Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest – But what if you don’t have the space for a full-sized home office? This is especially true for those who live in big cities like London, Paris, San Francisco or Tokyo.

The challenges we faced in the home office helped us explore unconventional ideas and new ways of working that we might not have had access to.

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

We asked authors from around the world to share their challenges, successes and tips for working from a small desk or confined space.

Home Office Design Ideas For Productivity (2023)

“My space is very small, so I have to be creative and experiment a bit. I tried different table sizes and finally settled on my current setup.

Although I originally wanted a bigger table, I chose to be realistic and use other means to make the most of the small table.

For example, I find that using a monitor mount helps provide more desk space. Having shelves under the desk also helped, but I had to sacrifice legroom.

Finally, the tiles are very useful to use on the walls around my desk while providing an aesthetic look.

The Most Incredible Small Spaces On Pinterest

In the end, I experimented a lot with dual monitor setups, large lamps with USB ports, LEDs and plants, and ended up where I am now.

I think I achieved utility and maximized every square inch without it looking too cluttered.”

There is no room for a home office. My first setup was in the corner of the room. A corner must be used for a dressing table.

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

The IKEA MICKE freestanding table is perfect for me — it’s 73 cm wide and 50 cm deep. The entire space is a little less than 1 m².

How To Create A Home Office In A Tiny Apartment

It’s not perfect because I can’t slide my seat far enough. I will hit the bed from behind.

7 Tips to Turn Your Bedroom into a Home Office Here’s what you can do to stop procrastinating. Maker Stations Editorial Team

There is little natural light and no views. And if my husband is on a video call, people can’t go to his closet or bed without seeing him.

After being in quarantine for over a year, I’m tired of this setup. I measured and moved the furniture in the room.

Small Office Décor Ideas

It gives me a lot of space (1.8 m²; 80% more) with natural light and a view of the city across the balcony.

When I had more space, I replaced the Micke with a table (80 cm wide, 70 cm deep) ordered by local custom furniture maker AvMake Furniture.”

Small Space Table Installation by PJ in the Philippines “I was inspired by high-rise condominium neighborhoods. I build vertically with as few compromises as possible” Maker Stations editorial team

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

The main challenge was to come up with an elegant/simple design, but still be able to fit all my stuff, not look like a workspace and use as little space as possible. It is necessary to convince a woman!

Small Home Office Ideas (with Photos From Real People)

This is an updated version, less themes and a better place for all devices.

A friend of mine did a pop-up desk setup in a regular office room and started this idea.

I took it to the next level, added a seat to match the wood theme for the look, and the rest was based on ergonomics.

It is not very difficult. I just installed the L brackets and put the Carlby table. All that’s left is cable management behind the wall and under the table.

“I always feel that the depth of my desk is good, but sometimes 85 cm is not long enough, especially when I do versatile work and have hundreds of different notes on my desk.

The best thing you can do with a desk that is too small is to convert to a wireless device (mouse, keyboard, etc.) so you can remove it when you need more space.

Also, when I buy a monitor, the first thing I do is get a monitor arm because a stand for an ultra-wide monitor is too big, especially for my desk.

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

“My desk space is small, so the monitor arm is very useful, and also because of its added functionality for watching TV in bed and Simracing.

I put some speakers under my desk. Put a lamp behind my monitor so I don’t need a desk lamp.”

The WFH room is connected to the kitchen. A space can be 9 feet wide and 20 feet long.

I think the biggest challenge is finding a way to make the space inviting and comfortable while working seamlessly.

I like to find furniture with natural colors and minimalist features to make the space feel bigger than it is.

I try to make the space feel spacious rather than a tight office, so I like to have lots of plants that I can keep to help with that.

How to Clean Your Home Office A clean workspace can do wonders for your mental health and productivity. Follow this step-by-step guide to tidying up and organizing your home office.Maker Stations Editorial Team

“My desk is actually in my bedroom, so I just see that space as a workspace.

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

While it’s nice to have the speakers at head level when sitting, I don’t think it’s a big deal in a small room.

Wall-mounted cable tracks (and similar colors) helped me hide the speaker cables. It is natural.

“My room only has a 5mm gap from one wall to the other; hard to fit!

As a small office, I don’t want empty space with ideas on how to use it.

I first saw pre-made tables that took up some but not all of the space, finding the right size furniture was important.

After some trial and error (and a few last-minute canceled orders), I decided that making the most popular ALEX drawer with a long work table would work well to use all the space in the room.

I can create an invisible area for storage and have enough space to work (when I’m at home) and move my 3D printer, but it doesn’t look exciting.

My challenge with this project was finding the right size table for the room, I saw a table that was 2 meters long but left plenty of space. So after a quick measurement of my wall, I bought a 3m workbench.

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

My problem is seeing my house is over 200 years old. The wall is not very smooth, so I measured 3 meters.

It’s a little low in places, and it made me struggle to set up the desktop (in more ways than one, because I’m doing this alone and the desktop is pretty heavy!).

I had to turn it from place to place to avoid scratching the paint, and then cut a small corner at a time to make it fit. Fortunately, the missing part can be hidden under the window sill. That’s why it’s important to measure when buying a desktop!

Since it’s a window, I don’t have any light-blocking curtains, so the privacy film on the bottom works well, leaving the top bare.

The lights are on, I can work from home in my pajamas and I don’t have to worry about people seeing me!

What I like is that it can be attached to the wall and folded when not in use.

One of my concerns when I started this project was that I still wanted to feel like there was a lot of space in the room.

I want to “move” the table and chairs when I don’t need them. BJURSTA allowed me to do so.”

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

“The main problem was how to accommodate all my toy collection while still having a work/play space.

My desk is a custom wood steel combo made to my measurements. I prefer to stick to this fixed height table rather than using a motorized table. I always use the highest height of my chair because I’m six feet tall.

If I need to stretch, I use a folding table. I got it from Deskbros. The table by my door.

When choosing essentials, I stick to black, gray and white because they’re easy on the eyes and I think they go well with the interior of my room.”

The main challenge is fixing it, especially when the outbreak starts. It takes a while to find one that works.

Most of the other desks have these light panels, all the space is white and clean, but I keep mine real.

It’s a bit messy, and not all Instagrammable, but it’s a real schedule that allows me to do my job well 🙂

It likes who I am — likes to write/write, use post-its to remember things, drink a lot of coffee, and drink crystals and essential oils. Haha!”

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

“The main challenge was finding a place to set up my desk

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