Home Office Decorating Ideas

Home Office Decorating Ideas – Do you remember your commute to and from the office? When you spend your day working under strip lighting, chatting with colleagues in the kitchen, and getting annoyed when someone uses your personal office mug? Over the past year, our homes have become offices as many of us have moved to remote work. Whether you have a private room or dominate the corner of your bedroom/living room/kitchen, you want your workspace to be quiet, organized and stylish.

Maddie Potts, interior influencer and author of the blog This 1870 House, uses the bedroom as a workspace. “At the end of the day, I clean everything out – the laptop is on the shelf, the laptop is in the drawer – so it’s not going to be there overnight. But the key when creating your home office is to do what works for you.” With that in mind, Maddie and two other interior gurus share their stylish ideas for the home office.

Home Office Decorating Ideas

Home Office Decorating Ideas

“Choose colors that make you truly happy. Some may find the yellow color inspiring, while others may find it deceiving. While you may like the calmness of gray, someone else may not. My home office is a mix of forest green and white. I wanted something bold that would make the artwork and my mostly white Ikea furniture stand out. The combination seems to work in all seasons. It’s refreshing in the summer but cozy on dark winter afternoons,” says interior blogger Carole King.

A Classic Home Office

“A good chair makes a big difference. Remember, you need to be able to sit comfortably all day – and it’s not necessarily a fancy, ergonomic office chair with a high back. “I use a soft, soft seat,” Maddie said. When it comes to desks, Scarlett Blakey, creative director of Ophelia Blake Interior Design, offers this advice. “You want to make sure it’s of good quality so that it’s practical and durable.” Make sure the size fits your seat and you can move freely and get in and out of the chair. There are many different styles, including an industrial style with warm woods and metals, or a more vibrant-looking table finished in a neutral color with copper or marble elements.

“My work is almost completely paperless—even my notebooks gather dust in favor of note-taking programs—so I keep my desk pretty clean,” Maddie says. “I have a coffee cup

Use while working – I don’t know why it helps, but it feels like a nod to the office coffee mugs. The candle diffuser is also beautiful. Carol adds: “There’s nothing like a sheepskin to warm up a hard office chair. And carpet underfoot. I also think that a corner lamp is indispensable. I also open mine when it’s not dark. I like the pool of light above the table.”

“I like to have as much greenery around me as possible.” Houseplants make any Zoom backdrop beautiful and are a great excuse to stretch your legs by the water, prune or just mess around with them. “In my office I have a monstera deliciosa (‘Swiss cheese plant’), a fiddler fig, some devil’s ivy, an asparagus fern and a bunch of hearts,” says Maddie. the lowest, coldest setting on your hair dryer!

Home Office Decor Ideas + Designs For A Creative Work Space

“I prefer storage cabinets because I’m very organized. So everything can be hidden from view. I have several bookcases and file cabinets that I use every day, some just for decoration. I make it up as I go,” says Carol. “I’ve also had a little wheelie for years, which is kind of a multi-tasker. There’s a printer on the bottom shelf that I can take with me when I’m not using it. And if necessary, I use the upper part as an additional work surface. I recommend everyone buy one,” says Carol.

“Floating shelves are very popular in home offices right now. They can add character to otherwise plain walls. Try decorating them with 3D objects, artwork and plants to add style,” says Scarlett. “Or you can choose walls for artwork. Use a mix of prints, images and 3D elements and experiment with interesting frames to add interest. Or if it suits your space better, invest in a large piece of art.

“If you’re on a tight budget, invest in quality paint and handles to update an existing piece of furniture. It’s a simple but very effective way to give your home office a new look,” says Scarlett. “Use a fabric that lets light into the room, but not enough to decorate the space. Choose a subtle patterned and textured tulle to add interest to your room.”

Home Office Decorating Ideas

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Home Office Decor Tips: Dos And Don’ts

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Home Office Decor Ideas That Will Make You Want To Work All Day

What started as a laptop failure turned into something permanent, huh? You’ve been at it for a long time now, it’s time to get your WFH on the same page. Whether it’s a small corner, a desk facing a window, or an entire room, you can achieve a stylish and comfortable home office design.

Ready to go full Marie Kondo in your space? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite home office inspiration, plus some tips, tricks, and must-have decor items to liven up your setup. Time to go to work!

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Home Office Decorating Ideas

While there are no “rules” for how to decorate your home office, the layout should maximize your productivity and inspire you to keep working. Since we all have different work styles, this will look different for everyone!

Beautiful Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces

A good place to start is to choose a location and layout that are not distracting. This might mean setting up your desk in your bedroom where you can close the door or choose to face the wall instead of the window.

Next key? Good lighting. Natural light is ideal, so try designing your home office around a large window. But if that’s not an option, some cute lamps or string lights will go a long way in lighting up your space!

No matter what plan you choose to design your home office, there are some essential items and decor that you just can’t do without. Here are our highlights!

For more information, we wanted to share one of our GWS home offices (pictured above)! We used to have two mismatched tables and a very small rug – plus lots of junk! It inspires us to work HARD.

Home Office: Where Functionality And Creativity Come Together

But updating our desks with these beautifully matching Floyd tables, adding a large jute rug to complete the space, and investing in this pull-out bench (plus cute cushions) feels so much more productive!

Now let’s get to the fun part: cute home office decor ideas for your walls! You can really make the space your own and create an aura of inspiration. So choose decor for your walls that speaks to your unique style and shows a bit of your personality!

These are just a few of our favorite home office decor ideas to liven up your walls, but the options are truly endless! You can hang a tapestry for a bohemian vibe, go shellac retro and hang wallpaper or add a mirror to open up the space…

Home Office Decorating Ideas

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