How To Decorate Your Living Room Walls

How To Decorate Your Living Room Walls – If you’ve been staring at a bare wall in your living room for a long time and trying to decide what to do with it, one of these six living room wall decorating ideas will help!

Do you have a big bare wall in your living room like mine? I don’t think every bare wall needs to be decorated, but I feel like this wall needs something. I’m not sure what that is! After searching for inspiration, I have collected six of my favorite living room wall decoration ideas.

How To Decorate Your Living Room Walls

How To Decorate Your Living Room Walls

In the photo above, just to the right of the bare wall, you can see the solution I used to decorate the largest of the four walls in our living room, the gallery wall! I used a ten frame art print in an evenly spaced grid surrounding our center console and TV:

Easy Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Resources: TV Remote (similar) | Chandelier (satin bronze) | White textured pillows | False Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Carpet | A pair of floor poufs | Art Prints (Details | Acrylic Coffee Table (Similar) |  Coffee Table Tray (28″ Square) | Black and White Striped Box (On Coffee Table) | Brass Shackles (On Coffee Table) | Gray Plaid (Similar) Stylish Idea | Book : The Collected Home | Book: Emily Henderson Style | Book: Dogs

My art prints come in 18″ x 24″ brushed brass frames – you can’t buy all of my frames individually (my paintings come pre-framed) but they are very similar and the same size and are more awesome or check if you’re not that big of a deal.

The same gallery wall as the mesh can also be used on the large wall behind the couch without removing the center frames like we did when we placed the TV. You can even create a more eclectic gallery wall, similar to our home office – check out our tips on how to build your own!

Another great choice for wide living room walls;

Living Room Decor Tips For A Beautiful And Functional Living Room

I love this look and these fern prints are stunning! If you want to purchase a cheaper variant, check if you can create a cheaper variant. It’s also a good idea to create a series of frames with a continuous image, like the one for the beach house:

A large tapestry is a great idea for living room wall decor, as you can fill a large wall with just one piece and add color and texture to your space at the same time! Pay attention to how your tapestry is hung, as some tapestries can give your room a more dorm-like feel, which probably isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. I like the more custom hanging with the blanket hook, how it hangs:

I’ve seen a great transformation of large blank living room walls with built-in bookshelves, but if that’s beyond your budget, large freestanding bookcases can give you a similar look! this one is awesome:

How To Decorate Your Living Room Walls

It is also smaller in width and fits a TV. Using two end-to-ends also works:

Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas To Amp Up Your Space

A large floor mirror can work well on a bare living room wall and reflect light into the room, especially when facing a window. It’s absolutely stunning and has a very traditional design with an updated twist, so it looks great with a variety of decor styles:

Living rooms often have a lot of square pieces – coffee tables, TVs, media consoles, etc. I love the look of groups of baskets in different shapes, such as:

There I got this basket (mine was one size larger) sitting on the shelves in our living room in NC:

You can also use two or three large wall baskets instead of a set of smaller baskets;

Design Mistake: Different Walls, Same Art Configurations (aka It’s Time To Bring Life To Your Walls)

I bought this to hang on our master bathroom wall and temporarily hang our furniture in this spot while we move it in, but I love this spot in our entryway! Our entryway is actually the next area I’ll cover – now that we don’t have contractors going back and forth in the space, I’m finally ready to put up the wallpaper I’ve been putting off for over a year. . Stay tuned…

So which blank wall solution is your favorite? I tend to have a bunch of baskets on a bare wall because not only do I like the look, but I feel like I can always find a place to use them easily in my future home. What are you thinking?

Want ideas for decorating other rooms in your home? Check out my post on dining room wall decor ideas!

How To Decorate Your Living Room Walls

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