Home Office Spare Bedroom Design Ideas

Home Office Spare Bedroom Design Ideas – If you don’t have the space in your home, consider creating a multipurpose room by combining a home office/guest room to host overnight guests. This space can be a bedroom used for occasional guests or to store unused items. After a little cleaning, this space can be transformed into a very functional and attractive room.

As many of us need offices in our homes, this is a great way to get your space into everyday use and still accommodate occasional guests – or provide the perfect space for a cat! Accomplishing this task can seem daunting, but Murphy beds and trundle beds are the best solutions.

Home Office Spare Bedroom Design Ideas

Home Office Spare Bedroom Design Ideas

Check out some great home office ideas below that we’ve put together for you to help you get started. Below each image are more details and designer resources. Be sure to let us know in the comments below which of these home office ideas inspires you the most and why!

Best Home Office Decor Ideas 2021

1. This traditional mixed-use space in this Los Angeles home is a guest room/home office. Plenty of natural light brings in the outside and creates a sense of space. You can find pillows in every style. The walls are whitewashed with 1/2 inch plywood. Above the sofa is a beautiful painting by the artist Uta Ritke. The room measures 7′ x 8′ while the table measures approximately 7′ x 2’6″. (via Sol Haus Design)

2. A modern home office/guest room in a San Francisco home has a traditional bunk bed. It is compatible with mattress dimensions 54 × 75. The space also includes a built-in desk and built-in cabinets for storing laundry and office supplies. Sliding glass doors lead to the terrace. (via Tamalpais Construction Company)

3. In a small apartment, the second bedroom is used as an office and occasional guest room. Modernica’s Case Study Day Bed can accommodate an overnight guest. The durable work surface is made of solid maple wood, highlighted by Humanscale’s unique World Chair. The storage was custom made by Custom by Ferris LLC in Washington DC. The room is 9’x9′ and the music is from WAC Light. (By Patrick Brian Jones PLLC)

4. This classic home office doubles as a guest room thanks to the colorful daybed. Built-in wardrobes offer functionality and storage space. (By Katie Ridder)

Creative Small Home Office Ideas That Make Big Impact

5. An apartment in Ottawa offers a stylish and stylish office and guest room. A wall of built-in storage hides a bed that can be folded down into a comfortable bed for guests. (via About page 4)

6. 168 square feet of space was used for sleeping, reading, sewing, writing, painting and dressing. This site has a natural design that takes advantage of every hole. Two wardrobes, one of which has also been converted into a small office. It is used to store sewing materials and other craft supplies. (via Hearth & Hedgerow)

7. A small and cramped room turned into an efficient home office and occasional guest room. The vision for this location is to create a classy and stylish atmosphere that reflects the owner’s Nigerian heritage. (via Dona Rosene Interiors)

Home Office Spare Bedroom Design Ideas

8. The office/guest room has custom built-in cabinets, a Murphy bed and a desk. A walnut headboard has been added for a custom look, and oak shelving provides plenty of space for accessories. (via Jula Cole Design)

Office Guest Room Ideas

9. An apartment in Toronto, Canada offers this traditional office and guest room. This space offers plenty of natural light from windows that overlook the lake. (via Jackie Glass Inc.)

10. In this beautiful Edwardian home office space in Noe Valley, California, floor-to-ceiling open shelving provides ample storage for books. A small murphy bed pulls out to accommodate guests. (via Niche Interiors)

11. A New York home has this traditional living space that serves multiple roles as a library, work/home office, and occasional guest room. This space features built-in lamps and wall reading lights that create a clean and timeless aesthetic. (via Best & Company)

12. This custom-designed office building in Naples, Florida features an electrically retractable Murphy Bed. This unique bed is “thrown” behind the wall cabinet and sits upright! When you move in, there is plenty of workspace and a nice home office. (Murphy Beds via Sunroom)

Guest Room Décor Ideas

13. A beautiful black and white office/guest room built with shelves and a Murphy bed. (via Decorating Den Interiors)

14. This space-saving contemporary office building also serves as a guest space. The corner stand has the features of the upper and lower parts, functionality and aesthetic appearance. A Murphy bed is used to accommodate overnight guests. (via Closed Life)

15. Large office space includes walk-in closets and a murphy bed for entertaining guests. White furniture makes this space light and airy. A wide rug takes up space and protects the parquet floor when the Murphy bed is folded down. (via California Closets)

Home Office Spare Bedroom Design Ideas

16. A modern office building in Sydney, Australia has a hidden folding bed. The cold stairs lead to the attic. Lining the walls of the stairs adds visual interest and warmth to the space. Built-in storage solutions provide functionality for this compact space. (Justin Loe Architects)

Of The Smartest Work From Home Solutions We Saw This Year

17. Quickly turn your home office into a guest room with a wall bed. This stunning dual purpose room has mahogany details and solid wood swing doors. The doors also feature recessed glazing for visual contrast. This stylish unit features a wall-mounted bed, a desk area with a computer, cabinets and shelves for storage and supplies. (via conversion)

An early 18th century Victorian home in San Francisco offers this home office that doubles as a comfortable place to stay for overnight guests. This space has its own work surface, wall shelves for files and supplies. Built on a shoestring budget, this site offers effective solutions for both work and leisure. (via De Meza + Architecture)

19. Home Office/Murphy Bed contains plenty of storage space, a built-in cabinet to feel the line and work. The window seat offers a comfortable place to lie down next to the table. Lots of open storage space is used for accessories that add character to the space. (via Apartments For Life)

20. A studio in London is 25 square meters! This highly functional space is used as an office, living room and bedroom. A mirror cabinet makes the interior clean, clear and looks more spacious. The 180-degree hinges allow the door to open completely, creating a comfortable and functional space. (via Black and Milk)

Modern Home Office Ideas

21. This small contemporary home office and guest room in San Francisco has a double bed with a built-in desk for extra work space. The blue tones create a nice visual contrast. (via Valet Custom Cabinets & Closet)

22. A cozy corner, a sophisticated sofa in your study offers a place for inspiration and also serves as a guest room. (Ashton Woods)

23. The idea of ​​a functional home office in New York should be professional and at the same time comfortable enough for overnight guests. Cabinets and millwork are custom, stained gray oak, finished with polished brass. Filing cabinets are integrated under the sofa bed, and the combination of open and closed storage offers various storage options. The raised panel hides the computer and phone cables. The electricity comes from the electrical school. You can find similar work chairs at Blu Dot and Mod Shop. (via Mercer INTERIOR)

Home Office Spare Bedroom Design Ideas

24. In the office/guest room, work space is created by adding space at the end of the wall to ensure visual stability. Open storage is used to store a large number of books and other supplies. A small bed is integrated on the other side of the wall, out of the way of pedestrians. (Llesh-84) Not everyone has big houses and if you face the problem of lack of space, combining spaces is a great idea to solve it. We’ve already shown you how to combine a home office with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen, and today I’m going to share another favorite combination: a guest room and home office.

Guest Bedroom Ideas For A Cozy, Inviting Space

There are two ways: endless transformation without dividing the space, or visually separate the two areas with the help of design and furniture or colors. You can also choose a sleeping area with a comfortable bed, or if space is limited, you can choose a sofa bed that can become a bed if necessary. Let’s see all the examples.

If you have enough space in the guest room, pamper your guests with a real bed and separate the work and sleeping areas. Choose a table in a different shade, place it near the window or against the wall far from the bed. A great idea to divide these areas is to create a bed top and place a table under it. If you can’t use a lot of space on your desk, choose a windowsill that is less functional than a regular desk.

A nice and airy guest room with lots of white and a vintage black table and chair that stand out

The guest bed and the home office are combined with the use of orange,

Advice? Trying To Redo My Spare Bedroom To Be A Home Office/chill Spot For Myself. I Am A Single Mom To A 3 Year Old Boy And Am Starting College This Winter

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