Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

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Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

While you may dream of one day owning a large property full of open space, the reality is that most people have to make do with small spaces. In fact, the average house in America in 2015 is 2,865 square feet, while the number of houses in some cities in the United States is 882 square feet. For example, the average rent in Seattle, Washington, is only 711 square feet (which is slightly lower than the average in Manhattan, which is 733 square feet).

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That said, there are benefits to working with small spaces, and there are plenty of interior design ideas to help you make the most of all the square footage you have. According to interior designer Ginny Macdonald, small spaces are often simpler and easier to keep clean than larger spaces. “You can pick and choose what pieces you have there and focus on solving the problem,” he says.

Curious how these designers approach decorating small spaces? Read on for 22 home decor ideas we learned from the masters.

If you are looking for furniture in a small space, start by evaluating your current furniture and determine whether you need it all or not. From there, you can get rid of things that aren’t useful and replace them with things that work well in the space.

Macdonald said, “The worst thing you can do is to have a large room with a lot of furniture. Choose furniture that functions and not just take up space. For example, Macdonald does not recommend putting a sectional sofa in a small room. , He recommends having as many sofas as the room can handle and add more chairs from there.

Small Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

Design is important in a small house. Because you can do without square footage, where you put all your furniture and decorations more than ever. While there’s no set formula for the perfect design, Macdonald has some tips for making the most of your space. “According to the shape of the room, always put the sofa on the longest wall to allow other things to surround it,” he says about the design of the house.

When it comes to furniture, Macdonald recommends finding pieces with legs to bring things off the floor and create the illusion of more space. “[It] will speed things up in the air,” he said. Additionally, it will make your furniture easier to move.

Macdonald suggests getting smart with your other seating options by getting a pouf that sits on top of the coffee table so it can be stored away when not in use. “The lower bookcase can also be used as another chair with a nice chair attached to the top – this will look great in the window,” he added.

Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity. For example, adding more hooks behind the door creates more space to hang towels and visible clothes. Under the bed, on the kitchen counter, and around windows and doors are other common areas.

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Painting a house is an inexpensive way to transform a small space in a long time. But consider the color carefully. “A lot of people think that white makes a room look bigger, but if it’s small and there’s no light, a [white] room can be flat and lifeless,” explains Macdonald. . “By adding a central color, it helps to add depth to a small space.” Dark tones can also work, but you run the risk of closing out the room and showing even less. “But let’s face it it’s going to be great,” Macdonald said.

Remember, in a small space (or any space, really), natural light is your best friend. “Where possible, don’t put anything in front of the window,” advises Macdonald. This is because you want to transfer as much natural light as possible to make the room appear larger than it actually is.

In any small room, but especially in the bathroom, Macdonald recommends creating as much storage as possible. “If you don’t have a medicine cabinet, use some wall space to add small shelves for storage,” she says, adding that the wall above the toilet is often unused space.

To maximize your square footage, Macdonald recommends using the full height of the wall. This means adding a storage shelf next to the sofa instead of adding a traditional side table, for example.

Best Small Living Room Decor And Design Ideas For 2022

When it comes to the bedroom, Macdonald also recommends using the space by placing large pieces of furniture against the wall, like in the bedroom. “Don’t be afraid to put your bed against the wall,” he encouraged. This can create enough space for a dresser, vanity, or desk.

It may seem like a no-brainer to remove your upper cabinets, but you will be surprised how open your kitchen can be, especially if you can manage without storage. On the other hand, open space provides the same effect without providing storage space.

If you have little space, don’t sacrifice what you don’t have to sacrifice. Wall and pendant lights can easily replace floor and table lamps to eliminate confusion.

Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

While adding extra decor to a small room may seem counterintuitive, Macdonald explains that certain pieces can be used to open up any small space and even make it seem larger. Glasses are at the top of his list. “Glass reflects light, so use these things to let it in and make the space bigger,” he explained.

Living Room Decorating Ideas We Love

Art is an important element of a well-appointed room, regardless of its size – it can give character to even the most boring space. Macdonald chose full floor to ceiling wall art to make the room feel longer.

Clutter is the number one enemy of small rooms. That’s why Macdonald thinks it’s important to have a place for all your things. Think drawer organizers, shelves, and beautiful furniture. In the bedroom, a drawer organizer can help keep things organized and ensure there’s room for everything.

Decorative furniture, boxes and baskets are great ways to create storage and hide unsightly items. Place it under a table, on a shelf, or on top of a cupboard. You can also find baskets or trays to place either in the toilet or under the shower to hold paper towels, towels, and other small items.

Easy-to-place shelves are the perfect way to store other decorative items without cluttering the space. “Add a small shelf on the upper level that can be used for books and storage boxes and create a beautiful display with vases and plants,” suggests Macdonald.

Space Boosting Design Ideas For A Small Living Room

When trying to maximize every last square foot, adopt a strict “left side” mentality – important for awkward corners, toilets, and cuts. Find furniture that maximizes the space to make the most of it.

There’s no rule that says a small space can’t be big on quality. If you are someone who likes to make a statement, carry the whole scene with bright colors, bright patterns, luxurious jewelry, and unique designs. You do you.

On the other hand, if you’re nervous when playing with color, try sticking to a neutral palette. You may be surprised how warm and welcoming your space can be, even without paint.

Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

One simple trick to make a space look better is to choose a feature wall. This draws the eye to the wall, creating a sense of depth. Paint, wallpaper, and paneling are just a few options for achieving that look.

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Only use good and reliable sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to confirm the facts in our stories. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we keep our content safe, reliable and trustworthy. Small rooms can be a challenge for many homeowners. Whatever layout you like, you can use it even if you have a small square footage. Even some of the smallest rooms can make waves. Look at houses in expensive places like New York City or Los Angeles. Apartment dwellers often find ways to transform a cluttered living space into a beautiful space. Check your Instagram feed. Maybe you like some pictures that show small effect living room design.

No matter how big or small your room is, you can use interior design tricks to make it look bigger than ever. Just because you don’t have the square footage doesn’t mean your room will be better. Choose the right type

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