How To Create An Entryway In A Small Space

How To Create An Entryway In A Small Space – Bye everyone! First I have to say how crazy the past few days have been. We’re closing out the summer here, which means school will start again soon, even tomorrow. Yes! Anyone with kids knows how hard it is. We also took a trip to my grandmother in Southern California and dived with her the whole time. I hope to be able to share some pictures of her house here soon. It also has to do with beach and coastal decor, must be genetic or something. Anyway, with all this talk of people visiting, I realized how great it is to have a dedicated entrance where guests can come in, hang coats or bags. I like that this is not in the middle of the living room. But what to do if there is no technical input? I will explain how to create a certain entrance in your home by showing how I create that space in my home.

I worked with this years ago, a rug (formally white became dirty beige). When you enter my house, you are in the middle of my house. You see the dining room and the living room at the same time. There is no lobby to speak of and no doorway home. I have a small alcove and closet that works fine for us, but it’s a tight space that no one notices.

How To Create An Entryway In A Small Space

How To Create An Entryway In A Small Space

My first attempts to do something with this space were difficult. I set up a random table, an empty picture frame… uh… yeah… I don’t know what he or the stone was doing here. Continue…. Like many people, I dream and stalk Pinterest boards to put together my dream home. Most of my dreams involve a grand foyer to walk through, invite guests to come in, stretch out, take off their coats, and have a place where we can greet them. When we live in Wisconsin, we usually have a line of people waiting to come in the winter and take off their boots and snow gear. The grand foyer is beautiful but very functional.

How To Feng Shui Your Entryway

Since I can’t help the lack of a larger space, I can do what I can to make the entrance functional. Most importantly, also free up some space to call an entrance. Separate our living space from the front door.

Our front door recently got a makeover, adding gray gives this hall the best color accent. I have shared the tutorial to paint the door here. The color of the front door contrasts with the rest of the paint colors in my living room. Of course they are all gray, but the door is much darker. Coloring the door to the color of the wall helps to define the entrance.

Adding hooks is an obvious way to add functionality. I try to keep these available for people who want to drop off their coat or bag. We use the front closet to store our winter coats and other gear, so using it for our guests is not an option. Also because this space is so small, the cabinet door cannot be opened without closing the front door. It takes a weird little dance to make both doors work properly. I decided to solve that problem and not open the closet for guests to put things.

Maybe one day I’ll remove the closet door and make it a more comfortable space that can then be used more easily.

Small Entryway Ideas For A Grand Entrance, No Matter The Size

A ceiling lamp by the front door is another way to give the hall a foyer-like feel. I have vaulted ceilings in my living room so I was able to add some drama to the space with this light. However, placing a light fixture with a more ornate feel in the entryway can help define the space.

As you can see from this view from the front door, it’s a very open concept as you enter our home. Although at least the kitchen is hidden. I don’t understand those DIY TV shows where people knock down every wall in a house. I don’t have to see the dirty dishes in my sink from the living room that I can do without. I wanted to find a way to visually separate the living and dining room from the front door. I considered a different paint color, maybe a different floor.

The final decision was to place the felt on the furthest wall of the living room and in the tiny corner of the front door. This doesn’t clash with the rest of the living room and I like the transition it gives the space. If you’re trying to create a certain entrance to your home, placing furniture can be a huge benefit. When we bought the house, I had the sofa in front of the front door. After rearranging things and placing the sofa in the center of the room with its back to the door, there was a clear visual separation.

How To Create An Entryway In A Small Space

I made this DIY console table with this particular wall in mind. Since this was a “doorway” to the rest of the house, I knew nothing could be too heavy here. However, leaving the wall blank, even with tape, made this wall feel unfinished in the decorating department. I felt that a long, narrow console table was the best solution. When we have people over, I clear the tabletop a bit more for items that guests often put down. It is important that the space is versatile.

Why Should You Have A Foyer In Your Home?

Having furniture that does double duty is always a good thing. I did it on this sofa with domes on it. Having an area to sit and put on shoes, or put things on and in, is another way to make the entryway functional. With this bench slightly away from the front door, it brings people in without cluttering up the actual door. When I moved the sofa I was able to put this sofa directly behind the sofa. Making empty space both useful and beautiful. From a decorating perspective, something behind the couch looks better.

My house is medium in size, not too big or too small, but I have to get creative with how I use it. With a family of 5, two dogs and a large extended family and my love of entertaining our home must have a function. I want it to work for us every day, work while entertaining and also work in a way that fills this decorative loving heart full of happy feelings. All this combined can be an arbitrary arrangement.

Cutting out an entryway, taking up no usable living space, and making it easy for guests to enter and put things away all help me keep that home busy and full of activities, people, and memories.

Taking steps to define the entrance with a contrasting front door, rugs and well-placed furniture for function help bring the elements of a spaceless foyer into the desired space. The arrangement of the living room furniture creates an even greater visual barrier between the two spaces. All without breaking down walls or winning the lottery!

How To Style An Entryway

As with most of the things I did here How to make a designated entrance in your home can be achieved with a few ideas, inexpensive solutions and creative thinking. With most areas in home decor, being creative can be all it takes to get that dream home. I hope one day to have a grand foyer to greet guests, because now this little entrance works and welcomes people into my home.

On the other hand, sorry I’ve been MIA here lately, spending a lot of time with my grandma and family came at the last minute so I wasn’t really ready to share it here. My kids start school tomorrow and I’m officially a full-time blogger! That means more ideas, messages and decorations. I’m so lucky to have you all here with me on this journey of decorating my house, sharing ideas, and making my house (and yours) a home! Thank you all and things will be back to normal now, with some major DIY projects in the near future!

Do you have a permanent entrance to your home? If not, how did you manage to create storage space or easy access for your guests? since touched this corner but thought it could use a little update – it’s always in bad shape due to lack of storage and too many coats/bags/hats/shoes. we could use a coat rack in our next house!!

How To Create An Entryway In A Small Space

So i did a little update on our space and thought it would also be nice to share my tips on how i made and made this little entrance

How To Create An Entryway In A Small Space

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