch needs solid flooring. Soft but durable pine is probably the most common natural wood for a porch, but redwood and cedar can last longer. Very low maintenance composite board looks like wood. But it won’t split, chip or need painting. Concrete, brick, stone and some types of tile are also solid choices, although they are susceptible to chips. And don’t squeal on rubber – usually used on playgrounds, it’s a good choice if kids are flying around on the porch.

Beautiful Screened Porch Decorating Ideas

If your situation allows, a vaulted or sloped ceiling will add visual appeal. If you must go direct, consider installing a skylight for extra light during the day and stargazing at night. The way you finish the ceiling is also important. A cornboard will evoke heritage, while a long lap provides a more casual cabin vibe.

The architecture of your home and your personal taste will influence the decoration of the balcony. Do you want the southern charm of an old-fashioned front porch (rockers, comfy cushions, a few vintage items like an old milk jug)? How about the relaxing ambiance of a Hawaiian lanai (IPE, tigerwood and kambara, wicker furniture, succulent plants, rainforest like beach accents)? Or maybe you prefer desert colors, Native American patterns, and hints of turquoise for an Arizona room.

Determine the main purpose of your balcony furniture arrangement. For socializing and conversation, seating should be facing, perhaps around a coffee table, just like in a living room. For nature watchers, it may be better to place the chair against the wall of the house and face the view. No matter how you arrange the seats, your doors have enough clearance to allow traffic to get in and out.

Enclosed Front Porch Ideas On A Budget

A screened porch is the perfect setting for alfresco dining—especially if it extends beyond the kitchen. If not, consider placing a vented grill on your porch, choosing a model with counter space on both sides for cooking. In addition to a table and chairs, include a hutch to hold dishes, glasses and silverware that you will use regularly in the space.

Gorgeous And Inviting Farmhouse Style Porch Decorating Ideas

For durability, affordability, easy care and a casual look, it’s hard to go wrong with wicker furniture. Natural rubber will not wear

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