Home Office And Dressing Room Ideas

Home Office And Dressing Room Ideas – This is a continuation of what you might consider my “pre-trip” – livable but unfinished room in no way, shape, or form! For a little background, in our previous house, the second bedroom was my study and the third small cabin was my wardrobe. Finally, we have a similar setup in this house where my office is part of the work we planned below and

The room just became my dressing room. If we move the kitchen from one side of the house to the other, the actual kitchen will eventually become my office. But now I use one room for both functions.

Home Office And Dressing Room Ideas

Home Office And Dressing Room Ideas

Fortunately, the room is big enough now and I do both in one room. After all, for many people, the bedroom serves all of these purposes, so I appreciate the privilege of having an entire bedroom dedicated to nothing but sleep. I’m not complaining! 😉

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One of the things I have to talk about directly is the decoration choices I have to live with from the previous owners. This room was originally their son’s room. At some point, the floor was replaced with a hideous gray stained laminate and one wall was covered with cheap dark gray bricks. On a tour of my empty house, I called it “prison chic.” It was very bad. Within days of moving in, I tore all the paper off the wall and decided I just couldn’t work in a room that looked like a cell! I’d rather look at plaster cast than that! While the gray walls are not too bad (at least they are neutral), there is a very terrible wall, and the floor is shocking.

And then there is the problem of mismatched furniture. Of course, every room in our previous house was furnished differently. The dressing room was drenched in mint green

(Honestly a mistake – never wear makeup in a room that shines a small green fire on your face!)

And the office was pink, black and gold. So after moving, I had to mix and match furniture that would never normally work in the same room. What is this!

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Fortunately, the lovely people at Dwell came to my rescue. My latest wardrobe plan includes modern white furniture for a light, bright and beautifully open feel. I had a mint green dresser here that just looked ridiculous with the black desk and mid-century sideboard. So they were kind enough to send me the beautiful Basel Dresser to give the room a taste of what is to come. Above the table is a large antique glass mirror that was originally in our hallway. At some point we will hang it up properly, but right now I don’t feel like wearing it.

The coin dresser was moved to our guest room (where it goes well with the greens and grays) and this beautiful piece has a home here. I love its strong modern lines, a sweet rounded piece with 4 regular drawers and 2 deep drawers that hold everything I need. It doesn’t scream, but as you can see, the design creates recessed handles that open and close the drawers with ease.

I can not tell you what a revelation it is to go from an old piece with no trace of the list to open and close the drawers (the drawers are stuck forever!) to this list operator. Tracks make opening and closing drawers a joy – so smooth and effortless that I wonder why I waited so long to get a piece of furniture that actually does its job well! It’s clearly a very well built piece and it even comes ready to assemble so I literally didn’t have to disassemble anything but it. And the birth attendants carried him right into the room, which meant Wayne and I didn’t have to fumble and fumble up the stairs.

Home Office And Dressing Room Ideas

I really could not fault the service or the high quality of the furniture. They have so many gorgeous pieces on the site that offer a modern edge that I love to mix and match with prettier pieces for an eclectic look. They also have a lot of items in this particular series including a sideboard, a TV and a compact sideboard perfect for a hallway or when space is tight. The piece looks more expensive than it is worth and if you hurry, the site currently has a lot of sales so this particular piece is £549 down to £399!

Fabulous Dressing Room Design And Decor Ideas

On the other side of the room is my office. You can see my “fantastic table” set up in my previous post, and in the future, the console table (which goes so nicely with the dresser) will live on as a vanity in this room as the perfect place to be wear it. on makeup. . For now though, I’m still using a reclaimed black table as my workspace. I have some stunning blush pink curtains with a velvet effect that I desperately need to hang wider and wider – another to do list!

Meanwhile, they frame my desk perfectly and almost make me forget about everything else I hate in the room. The artificial peony was recently bought from Hannah Halfpenny, who I just found out is local to me here in Shrewsbury. It was really nice that I ordered it at 13:00 and it was delivered the same day after 17:00. How about local services?

Next to it is one of my vintage rattan chairs and some much needed storage that I didn’t really have room for.

The storage in this room will eventually need to be fixed – in fact, both the wardrobe and the office storage in the future need to be updated with the new spaces in mind – but for now I will make do with what I have. is Of course, this wall will eventually be fixed – now the room is a mess and a bit of an eyesore (although trust me, it’s better than before)! I also fell in love with the mid-century style lining. At some point I would like to change, but it will probably be a while before I get around to it. Now, he holds so many essentials that he avoids parting with him.

My Glamorous New Dressing Room — Thefashionatetraveller.com

One thing that will definitely stay exactly the same is the beautiful little corner fireplace. I mentioned this before, but even if it’s not a working fireplace, it’s just such a fun piece to decorate with. It basically just holds my everyday jewelry.

So this is a “before trip” in this space. A week from today, the wiring of the house will begin. To keep chaos to a minimum and sanity to a minimum, we’re only doing half the house. This means that we essentially had to move out of the living room and bedroom as these spaces fall into the guest room, the bathroom and hallway. we are moving

The side of the house that includes this room, so we’re moving our bed here! It’s going to be messy for a while, so you’ll have to forgive me if my blog gets a little more random in the meantime.

Home Office And Dressing Room Ideas

Once our kitchen and dining room renovations and additions begin, we will finish the rest of the house, including this room. That means there isn’t much I can do to update the interior until the electricity is finished here.

New Sop Hq Reveal // Wardrobe Room

However, I have big plans for the space, which I will also share with you in due course. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed looking at my “unfinished” rooms and a special thanks to Dwell for making my dressing room more beautiful!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but the Dresser was provided free of charge for my review. As always, all words, images and opinions are my own and I only work with brands that I love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting businesses that support Swoon Worthy. Please note that this post contains affiliate links. Today’s post is a tour of my home office. But the room is much more.

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I didn’t expect to get divorced or live alone

How To Turn A Small Bedroom Into A Dressing Room

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