How To Decorate A Home Office/guest Bedroom

How To Decorate A Home Office/guest Bedroom – Looking for smart home office ideas for your living room? Or maybe you’re wondering how to maximize your living room?

As a room and traffic layout expert, I have put together 7 categories that you can choose from today!

How To Decorate A Home Office/guest Bedroom

How To Decorate A Home Office/guest Bedroom

We have limited space (some might call it zero) for a single guest bed, let alone a full guest room. Sure, there is what technically counts as a bedroom on the ground floor, but it also has to be an office!

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And instead of creating another internet list to scroll through “99 different office guest bed ideas”, I’ll make it simple for you

Don’t waste your time (or mine)! Sorting is the most effective way to find out what’s good for you!🤗

Being able to take up most of an entire office with a large bed (two in this case) is not a “luxury” most of us have. (I put it in quotes because I immediately thought of cleaning an extra-large room, but then I wasn’t sure if that counted as luxury. “Luxury”. My important concept includes things like ” low maintenance” and “easy to use”. clean.”🙌😄)

But occupying 50-75% of the living room with a guest bed that is always forgotten is a reasonable solution and that’s why I included it.

Ideas For Creating A Dual Purpose Home Office/guest Room

Buy a double bed for your office with a trundle underneath, like this upholstered bed or this white bed! It takes up less space and can still sleep two!

This is often the second “easy backup” option that people think of when creating a living room office to save space.

And it’s a perfectly fine choice IF you really need (and will use) a sofa in your office!

How To Decorate A Home Office/guest Bedroom

Sofas for other purposes, or still too big (because let’s face it, sofas – even compact ones – still take up a lot of space!), one of the perfect choices is still not found below!

Office And Guest Room Reveal

If you don’t have room for a queen sofa, try one (or two!). At one point I thought this was our guest room…I envisioned two upholstered chairs with a table in the middle that we could use as a hangout spot on weekdays…but then when guests arrive, I’ll have two seats for them! (But that’s what we decided after all.)

It is a much simpler, smaller option than the sofa if you buy several futon-style furniture and then just unfold them and sleep on them!

Here’s another popular choice! And while they’re nice, in my experience, bunk beds (most of them anyway) are actually less useful than couches.

Why? I do not know. Maybe it’s because they’re usually a little higher and deeper than the sofa, so they don’t invite you to them. We have had a sunbed for years and

Office Guest Room Ideas For A Versatile Space

. I think our kids will eventually get used to it because they can climb up and play on it (it’s in our playroom), but even then they don’t use it often enough.

(Honestly, I should write a post about how I sell used furniture and make a lot of money for you to see! It’s on my list, but there are about 187 ideas on that table…maybe more.)

First, it really depends on the location. In some rooms, this is great. In general, having a higher than normal ceiling plus a room with large windows and good natural sunlight during the day will help it feel like a light and airy space!

How To Decorate A Home Office/guest Bedroom

However, in our already small room with 8′ ceilings, when I closed my eyes and looked at my Designer Vision, I shuddered.

Best Home Office Setups That Will Enhance Your Working Experience

No, the full-wall Murphy bed was not a good choice for our room, and it won’t be for many rooms.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get one! If you have the space, height, or simply love it, go for it!

PS: If you want to separate a very large space (ie separate the guest bed from the desk), a Murphy bed can be a great design tactic to separate the regions, like the example below)!

For super tight office spaces, I love this because it’s clean and simple!😊 There’s no roll-out bed or couch, and you have to choose a “mattress”. There won’t be a sofa or ready-made futon bed; it can be super soft or hard – whatever you like!

Cool Guest Bedroom And Home Office Combos

It can be a window seat or simply integrated into the wall. You only have to work with the space you have available!

Of course, it only fits one person or a few small children, but if you’re only occasionally entertaining a friend or just looking for an extra seat for the kids during a family gathering, here’s a functional solution!

(Plus, it’s a great reading corner if it’s not used as a bed! I definitely want to hang out in this cozy bed by the window!)

How To Decorate A Home Office/guest Bedroom

This is our number 1. We have loved the chest of drawers in the office living room for over seven years!

Home Design Ideas For That Tricky Guest Room And Office Combo

Why? It can be folded into the wall as a console AND provides a comfortable double bed!

My original idea was to fold the laundry with the headboard, but in reality I didn’t. Since it can be seen from our entrance, this is where we usually put fresh cuttings in vases. (Or sometimes you just use it to place random things, because that’s real life. Tables serve us well!)

Why not order a Murphy bed? Although I dream of having a Murphy bed (before I actually analyze our room)…

…when I started thinking about my design work, I felt so tall and imposing in a small space!

Three Multifunctional Home Office Ideas

But this bed… people keep walking past it and have no idea it’s nothing more than a deeper than usual console. And I love that!

I couldn’t put this beautiful built-in bed in this category either! (But obviously you can’t buy it in the store.)

How we designed our office living room (and what other surprising features we added to make it a 3-in-1 room), check out our office living room layout!

How To Decorate A Home Office/guest Bedroom

Hey, you can’t find us!!!😄 Nice to meet you! We’re Matt and Jess, a husband and wife team helping to create a space where you can free up time and energy to do what you love! We’re here to help transform your life at home (and give you the confidence to make every decision like a pro)! In this post, I’m sharing our new home office living room combo. This room is the perfect setup for two workstations as well as a couch for guests.

Lucie Loves… Home // How To Transform A Cluttered Spare Bedroom Into A Stylish Home Office And Still Have Space For Guests — Lucie Loves

We recently welcomed another little love into our family. To accommodate another nursery, we had to rearrange our bedroom a bit. We have a four bedroom house; main room, my oldest room, my home office and my guest room.

In addition to the kindergarten, we really needed a dedicated home office, as my husband and I both work from home. My current home office (

, ) was too small for both of us, so we decided to use this space as the children’s room and our guest room as the new office.

The only problem is that we also need a guest room and maybe a gym. So at this point we feel like we’re running out of space.

Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas To Make It A Multifunctional Space

We only have one bedroom left. Here are some things we took into account when designing the room. You can also think of these;

The first question is, do we really need a living room? Is this place worth our family’s needs?

The first thing to consider is how often you host guests. Do you have a guest who stays at your home several times a month? In this case, you may only need a separate guest bedroom.

How To Decorate A Home Office/guest Bedroom

In our case, we receive guests very occasionally. Maybe a few times a year when we go out of town and someone looks after the house. For this reason, we are not ready to completely remove the guest area.

Versatile Home Offices That Double As Gorgeous Guest Rooms

We’ve found that instead of dedicating an entire bedroom just for guests, it’s better to create a room that serves multiple purposes.

At the end of this article, you can buy all of our living room office design products.

We’ve found that a guest room works best when it serves multiple purposes. We had to figure out how to combine the home office and the living room.

If your space is big enough, it can fit a complete bedroom set and a nice desk. Our space is too small to accommodate both functions at the same time.

Blissful Guest Room/office Combo: Before & After Design Photos

We decided that the best solution for this was to use a sofa. This allows us to have a beautiful office

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