How To Make A Small Japanese Garden

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Zen gardens are very low maintenance and perfect for creating in your backyard. Because they are made of stone and gravel, they are suitable for dry areas. In this post, I will show you how to create a Zen garden, step by step.

How To Make A Small Japanese Garden

How To Make A Small Japanese Garden

I have a spot in my garden that gets almost no water. It is different from the house, which is protected from the rain and gets the sun all day.

How To Design A Zen Garden

Because it’s in the corner of the house, it’s very hot – so it’s a very difficult place for plants to grow.

The inspiration for my DIY Zen garden (my hot, dry and sunny solution) came from a trip to California.

I found a beautiful garden that inspired me and I knew it was perfect for my problem area. Thus the idea of ​​my succulent zen garden was born.

A Zen garden, also known as a Japanese rock garden, is a relaxing space designed to reflect a small landscape.

Japanese Front Yard Design Ideas That Inspire

Usually, they are built with rocks and stones to represent the landscape and mountains, and pebbles placed in patterns to create the illusion of water.

Many are made of only stones and gravel, with no vegetation or water. Plants are an optional part of the design and using less or more is key to keeping it simple and low maintenance.

Originally, Japanese rock gardens were created as large open spaces. But these days, they can be huge – from a whole farm to a mini-Zen garden sitting on your desk.

How To Make A Small Japanese Garden

Zen gardens are designed for meditation and contemplation. As I said before, gravel is added and then dumped to reveal water.

How To Make A Japanese Garden In A Small Space

You can include a place where you can sit for meditation, or organize your place to rest and relax. But it is not necessary to design a Zen garden.

A few years ago I planted some trees in the future home of my zen garden. But as they mature, they take up less space, looking weedy and overgrown. Isn’t that bad?

After moving the trees to the right place (don’t worry, no trees were damaged or destroyed for this project), it really opened up the space. It’s the perfect size for a little Zen garden and I can’t wait to get started.

The basic ingredients to create a Zen garden design are stone and gravel or water. You can add a picture or another detail to your design, a relaxing place and plants.

Types Of Authentic Japanese Garden Design You Should Know

Large rocks and stones represent the landscape and mountains in traditional Zen designs. If you have a small space like I do, use small rocks and stones so you don’t take up too much space.

I needed a tall feature in my corner to cover the ugly wires and hardware, so I built a large wooden planter instead of using large rocks.

Note that potatoes aren’t something you’d normally see in a Japanese Zen garden, so I’ve updated this section. If you want to increase your tradition, use natural stones and stones instead of concrete.

How To Make A Small Japanese Garden

Gravel is used to represent water, but you can use a real garden water feature. If you want, you can use sand instead of gravel.

How To Build A Japanese Garden (with Pictures)

Just be aware that sand is lighter so it can be blown away by the wind or washed away if it rains heavily.

If your zen garden is in a shady area, sand can work well. However, it is better to choose cut stone.

This section is completely optional. But if the space is large, you can add a seat, a picture or a point for relaxation and meditation. It really depends on you.

If you want to create a traditional Japanese rock garden, skip the plants. Or, choose things to do in the room and place.

How To Make A Zen Pond

I decided to use hardy cacti and succulents because it’s hot, dry and sunny. I’ve mixed a variety of ingredients into my plants and soil.

It is very easy to build a small backyard zen garden like mine. Generally, the more you travel, the more difficult your schedule will be. Here are the basic steps you need to take to build your own Zen garden.

Step 1. Clear the site – Once you’ve chosen a site, clear any vegetation, grass or weeds that grow there. Then make sure the earth is flat and firm.

How To Make A Small Japanese Garden

Mine was surrounded by a plastic bag. But you can use stones or other decorative borders where you keep the theme.

What Is A Japanese Garden?

Step 2. Place large rocks and artwork – The next thing you need to do is figure out where the biggest features of the garden will go. So if you have rocks, furniture, plants or a chair, think about how to place them all.

Sometimes it’s easier to sketch your plan on paper. But remember, you’re going for simplicity and minimalism here. So try to add more things to your Zen garden. Simple maintenance also makes this process easier.

Step 3 – Add gravel or water feature – If you are using gravel to give the illusion of water in your Zen garden, place it in a curved shape. The water doesn’t run straight, so the wind is better.

Using gravel gives you the added benefit of being able to draw on it and draw flow patterns to aid meditation, like a traditional Zen garden.

Backyard Zen Garden Ideas (photos)

Or, use a natural water feature instead of gravel. It doesn’t have to be fancy, a simple garden fountain will do.

Just make sure you choose something that blends well with the room. If there is too much water, it can be wasted.

Step 4. Add Plants (Optional) – If you choose to add plants to your DIY Zen garden, you can stick them directly into the soil or add some pots in the room when you’re done.

How To Make A Small Japanese Garden

I chose to do it twice. I used more plants than one would normally see in a Japanese Zen garden, but that’s fine.

Japanese Garden Ideas: Plants And Features To Find Your Zen

It’s fun to keep the theme, but in the future, design it the way you want – until it grows and everything is filled.

Step 5 – Place the small stones on the ground – this is the final touch and put together your Zen garden.

I used gray river stones in my garden. I laid each stone flat, being careful not to create any pattern.

You can make a pattern if you want, or you can place them directly on a page instead of placing them like I did. Make sure to cover the world properly.

Zen Garden Ideas: 11 Ways To Create A Calming, Japanese Inspired Landscape

That way, you can sit back and enjoy your DIY backyard zen garden. Even if you don’t use it for meditation, you’ll find it a place to rest your back. The best part is that it requires little maintenance.

An outdoor Zen garden is a great project for those struggling with a yard that wants to grow a little. It is also suitable for those who want a beautiful place to relax, meditate and enjoy their garden.

I am a writer and an expert in gardening and growing a variety of plants. From plants, herbs and flowers to cacti, succulents, tropicals and houseplants – you name it, I’ve grown it! My parents have a green thumb and I have farmed all my life. Read more… This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click and buy, I will receive a small commission. Please read my full disclosure policy for details.

How To Make A Small Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens (also dry rocks) are artificial spaces that are often created to give you a place to walk, relax and find your zen. They are often used for meditation, gardening and simply turning your garden into a beautiful place. These types of gardens don’t need a lot of space, which is why small Japanese gardens have become so popular. If you are interested in small Japanese garden design ideas, check out my content below.

Magical Zen Gardens

Japanese gardens are famous for their beauty, lines, peacefulness and the ability to offer moments of pure zen. Creating a Japanese garden begins with collecting old and overlooked gems. Plants and materials are often used in the design to give an old and distant but real landscape design. Here are some ideas for creating a Japanese garden in your backyard.

If you’re like me, it’s helpful to know what a small Japanese garden looks like before you start planning your garden.

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