Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him – Are you ready to create a stylish and functional office from your husband or friend’s office? Use these items to complete the look.

The weather in 2020 and 2021 will be crazy, we may find ourselves working from home. But, when you work from home, you don’t have to commit to work.

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

Use these 25 tips to create the masculine home office of your dreams from your bedroom to the hallway.

Office Decor Ideas For Better Productivity In 2023

1. Paint the walls and bookcases a deep semi-gloss blue and use light accents in the rugs and furniture.

This will make the room full of color, but calm because it is a big player and everything else is neutral.

2. Use a textured grass wallpaper like this to give your walls a masculine look (Amazon link). Add brown chairs and a large patterned rug to complete the space.

Don’t forget to add window treatments – faux roman shades are a great option for a very low-cost yet high-quality look.

Small Home Office Makeover // 10 Budget Friendly Decor Ideas

3. If your style is cool and you like some precious things in your life, get these dark gloss bookshelves, add a desk with open legs, large artwork and 35 inch gold desk lamps.

) Delivered overnight, thank you Amazon. You can add leather seats and start working the next day.

Don’t forget to add live plants and bookshelves to collect all your books at home.

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

5. Nothing says a deep green room with natural wood elements and a large collection in the men’s office. Some of my favorite brands of green paint are: Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines and Hunt Club.

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6. Again, in this masculine home office, black walls are key. All the other pieces in the room are warm white, but the dark black wall makes it stand out. You also don’t take away from the incredible natural light.

7. A dark bookcase is a dream in a man’s office. For a minimalist look, IKEA has black billy cabinets that you can install from floor to ceiling to store all your books, files and personal things.

Adding a glass door may seem expensive, but it costs a lot less than you might think.

8. Lighter in the office? Yes! If you find yourself working from home permanently, it’s best to use your living space as an office.

Home Office Ideas: Turn A Spare Room Into Your Dream Workspace

The light blue colors on the walls along with the sable/cognac leather chairs in front of the fireplace create a regal office environment.

Choose one that matches your preferences, such as images of whiskey bottles, cart below, and black office chairs. (I get requests for these drawings all the time and this.)

10. We’ve already noted that bright paint colors on all the walls, cabinets, and ceilings can make a space look dull and unattractive. But add a nice chandelier with glass bulbs and great artwork on the walls to make it perfect.

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

11. See a pattern with bold green, black and blue spaces. Paint makes a big impression, especially when used on walls and built-ins (or shelves of the same color).

Designing An Old World Home Office

The color scheme stays in green, black and gold, making each element stand out. They work together to create a cohesive environment.

12. Have you heard of the Ames mid-century modern chair? If you’ve never heard of this Herman Miller chair, you’ve probably seen it everywhere. It costs about $4,600, but luckily there are better deals on the market.

) are as comfortable as the real thing, have great style and are a fraction of the price. So head over to Amazon and order an Eames look for your masculine office as a supportive and comfortable addition to your new home office job.

13. If you like a light and contemporary look for your men’s office, choose a light color from Farrow and Ball.

Best Home Office Setups That Will Enhance Your Working Experience

Add a large chandelier and simple curtains for a simple scheme. To use essentials in a home office design, choose a desk with enclosed space for shelving and storage drawers.

14. Whether you’re going light or dark, you’ll need a storage system for loose paper and supplies. Wire baskets are a great way to clean while maintaining a decorative look.

15. The key to any custom made design is what is built. So whether you choose to add trim around your IKEA cabinets or opt for desks and filing cabinets, built-ins elevate the room.

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

16. Board and batten trim refers to the square wall shown below. Apart from the black paint covering the walls and ceiling, the tables and millwork also create another impression. You can easily control the DIY board and cut it with pine wood, a level and a circular saw.

Small Home Office Ideas

17. Black and white clothes play well and a bright black picture with white ceiling and walls is a contrast. Add metallic lighting and a designer leather desk and your home office will be relaxed.

18. McGee & Co. Studio. One of the top design firms on my list for maximizing the use of color in offices. By painting books in a bold color, they can achieve a masculine look in almost any room.

19. Are you too busy with this schedule? Not sure if you can implement some of these changes in your bedroom to create a home office?

Here’s an example of a simple room with lots of light and medium green. The key is to paint the walls the same color to create an envelope. Add a fur rug and a simple rod desk to complete the look.

Small Home Office Ideas (with Photos From Real People)

20. If you think that regular furniture and major renovations are the only way to focus on your work from a masculine home office, I can assure you that your motivation is wrong.

A white IKEA desk with wooden drawers is an affordable way to add a traditional desk to your office. With an extra can of paint and a new lamp, your bedroom will become a magazine-ready office.

21. Built-ins are still at the top of my list for making a space look custom and smart from blah. But add some paint to your cabinets or closets and you’ve added another dimension to your home office.

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

22. No home office is complete without filing cabinets on either side and a tall desk in natural wood or light wood. It’s the workhorse and staple of any man’s home office.

Home Office Ideas For Him: Create A Unique Workspace For Your Man

23. If you want to DIY your home office, adding a bench above 2 filing cabinets is a great way to make sure you have enough storage space and a desk that fits your needs.

24. Built-in blue lacquer will make any home office stand out from the crowd. There’s something about the bright colors and great natural light shining through these vintage cabinets.

25. The office of man is not complete without a shepherd. So throw in a designer rug that brings a natural yet masculine touch to your home office.

Hidden rugs can be placed over sisal, hardwood or even carpet to blend seamlessly with your existing space.

Stylish And Dramatic Masculine Home Offices

It’s no surprise that most of these rooms have one thing in common (aside from desks without computers) and that’s a great color to bring the whole room together.

I always recommend trying large swaths of paint before going all over the house. This is a costly mistake you don’t want to make, so I recommend using a Sampleize Peel and Stick to test your preferences.

Spending $25 on paint samples is always cheaper than a kitchen full of cabinets you hate and can’t afford to mess with.

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

The colors you see in other people’s homes may not look the same as yours. In many cases, the images are edited, lightened or colored. Don’t just rely on the pictures to make a decision – trust the process and try the paint. *Expert Advice* Computer Monitors, Wires & Cables

Working From Home Never Looked So Good

This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase through the link I will receive a small commission. Feed my Starbucks addiction and I thank you! You can see the full disclosure process here.

The above pictures of men’s home offices are professionally done, and while I realize many don’t have computers, there are things we can do to avoid computers and cables.

Next, another great addition to a home office is a standing desk. There are two, a basic standing desk and a custom desk.

Finally, it’s the best way to hide cables

Diy Desk Ideas

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