How To Create An Office Space In A Small Bedroom

How To Create An Office Space In A Small Bedroom – After sharing more photos of my apartment, I think you can finally understand the small space with work. Luckily my living room is a bit more spacious than I thought. It can easily accommodate a sofa, coffee table, two bookshelves and other furniture. At first it was the TV console, which I also used as a shelf. But as I started working from home more and more, I realized that my couch wasn’t enough as a workplace. So my only option was to replace my TV console with a mini home office.

Setting up a home office in a space that doubles as a relaxation area was no easy task. At first I set up this small workspace, but over time it started to feel overwhelming and I eventually avoided it and continued working on my couch. I needed to create a more soothing space with softer colors and less chaos. So I started with a new desk.

How To Create An Office Space In A Small Bedroom

How To Create An Office Space In A Small Bedroom

The table itself had to be simple enough not to distract from the rest of the room, but unique enough to create a space with its distinctive style. To find the perfect piece, I turned to my newest obsession, DENY Designs. If you love prints and colors like me then you should check out DENY. They literally have thousands of designs from over 170 artists and any design can be used on any of their products. The items are then made to order, so you can really get something unique and personal for yourself. I just can not get enough! I chose this table because its simple design makes it versatile and has that beach vibe that I love. Check out more of my top tips here!

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After choosing the perfect desk, I had to find a way to create some sort of separation in the room. First, I decided to put my desk against the wall to avoid distractions. And instead of just looking at a blank wall, I hung these beautiful prints, also by DENY, for inspiration (here, here and here). Hanging artwork above your desk is also a great way to give that part of the room a unique vibe.

So I made a small shelving system out of some boxes I picked up at the Brooklyn flea market. I love the versatility of these babies. Use them as baskets or stand them up vertically. I organized my files and other paraphernalia into boxes and placed them near the desk to further differentiate the area from the rest of the room.

After attaching the larger items, I completed the look with some accessories. Crates are my favorite way of organizing things and DENY has beautiful wooden crates that you can customize with any of their designs. These caught my eye as soon as I saw the artwork.

I love how I ended up creating a workspace that has a similar beach vibe to the rest of my apartment, but is still different enough to feel like it’s own space. I have cleaned up the space and brought in softer colors to create a calming and inspiring workspace.

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// Many thanks to DENY Designs for helping sponsor this post! As always, all opinions are mine :).

Hello friends! I’m Amanda, founder of Tips from a 20 Something. I’m from the east coast, but I still feel like a Californian at heart. That’s why I moved to San Francisco after college and have never looked back. I’m infrequently obsessed with dogs, have a great fondness for sweet tooths and am not a morning person. Most importantly, I believe we all deserve true happiness and am trying to make this transition into adulthood as easy as possible by creating (hopefully) useful content here :).

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How To Create An Office Space In A Small Bedroom

Today we are looking at your home office space. If you’re working from home for the first time, or have been working from home for a while because you’re a handyman, parent entrepreneur, virtual assistant, or lucky enough to not have transportation, I have a few suggestions for improvement. your home office.

A Guide To Planning Your Home Office Design

Some of these suggestions make sense, but I wanted to include everything I do to spice up my home office. As a working mom with an Etsy shop, it can be easy to close the door to my office and call it quits. With these simple tips, I made my home office a priority. I know they will make a difference in your office!

1. Open your window. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly freezing or heating my house. I have to keep in mind that it’s healthy for me to open a window and how long it takes to heat or cool the house after fresh air comes in.

I’m not just saying this because I’m a mom and it rolls off my tongue. A clean and organized space frees your mind for creativity and productivity. Personally, I’m less likely to procrastinate when my desk is clutter-free. I also see cleaning my workspace as a gift of self-respect. I work hard at my hand embroidery business and just because it’s a home business doesn’t mean it isn’t as important or vital as any other business. Treat your home business with respect and keep it clean. I clean my desk and workspace every night.

3. Fresh flowers. If you don’t have a window in your office, you should think about getting fresh flowers from the supermarket. I can buy 6 roses for $10 on Tuesday. Do you want to be more frugal (or have a black thumb like me)? Consider buying some succulents for your office. A green, low-maintenance plant is a nice touch on your desk and looks very stylish and Pinterest-worthy for some reason, right?

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4. Printable. You don’t need a million dollars to have beautiful things on your walls. Go to Etsy, post printables on your desk or wall, and make your choice! I pay $5 for downloadable images that are inspirational, faith-inspired, and full of color. Pick up a frame from the dollar store and you’ve just made a very cheap investment in the visual appeal of your space. Choose bright colors to keep your office happy at all times!

5. Make a DIY zen garden. You know, with the rake, sand and stones? Mini zen gardens are a great way to reboot in the midst of a stressful blog post, conference call, or creative block. A few twists and scribbles in the sand and you’re ready to address and confront the problem. Here is a simple post to show you how to create your own mini zen garden. This also combines a succulent with a zen rock garden. Of course you can always go to Etsy and buy one that has already been made for you.

6. Color-coordinated stationery. Here’s another place where you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a statement. Go to Target or the Dollar Store and visit their stationery department. Combine it to your liking. Don’t just stop at file folders and desk organizers when you’re at Target, pick up some brightly colored pens, pencils, and small notebooks (usually $1) at the entrance.

How To Create An Office Space In A Small Bedroom

Essential oils are currently very trendy. I’m literally texting a friend as I type this. You don’t have to invest in your firstborn to have an essential oil collection to get you through the gray winter days or the usual doubts that life as a rock star at home entails. If you can’t afford a dealer, that’s no problem. Buy a few personal inhalers from Amazon and you’ve got an arsenal at your fingertips. My favorites to always have on hand? Lavender, mint, sage and wild orange. This recipe promises to take your focus and focus to an all-time high.

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8. Music or white noise. I forget to turn on music when I work, but when I do it can change my mood or make time go by a little faster. I like Google Play because it has mood options. For example, as I write this, it says, “It’s Thursday afternoon, I’m playing music for: New Year’s Eve, keeping calm or energizing.” Depending on where my head is, I can play music to guide me or my opinion to change. As an added bonus, I get to hear new artists (for me). If you need a less distracting option, you can look for white noise apps. Personally, I prefer rain sounds with some thunder.

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