Home Office And Craft Room Ideas

Home Office And Craft Room Ideas – Ok i’m nervous!! It was a little overwhelming, not gonna lie. I still have a few things I want to do in the loft, but I said I’d share this week and I’m sticking to it. The rest of the projects are small compared to what I achieved in this area. I’m amazing, so proud of what I’ve created here.

First, let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? This room originally started out as a living area for my husband and I back then. Then our son was born and that became a toy library. I look back on this post and cry a little. Not my style anymore, but I’m glad to see the old room:

Home Office And Craft Room Ideas

Home Office And Craft Room Ideas

It reminds us of a sweet time in our lives. I love our home every step of the way.

Light And Bright Home Office/craft Room

So I started to simplify things. I moved the figures down, removed the photo shelves, added some tables and pressed:

Now that I look back on it, it seems rather silly. But I was so glad to see those shelves disappear – they were just too heavy for me.

We painted most of the walls in the house (and contrary to what it looks like in this photo, they aren’t green) and then added to my cheap DIY DIY:

The room was fine, but we didn’t use it as we knew it. This is a large room with a lot of potential for storage and better functionality. I had a plan for two years before I finally started tackling it. This was primarily because we knew we wanted to expand our hardwoods into this area – there wasn’t much I could do until that was done. And because this has not been done for years, money. and finishing of kitchens etc.

Yarn Room Makeover

And now? Now it has tons of storage, a few sitting areas, a large desk, and cute clapboard (or shiplap, as the kids now call it) walls. I’m so happy with this room that I can’t tell you:

Revealing the closet was like showing my new “baby” to all of you – I forgot all the hard work I put in (okay, it’s a lie, I don’t have it yet. Too soon.) and I loved how beautiful it was. and how much I liked it.

It’s been a week or two for the most part, I’ve been working on smaller projects. So we’ve been using it for some time now and it’s been a pleasure. I wanted it to be a place for many things like working, crafting, folding and sitting. We made some seating with the window seat, but hope to add a sofa here on the opposite wall later on.

Home Office And Craft Room Ideas

The desk is big. I cut the butcher block into three sections – two for the countertops and one large piece for the table. He’s six feet by six feet and I love him. As you can see, we both sit and work comfortably. Bub comes over after school and does his homework here most nights. My husband also plans to use:

Custom Basement Finishing

It’s nice and big so we can spread out, there’s plenty of room for crafts, it’s a great place to sew, and I’m looking forward to wrapping Christmas presents. 🙂 As you can see, the table is taller than average height. I know it’s rambling, but most desk chairs with wheels (including this one) adjust to the perfect height. I have to sit with at least one leg under me, but they have plenty of room for that and are surprisingly comfortable.

I built a bookcase at the end for support and more storage. It’s a fun place to show things off. I’m so excited to move into our warehouse once the room is complete – I’ve waited years for my vision to be completed!

I will go into more detail about the operation of this location shortly. The group here is incredible.

I’ve shared the other side of the room for the last couple of weeks, but here’s a look before that area:

Home Office Craft Room Makeover Plans

I’ll be sharing all the resources and project links for this room later this week, so please let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in! For now I’m going to share eleven billion photos with you, because I’m tired but super proud:

A DIY chalkboard makes such a statement here and is one of my favorite pieces in the room:

I’ve rearranged the cabinet doors so they open to the other side of the table. They’re still easy to access, but I keep my seasonal crafting supplies there so I don’t have to access them as often:

Home Office And Craft Room Ideas

I usually sit in front of the table to watch TV. 😉 We have it on a stand that moves back and forth, so I can even lay on the window seat and look at it:

How To Turn A Closet Into A Craft Room

Everything I need is available and I love it. Here’s the little Dollar Spot craft cart I made years ago:

As you can see, this is a very feminine (mostly?) room in our house. However, my husband and son love living here. The natural light is amazing! It’s just a happy place:

I shared a Goodwill stool years ago. I put it across the room, but I put it here because it’s a perfect perch for a third person to work here. We can move the caddy and there is plenty of room for everyone.

I used a DIY gift wrap station and loved it. I always wanted one and this wall made good use of it:

Tips For Adding More Functionality To Your Home

My daughter-in-law had that little table when she was a kid. I painted it years ago for our son. He’s too old for that now, but he still loves it and sits there often. If I’m here when he comes home from school, he comes and has his breakfast here or at the table with me. love This is what I expected for this place. We’ve used more in the last few weeks than we’ve used in months.

I haven’t finished half the walls on the other side of the room yet, and I don’t know when I will. I finished lining the double door:

You can see our printer over there — we had one in the basement and now we have one here and it’s great. When we go to bed, I’ll show you more of that side.

Home Office And Craft Room Ideas

I had a hard time with this place! I think it’s more work than the kitchen, believe it or not. Then. Quite. Painting.

Diy Home Office Decor Ideas

I almost forgot to post a photo at night! I’m a big fan of sconces and they add some much needed light here at night:

There. Well, I think I’m done for now. 🙂 Of course I can’t help but share one more before and after, my favorite! This is how this room started years ago:

Hoo! Bring on the fall craft projects now! There is! Can you believe I finished this room in three months? I really think this is a record for me. I still haven’t reached my goal of finishing before classes start, but I’m close. Now I’m free to focus on the next vacation and I’m very happy.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to let me know in the comments. I will definitely respond there or talk to you later this week when I share resources and project links. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, an artist or creative who works from home, or just want to explore your art in your spare time, a dedicated craft space is a game changer. In fact, dedicating a space that helps you relax and boost productivity can make all the difference whether you spend time honing your craft or finally let your imagination run wild. So keep reading our nineteen craft room ideas to get the juices flowing and the projects going on, whether you have an extra room to change or an empty corner.

Craft Room Ideas You’ll Love

A well-lit workspace is essential, especially when it comes to creating details. If the overhead lights aren’t strong enough, bring a second table lamp. Or save surface space with sconces. Hang a pretty picture, paint the walls blue and JP. Add some contrast with a modern Lucite chair like this small workstation from Horton.

If your craft room is dedicated to knitting and/or knitting, check out this workshop by Lindsey Campbell, artist who runs the knitting-focused blog Hello Hydrangea. Keep your supplies easily accessible with a modular wall shelf to keep all your craft supplies (yarn, string, glue, and more) organized. Then use glass jars to store leftovers.

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