How To Clear Space On Your Pc

How To Clear Space On Your Pc – When a computer’s hard drive begins to fill up, You will wonder what is taking up all the available space; This is where the “Concept of Storage” comes in handy.

In Windows 10, Most people know the “storage concept” as a feature to free up hard drive space. Although this is true, It’s a tool to analyze the contents of any drive to find out the space usage and where to start cleaning up the files you can’t delete with this feature.

How To Clear Space On Your Pc

How To Clear Space On Your Pc

In this guide, You’ll learn how to use storage concepts to understand how Windows 10 uses storage.

Use Windows 10’s Built In Storage Sense App To Save Space On Your Pc

Once the steps are completed, You’ll understand which files are taking up the most space on your device.

If temporary files take up a large portion of your storage. You can use this guide to quickly remove free space.

Storage usage includes system files, apps, games, Temporary Files and Documents; OneDrive; pictures, music When you share videos and files from other accounts, it gives you an overview of everything stored in storage, including files from other accounts. Users.

Alternatively, you can use third-party tools like WinDirStat to see what files are filling up the hard drive.

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How To Clear Space On Your Pc

The best way to monitor disk space is to use the taskbar (Windows 10). We can save more hard disk space by using file compression software like 7zip and WinRAR to compress large documents and images respectively. Now let’s get started…

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In this section, We’ll look at different ways you can free up disk space on your computer by removing unwanted or unused programs and games.

First, open Programs and Features from the Start menu – if that doesn’t work. You can search for ‘Programs and Features’ in the search bar.

Right-click an app and select Uninstall to remove it; But note that if you don’t keep it at home, all the save files for that app will be on your computer.

Right-click the game and select Uninstall or Unpin from the Start menu – this way, the game won’t be visible when you choose to launch it on your Windows 10 PC.

Manage Your Hard Drive Space With Windows 8.1’s Hidden, Helpful Tools

If you haven’t played the game in years, why not release it instead of hiding it from view? However, Don’t forget to disable it first. If not, you will have to go through several steps later – right-click on its name in Programs and Features and select Disable.

Users should continue reading this article as it will show you how to free up disk space without deleting necessary files. That’s because we’ll focus on removing unnecessary junk from your computer, rather than manually deleting hundreds of files one by one. Note: If you have a new computer with at least 4GB of RAM. This process shouldn’t take long on most computers. If you have an older computer with less memory but very little disk space. This process should still be very quick.

That’s it, let’s get started. The first thing you need to do is download and install Piriform and CCleaner. It will be used in conjunction with a free program called WinDirStat to remove all the junk that has accumulated over time. When it was finished, We will get free disk space and a very clean computer.

How To Clear Space On Your Pc

So what exactly do these two programs do? Yes, The first (CCleaner) is an application that removes unnecessary files and registry entries from your computer. While another (WinDirStat) shows you where these junk files are located on your disk and what they contain.

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First of all, download and install CCleaner. Then download and install WinDirStat. Once you have both applications installed, run WinDirStat first because it needs to analyze the contents of your hard drives. Once they have been scanned (scanning may take some time); Click the small arrow next to the drive representing your C: drive to expand all visible folders on it. You should end up with a list like this:

Light blue bars represent unused space and light blue bars represent used space at the folder level. The red bars represent the space occupied by files that are directly inside the folder instead of in a subfolder.

If you have multiple files; Some files may be difficult to organize into folders or delete altogether, so it will take longer to find and free up space.

There are two ways to do this: by deleting large files individually, or by creating empty folders and moving media of the same size to those empty folders for easy deletion later. Typically, These empty folders should be placed on your desktop, usually called “Empty Folder”.

Free Up Space

1. Once you’re done, Click the little arrow icon next to any blue bar that represents an occupied folder.

Now watch the trash get out of your way. Depending on the type of file being deleted, this may not be as much as you’d like. do not worry, There is still much to do. This time we’ll create another folder and move all the images into it for easy access for removal later. Unfortunately, Music can’t be integrated as easily as in Windows 7; So unless they want to use a music library or third-party software like Winamp, they have to stay where they are. iTunes

After all this, don’t forget to clear the trash to reclaim its place. Now if you look again in your “Users” folder; It should take up a lot less space than before. However, A personal account is just a small part of Windows data storage on your hard drive. So let’s move on to clearing some debris.

How To Clear Space On Your Pc

It turns out that programs often add files to their uninstallers to make sure they’re gone after removing them from the list of programs in Control Panel. They’re easily found in the Start menu under All Programs, and usually take up a few megabytes each, especially for games and programs you haven’t used since high school. Go ahead and remove any apps you know you’ve uninstalled; Then see if there’s space left over without adding much functionality or if you’re not using it anymore. . If you think something is useless, remove it. Alternatively, if there are items in this folder that aren’t in your Start menu, remove them entirely.

Best Apps To Free Up Storage On Windows 10

Then, Let’s see where Windows stores temporary files. Go ahead and open Explorer and search for “Temp”. This directory is full of garbage left by programs that try not to waste too much computer resources. Open the Temp folder at the top of Explorer; Press Ctrl+A to select all and press Delete. If you’re going to delete junk files with me, don’t forget to empty the junk once and for all.

Once all of that is sorted out, Let’s explore other places on your hard drive where a lot of unnecessary stuff has accumulated over time. Type “%temp%” in the test search bar which will bring up another Temp folder. Inside this folder are several subfolders, but the only file that really matters is called “Internet”. As the name suggests, what is stored here are temporary internet files, so Windows 8 doesn’t need to put them there. Go ahead and right click > delete any files that are older than 30 days.

Finally, You need to check your download folder. This is another place where many junk files can build up.

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