Home Office Playroom Ideas

Home Office Playroom Ideas – Our office makeover is over, and even though I never in a million years thought I’d be ready to share an office with my little people, I couldn’t be happier sitting down and working in a freshly painted, decorated and child-friendly. room His office space gets a lot of use, remains relatively clean (thanks to the many baskets and hooks) and has worked great for everyone so far! Now, instead of rolling around on the floor moaning in frustration as I finish an email or save a design file, my kids have plenty of toys and activities to keep them occupied. For all the moms out there who know what it’s like to do things while the kids are awake, you know what a blessing that is.

The clothespin has to be one of my youngest two favorite things. We use this cute floor box to house the collection of tutus, hats and masks we’ve collected over the years. However, it can be easy for kids to forget their choice of play if everything is hidden, so we added this arrow hook and cheap mirror for endless fun.

Home Office Playroom Ideas

Home Office Playroom Ideas

The cute cat and dog duo above the mirror is a great addition to the room… We just started talking about their names!

Secret Toy Storage In The Playroom + The Chicest Amazon Storage Furniture

My desk area … I’m not sure if I want a desk with a computer in front of the window, but I love it! An advantage that makes it much easier to focus on scooters, road hockey, kids throwing baseballs. Something I will be very thankful for next summer!

There’s nothing like a ceiling light and a beautiful rug to make a room feel pulled together and more sophisticated. I couldn’t resist this gold and white pendant light and this cute denim rug!

Children’s kitchen dreams came true when this retro refrigerator arrived. I also like that it’s roomy enough to hold a lot of kitchen accessories. Now make it so easy to play and catch! And I can’t get enough of this food game!

My favorite part of the room makeover is this wall. I asked the kids to draw simple pictures, then I scanned them, made some small adjustments, and printed them out as posters. We are working on a complete guide to share! TV is another thing I’m not sure about, but it’s a treat… you can see the kids on my Instagram story last week with the yoga show đŸ™‚

Ideas For That Bonus Room That Leaves You Stumped

Finally, a cozy reading area complete with an oversized ottoman to hold books and a beautiful basket of roses. An “extra” room in your home is a flex room. Sometimes it is located outside the front lobby and is called by real estate agents as “bedroom” or “home office”. Or sometimes it’s a Bonus Room in the attic or at the top of the stairs. And sometimes it is an additional room in the finished basement.

And I’m sure you either have one of these flex rooms or you’ve seen potential buyers rave about them in an episode of House Hunters!

My client, a mother of 3, decided to convert her bonus room into 3 functions: a playroom for her kids, a homework station, and a craft room. The bonus room is at the front of the house, off the hall, so it needs to be neat and tidy with plenty of storage for toys when guests arrive. Ultimately, I wanted a lot of neutrals to blend in with the rest of the house, but with some bright colors since the area was for the kids.

Home Office Playroom Ideas

Like many families, this Playroom and Homework Station should work for both boys and girls, as my client has two daughters and a son. So instead of having a gender-specific theme, we chose pops of bright color that could work for both boys and girls.

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One of the biggest requests for this room is a PR station for her two-year-old daughter. It can also be a place to work on projects or crafts. I think that when designing a children’s room, you should not only look for beauty, but also for durability and ease of cleaning. Because even the most beautiful things are not beautiful if they are covered with scratches and marker smudges!

I love using these wooden tops from Ikea; I can attest in my own home that they are easy to clean and sanitize. I have had it for over three years (with heavy use) and have cleaned markers, pencils, toothpaste and slime without problems! Another great option is a laminate roof. If you are using a painted countertop, make sure it has a nice, hard surface or consider putting a protective coating on it.

We made an 8′ long table that took up an entire wall! I think it’s worth every square inch, this dual duty station allows each girl to have their own individual spot and gives them plenty of room to spread out.

Kids are messy and you don’t want to be constantly rearranging their things to keep the room clean and tidy. I’m good at keeping things that aren’t interesting (like office supplies and crafts) behind the door. But my favorite type of storage, especially for kids, is drawer storage. This allows you to be a little more organized and gives you a better storage solution for all the nasty things the kids see.

Playroom Ideas Your Little One (and You!) Will Love

Since all the kids like to display their artwork or “collections”, I like to add shelves above the desk. I hang it about 18 inches above the desk so it doesn’t take up the work space. You can add cute wall decorations, display artwork, or provide a place to display crafts or Lego creations.

When decorating a nursery or playroom, you want to think about… how things could go wrong.

While you can’t make everything unbreakable, you can put in more delicate things like shelves or wall decor. But I try to make something that is very tactile and durable. This wooden lamp from Pillowfort won’t break the bank of glass or ceramic trees. The striped desk organizer is made of durable and strong material and should hold up well to little hands. The less broken items you have, the happier everyone is!

Home Office Playroom Ideas

You will be happy to know that all the components of this table are from Ikea! I used three Alex drawers and the counter is a Karlby wooden counter. This top comes in a variety of finishes and sizes. It is a 98 “L finish and “Birch” finish. With shelves

Bonus Room Ideas: 17 Ways To Maximize An Extra Room

Remember my part about keeping drawers CLOSED for baby stuff? It’s like a children’s game! I promise you, it’s better to quickly put toys in the doors and drawers than to “reorganize” them to keep them nice and neat on the open shelves. Also, I want the children’s space to be a place where they can feel free and play without worrying about how things will look. These pull-out drawers from Ikea offer plenty of flexible storage space for your changing needs. Then you can save board games or books.

Another wish of my mother is a reading corner or a window seat. Since the bonus room is not too big, we decided to combine the game storage with the window seat. I was inspired by Mood Board Article 12 above. They installed a wooden chair/table to step on, using a toy storage drawer as support. We added kid-friendly pillows and cushions to create a reading area on each side. But we left it open with a small bench to create a playground in the middle. This would be a great area for building blocks, playing with Legos or toy cars. Because the room was carpeted, it also gave her children a hard surface to play on. And when not in use, a small bench is stored under the top!

Because no child wants to spend time in the blue and beige room. Plus, where else can you be a kid again and enjoy fun colors and art?

For god’s sake we have to use LADY PILLOWS in this game room design, how cool is that?

Office Space Ideas You Can Do Right Now

Wall decor is the perfect way to add color and fun to a nursery or playroom. For my client, I helped him choose all the works of art to make the gallery wall, as well as some works of art to casually hang on the shelf above the table. They can fill this space with framed family photos or pictures of children.

And that’s all in real life! I always like to mix in some unframed items like felt banners with this shelf.

If you need more ideas, here are some Playroom and Kids Bonus Room projects that I think you’ll love

Home Office Playroom Ideas

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