Home Theater Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Home Theater Decorating Ideas On A Budget – Even though we are in the middle of a renovation, we have to start over in another room. While I can’t recommend working in two rooms at once, we managed! We’ve rounded up a media room makeover full of budget-friendly ideas for a quick but effective makeover!

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Home Theater Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Home Theater Decorating Ideas On A Budget

We were very lucky to have a home theater room in this house when we bought it. In my town, this is very common in houses built from the 90s to today. It seems that most people here want to own a home theater!

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The media room in the house is in a separate room from the rest of the basement and has no windows, but opens to the main area of ​​our basement through an arched opening with lots of large windows. One step down, you can place the seats facing each other.

The existing cinema screen had an MDF frame which was actually quite nice. The problem is that the screen itself is original and designed with a 4:3 aspect ratio (width and height, almost square). If you were around in 1997, you remember that this was our form of television. Over the years, our TVs have evolved to a 16:9 (width:height) ratio to better fit the screen size used for movies.

Theater room before makeup. We didn’t use it and there were so many extras!

Because of this, in order to display modern shows and movies on our screens, we are forced to watch them in 4:3, which means that movies and TV shows shot in 16:9 (that is – all of them!) are broken. . For this reason, we rarely used this extra room.

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It would be a shame to have an entire room dedicated to movie nights and never use it! Finally, we got a new big screen with a ratio of 16:9. We knew that the screen bezel had to go down to match the screen size, so we had to paint over any mess before rebuilding the screen.

Looking at this room, you can tell that paint will make a dramatic difference here! The walls are covered in 1990s brownish-yellow faux siding from a house painted by Debbie Travis in 1994.

I wanted to keep this makeup budget handy because honestly, the bathroom is eating up all of our extra cash right now! However, whatever we do with this space, I want to work on it for a long time, and while I may revisit this room at some point and add to it, I don’t want to REDO anything. Yes!

Home Theater Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Scouring Instagram, Pinterest, design magazines, and the usual places for media room ideas gave me some inspiration. Many consisted of a more modern media room with theater seats in leather seats. In fact, when we bought the house, the owner wanted the existing leather theater seats to stay in the house, but that’s not our personal style. Traditional comfortable theater spaces were little for inspiration.

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It was necessary to look somehow. I found some fun media rooms on Pinterest, but other than that, I went with the design for this media space! I didn’t even make a mood board this time (who am I?), but I thought a lot about the must-haves in the movie theater and put them on a sort of priority list:

To create a home theater, we did not have to buy any new equipment except for the screen. The average cost of these items can range from very simple to thousands and thousands.

If you want to create a theater room in your home, I’m not talking about surround sound speakers or a projector screen, smart TVs or any other technical stuff. I think you are here for the design side!

I made a few small changes in this area to make our theater room work a little better for our family and feel more comfortable. Let’s take a look at what we’ve done and hope it gives you some home theater ideas for your home!

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After replacing the screen, we repaired the walls, then everything was given a coat of paint. We chose Valspar Cobalt Cannon for this makeup. Dark colors are a great choice for a dark room (especially a movie theater). Brightly colored rooms can reflect light onto the screen if you have a projector. So if you want to tap into your dark side, the media room is a great place to try it out!

Paint is a really easy way to transform a space and is the first thing I recommend to anyone working on a budget. It’s like no other room!

I tried 6 blue/green/gray paint colors and ended up with Cobalt Cannon in the bottom left. The walls had faux paneling from the 90s!

Home Theater Decorating Ideas On A Budget

I decided to paint all the colors and paint the ceiling and baseboards. I think the accent boards would work with the walls or I could paint them black to match the cabinets. The only thing that doesn’t work is leaving them white!!

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We really had to block the sun coming in from the other room. At some point I’d like to add a door in place of the current arched opening (but it’s not in the fast or economical category!)

The previous owner had very short and very narrow curtains over this opening, so they never closed completely. I found new blackout curtains on Amazon. They actually took a bit of paint color inspiration as they have pretty blue and pink flowers and a black background. Since I have black cabinets, I thought they would seal well.

These velvet floral curtains really set the color scheme of the room and added the block of light we needed

I bought 4 panels (each package has 2) and sewed the two wide panels together and folded them to match. I actually got my mom to “help” me haha.

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I hung the curtains on the curtain track so it’s easy to close and open the curtains because we do that a lot! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love a good curtain track when you want to control those curtains with ease! I used them for shower curtains in two bathrooms! In retrospect, I could have painted the path to blend in, so when I revisit this room I’ll do some work to hide it better.

Most home theaters have stadium seats facing each other, but that’s not our style and we didn’t have the budget to replace all the furniture, so we put in two matching couches when we moved. our old living room, one on each floor.

The good news is that we had two identical sofas and they fit perfectly here. The sofas we bought from Wayfair years ago are the most comfortable sofas we’ve ever had! They have held up well and are a classic English roll sleeve shape. Therefore, it was unwise to build one on each floor.

Home Theater Decorating Ideas On A Budget

If you want to create a theater room with overlapping seats, it is not difficult to create a step for the back seats. Adding a step to add height to the back row (ours is about 8 inches) and covering it with flooring or carpet will make a huge difference in your outlook!

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On the walls were 4 chandeliers painted with faceted glass. They were a little odd, but the shape was good and I liked the curved glass, so I removed them and painted the stained area.

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