Guest Room Office Ideas Pinterest

Guest Room Office Ideas Pinterest – Carving out a few extra square feet for a home office can be a daunting task, but maximizing this space takes the challenge to a whole new level. Even if you finally manage to clear a small room for a home office, making the most of every available inch means tackling those pesky corners. Often overlooked and easily overlooked, the dull, closed, dark corners of your home office hold so much potential. It’s just a matter of finding what works best for you.

Of course, with a little creativity and the right motivation, you can easily (and sometimes economically) transform a forgotten corner of your humble home office. Today, we’re taking care of that end of the equation by showcasing 23 home offices that make full use of the corner. And as you browse through these beautiful home workspaces, you might just get the elusive idea to transform your home office forever!

Guest Room Office Ideas Pinterest

Guest Room Office Ideas Pinterest

Along with desks and chairs, the first thing we worry about in a home office is storage space. Some of us may want to manage files; Others may need a little shelf space for stationery. Whatever your needs, cornering is a smart way to solve your home office space conundrum. Corner shelves are easy to assemble, and you can even create a custom wall cabinet that takes up zero feet. Open floating shelves in the corner can also help decorate a home office, giving it a more open and airy appeal.

Home Libraries And Offices

A couple’s home office takes full advantage of the corner space on offer with open shelving and cupboards [via: Ty Evans, Windermere Real Estate]

Perhaps shelf space isn’t the biggest concern in your home office. Then take it a step further and transform a boring corner into a cozy and stylish reading nook. All you need here is an easy chair, a side table with a table lamp (or elegant floor lamp) and a small shelf to store your favorite books. After you’re done with your laptop, you can now relax in your home office with a book and a drink, thanks to the new Corner Reading Nook!

Bookshelves, plush lounge chairs and lighting sources are all you need to create a reading nook [by: Sarah Greenman]

We understand that not everyone out there wants to spend hours flipping through a book, and many may want to relax in a cozy conversation with someone they love. If you’re looking for a comfortable, elegant and quiet space, this could be the forgotten corner of the home office. Throw in some club chairs and a small table and you have not only a conversation zone, but also extra seating space for your customers.

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A home office corner can become a lovely conversation area [Design: Pine Street Carpenters & The Kitchen Studio / Photo: John Welsh]

A comfortable sectional for two from Ligne Rosette is a great alternative for those who don’t have room for a club chair [Design: Terrat Elms Interior Design]

Guess what really complements your wonderful and fun ‘conversation corner’? – A fireplace, of course! A corner fireplace provides a bright and elegant focal point of a home office and brings both aesthetics and ergonomics to the workspace. You don’t have to worry too much about wasting space, and those who want to do more can even place a TV above the fireplace to complete a stylish home office.

Guest Room Office Ideas Pinterest

A guest room / home office combination is a popular and convenient option for many, and again, a quiet corner helps. Adding a Murphy bed or smart daybed to a corner of your home office is easy, and in most cases the bed disappears completely when not in use. Whether you’re desperate for space for an extra bedroom/guest room or have friends over to visit on the weekends, this is the solution to make your life easier.

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A cool sofa transforms a home office into a guest room by ABC Carpet [Design: Anjali Pollock Design]

It is not too harmful as we suggest you decorate that empty corner with indoor plants. But how many of you have a little greenery to add freshness to your home office? Plants provide benefits beyond aesthetics, you can also get an air purifying plant that removes harmful toxins from your home office and makes your life healthier and happier. When it comes to improving the productivity of your workplace, never underestimate the power of natural goodness!

Indoor plants in the corner become a visual addition to the desk [Design: Oficina Inglesa – London]

What’s better than a houseplant in the corner of the home office? Naturally, a corner window opens the room to a beautiful view outside and also provides fresh air and natural light throughout the day. Corner windows come in all shapes and sizes, from floor-to-ceiling giants to ones that offer a quick peek at the outside weather. Those with a home office next to a pool or patio can also consider sliding glass doors that create a more dramatic interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows open the home office to beautiful views outside [Design: Mark Pinkerton – vi360 Photography]

Sherry is a blogger who absolutely loves life. She enjoys everything related to design, decoration and modern trendy trends. Born in California, Sherry grew up in an open field and forest environment that defined her passion for design and developed her interest in studying how structures and houses interact with beauty[…]If ever there was a patience-testing situation for a tiny home designer owner, it is a combination of guest room and office. . My own combo office doubles as storage space for craft supplies and a practice room. I write posts like this while I work from home and sometimes take a break to watch TV. Ironically, with the lack of closet space in my house, I also have a small but efficient closet in my bedroom.

The smaller your guest room, the harder it is to keep it functional, so find extra space for a home office. I have already covered the topic of small guest rooms, offices and mixed spaces on this blog. But there is no harm in doing it again. After all, repetition is the mother of retention, right? So let’s do it. Welcome to Week 12 of the Whole House Organization Challenge.

Guest Room Office Ideas Pinterest

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Gorgeous Custom Built In Desk Ideas

According to Forbes magazine, more than 50% of people in the United States work from home. As more millennials look to work from home, that number is expected to grow. In fact, a home office — even a small one — tops the list of must-haves for young potential home buyers.

Earlier in the challenge, I lightly discussed using a portable office basket for people who find it difficult to work in one room at home for hours at a time. In this post, we’ll find out how to set up even the smallest guest room to serve multiple functions, including a home office.

To help me with that, I turned to my fellow blogger Linda from Dom Si ča čena. Using Linda’s Small Office Mix as the backdrop for this post, here are my 7 tips to help you get the most out of your own office mix.

Notice the place where Linda started above. As you can see, this room becomes a dumping ground for all the random stuff. Although it is a relatively spacious room, it should serve excellent functions. This combined office should have a dressing table and bed for guests, an office for Linda, a place for the kids to do homework, and a studio where Linda can record videos for her YouTube channel. Wow, that’s a lot! But dividing the room into zones can help overcome those challenges and actually make the room more useful.

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I can’t think of why a tiny home owner would use a standard mattress in a utility room unless you have overnight guests every weekend. The quality of trundle beds in the market today has greatly improved. Without a doubt, sofa beds, sofa beds or Murphy beds are great investments to consider when setting up a small office guest room.

I always say: when space is limited, go up. Carefully placed wall art provides visual separation between the “office” and “guest room” sections.

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