Home Office Decor Ideas 2023

Home Office Decor Ideas 2023 – A few years ago, home offices were seen as a symbol of luxury, something not many homes had. Today, living in an (almost) post-pandemic world, with many people working from home part-time or full-time, dedicated home offices have become the norm. While it’s perfectly possible to work from the sofa or kitchen counter, there’s something to be said for intentional home offices, whether it’s an entire room or a stylized desk. in a corner With that in mind, we spoke to five interior designers about their top home office trends for 2023. From home office ideas that boost your productivity to a more comfortable workplace, you’ll find more than a dozen ways to make your space work. you. For minimalist design enthusiasts, a monochromatic home office would be ideal. For the maximalist, a home office bathed in color is more likely to inspire a happy and steady workflow. The thing is, no matter what your design aesthetic is, you’ll find inspiration in the designer-approved trends below.

Wallpaper may have had a lull in popularity in the 70s and 80s, but it’s expected to pick up again in 2023. “Wallpaper can add just the right amount of interest and punch to a simple office space,” says Maggie Griffin, founder of Maggie Griffin Design. “Adding a pattern to the wall, a comfortable chair and a few stylish accessories can make all the difference.”

Home Office Decor Ideas 2023

Home Office Decor Ideas 2023

Whether you live in a small apartment or want to make the most of your space, decorating upstairs can dramatically increase your home office potential. “Using vertical space above a table creates a great visual balance between decor and function,” says Jane Feldman, founder of Jane Feldman Design. “In this den, the desk doubles as a side table as bedroom furniture when not being used as a workspace.”

Unique Home Office Ideas For Perfect Designing

In the past, white desks and muted color palettes dominated. These days, though, Heather Fujikawa, owner and lead designer of House Sprucing, says bright colors are increasingly common in home offices. “The return of color is something we see strongly for 2023,” he said. “Walls soak up dark colors, and we love this Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paint color that brings out the perfect navy color.”

If you love a certain color, don’t be afraid to decorate your entire office in it. “I’m excited about the monochromatic office,” says Suzanna Simonpitri, creative director of Chango & Co. “Our work consists of colorful pieces that explore a color to its fullest potential.”

By 2023, designers expect an increase in independent home offices. “One of the biggest trends we’ve seen is that people now want their own office,” says Britt Zunino, director of Studio DB. “In the past, people shared home offices and now that working from home has become more permanent, they want to have their own office instead of sharing space.”

You don’t need a ton of space to create your own home office. “Following the wallpaper trend, creating a sweet spot in the kitchen makes it easy to email nearby while you wait for dinner to finish,” says Griffin.

Small Home Office Ideas For Your Space

Like Griffin’s kitchen-adjacent proposal, Feldman says repurposing large closets can also be used for a home office. “This office space was converted from a large unused utility closet,” he shares. “A simple swap of a barn door and a gorgeous accent fabric creates the perfect office space that tucks away like a small jewelry box.”

You might think that a home office is defined by the desk, but according to Simonpetri, that’s not the case. “We’re starting to see more requests for desks that do away with electric desks,” he said. “Most executives these days prefer a smaller desk and more room to make calls. Personally, I embrace this and design desks with more lounge space and lighter floors, ditching the idea of ​​a big ‘old school boss’ office.’

If you like the idea of ​​an electric desk, Feldman says placing it center stage will make a statement. “Space planning is the key to a great home office,” she says. “Centering a table in the middle of the room creates good visual flow – you need to create an electrical plan to keep unsightly cables out of the way. This routine table is designed with a channel in the legs to clear cords from the outlet. Floor for good looks and all functions. A small hole in the mat allows the main cord to be plugged in and hidden away.

Home Office Decor Ideas 2023

Even if you want to stick with a sleek and sleek aesthetic, there’s something to be said for injecting your own personality into your home office. “Having a home office that interacts with the people who live in the space is very important and will never go out of style,” says Fujikawa. “We love that this office space tells the story of the people who work there. The guitar fingerboard, the seating, the little cowboy art and the modern touches really impress.

Office Desk Décor Ideas To Elevate Your Home Workspace

Sometimes choosing a darker color palette can make a home office feel more comfortable and inviting. “There’s a reason theaters are dark: You can see the screen and the lighting is better,” Feldman said. “A desk in a dark, cozy library makes a great screen scene for work and beauty.”

While dark color palettes are soothing to some, others prefer bright spaces to encourage alertness. “For 2023, we see a clear approach to home offices,” Fujikawa said. “People want to light up so that the home office can be a place for bright ideas, to be calm and in their best frame to complete the tasks at hand. Keep it small, clean and bright to create a mood that not only brightens but also provides a positivity that makes them Helps illuminate work.

While wallpaper adds instant intrigue to a home office space, Zunino says it also sets the backdrop for when you switch to a video call. “A big trend we’ve seen in home offices is the dominance of the Zoom background that everyone always has on during video calls,” he explains. That’s not to say that wallpaper is the only way to get a camera-friendly desktop. Instead, it’s about maintaining a clean and orderly space.

For a classic home office vibe, embrace more masculine color palettes, silhouettes and fabrics. “A beautiful home office these days is a shared space from ‘working from home’ to afternoon conversations,” says Griffin. “A pair of comfortable chairs and sleek shelving make the space feel less like work and more like play.”

The Home Office Of My Dreams

Home offices are not just work, not play. “The intersection of good design and functionality is always worth noting when it comes to a home office,” says Fujikawa. “It’s about having a deliberate design and purpose for every element of the office that really contributes to making it a place to be at home and work.” In this office she designed, Fujikawa made a point of favoring built-in cabinets that provide plenty of storage space, as well as for her to use and showcase her personality.

Rebecca R. Norris is a full-time freelance writer living in the DC metro area. She writes for various publications, mostly covering topics of interest to women. When she’s not writing, she can be found with her Jack-Chi, Cash, working up a sweat in Orangetheory class or catching up with family and friends.

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Home Office Decor Ideas 2023

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Home Office Trends Of 2023

Caitlin Wilson JANUS & Co. has launched new lines of furniture for Interior design trends always reflect the constant evolution towards a new lifestyle. That being said, the interior design trends of 2023, however practical, will still satisfy even the most discerning aesthetes.

We’re seeing a shift to bright, bold and inspiring interiors. Moreover, organic and sustainable designs are also gaining popularity. It’s not a new concept, but the motivation to create a natural and healthy space is definitely a trend in interior design. In 2023, decor follows trends and this

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