How To Make Closet Space In A Small Bedroom

How To Make Closet Space In A Small Bedroom – I’m excited! We just finished a do-it-yourself bathroom vanity, so it ended up in the new small closet in the bedroom. We’re slowly making progress, so I wanted to share where we are with the build.

This is what the guest bedroom closet looked like just a few weeks ago. This was your standard double door wardrobe.

How To Make Closet Space In A Small Bedroom

How To Make Closet Space In A Small Bedroom

We’ve wanted to add another bathroom since we moved in and the space looks great. After almost all decisions had been made, construction began.

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We tore out the wardrobe and started adding a toilet with frames and adding new electrics.

Wood panelling, a small vanity, sink, faucet, mirror and lighting have been added to complete one side of the toilet. Plumbing in the bathroom will need some work, so we stopped building the toilet and started with a new wardrobe in the bedroom.

Although it is a small area, a lot of thought and planning went into building both locations. We knew that if we moved the wardrobe to the toilet, we would have to make room for a small wardrobe. Our house only has 3 wardrobes, one in each room, so for storage (and for sale) we knew we had to add one.

The previous owner of the house added a dressing room (now a toilet) to this room, making it larger than the wardrobes in the other rooms. There was also a strange dead space in the corner next to the door. Since it wasn’t good for much, we thought it would be the perfect place for a wardrobe.

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It will be smaller than the one in this room, but it will still have good storage space.

We discussed where the wall should be placed and decided to move it to the front door. In a small space, every centimeter counts, and we needed as much space as possible in the wardrobe.

We built the cabinet frame and installed the electrical wiring. We need to replace the ceiling light switch in the bedroom and add a light and switch to the wardrobe. The small wardrobe in the room didn’t really need lighting, but it wasn’t too expensive to add one.

How To Make Closet Space In A Small Bedroom

Then we added a sheet and filled all the holes. Hubs and I can do lots of things, but talking isn’t something we’re both good at. It takes a lot of practice to get good at it, and none of us like to practice enough. 😉

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Once you’ve finished mixing and sanding, it’s time to decide on the finishing options for both doors. It was a struggle because we couldn’t decide what we wanted. We talked about matching the 70s trim, but we have some ideas for both doors and the trim is huge.

All that aside… pruning. Deciding which finish to use put construction on hold. LIM I know, but once we’ve done that, we’ll move on to the next thing… that’s the door.

We have some ideas of what we want, but we need to make sure everything works and looks good. As soon as we know, we’ll get back to you.

No nice pictures at the end of today, but we’re working on it. We’ve really made progress and it’s exciting to transform it into a brand new place. If you want to see the construction behind the scenes, you can follow her on Instagram. I usually share what’s going on on IG Stories every day.

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Good news! We finished the wardrobe and made a frosted wardrobe door with an old thrift store. Check out our DIY barn door photo solution.

See the initial stages of construction, expansion and opening of the new powder magazine. New Addition Build a Farmhouse Do It Yourself Bathroom Cottage Hanging Wallpaper Wardrobe Powder Magazine Reveal When my husband and I bought our little farmhouse, we realized that the bedroom wardrobe wasn’t big enough for the two of us. And so, instead of throwing an afternoon show or even doing something crazy like minimalism with a wardrobe, I decided to implement a system of open wardrobes on the walls of the room.

We actually happened to live in Hodge’s room for three years, which made us feel like we were sleeping in a dirty room every night. Not exactly relaxing at the end of the day.

How To Make Closet Space In A Small Bedroom

In January of this year, I felt very motivated to start a new effort to create a better wardrobe system throughout the room. We also ended up replacing the light green walls with soothing home colors to help create our bedroom. A very pleasant place to stay.

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Step 1: Decide where to place the cabinet system. I basically had no windows on the wall which didn’t work well for our room setup. The reason I decided to put it there was because it gave me more space for my clothes.

But recently I decided to downsize my closet and move the closet system to the opposite wall that contains my husband’s clothes and window space.

Do you have something you would like to put on the top shelf? If so, use it to mount the top shelf brackets from the ceiling. (Remember to leave some room for breathing!)

Or if you plan to hang clothes, make sure that long clothes are not hanging on the floor. If you have a maxi dress, I recommend shortening the bottom row of the dress than the top one so that longer dresses can hang on the top bar and next to the dress on the bottom bar.

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If you don’t have a specific item you want to put on the top shelf, shop around for a hanger and see what works for you. Mark the screw holes for the bracket where you can comfortably reach and go to hang the brackets.

Step 3: Stick the nail marks to the studs on the wall. Your wall studs will be approximately 16 inches away from the corner of the wall, or 16 inches evenly spaced.

Use dowels to make sure you drill into the dowel. The shelf supports must be attached to the supports, otherwise they will not be stable. The last thing you want is for your entire wardrobe to fall apart while sleeping peacefully!

How To Make Closet Space In A Small Bedroom

Tip: Use a spirit level to make sure the holes for each nail are evenly spaced.

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Step 4: Drill the marks you made with pilot holes that are slightly smaller than the size of your screws. ((

The kid wanted to be captured, so he was captured for this photo! There is no drywall dust on this angel’s face, but it’s so realistic how much I manage to do with a little one!

Step 5: Put the brackets in place, remembering to tighten the screws only after making sure that the brackets are level. (You can do this by placing a shelf with a surface on top of them.)

Step 6: Cut the bars to fit the intended space with a pipe cutter. I used aluminum tubing for my bars because they were more expensive than shop chrome.

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Rotate the end (black) of the pipe cutter around the circumference of the pipe, the blade going deeper and deeper into the pipe with each lap until the pipe is cut.

At this point, you can cut the shelf boards to the same size as the tubes, or consider cutting them to length at the hardware store where you plan to purchase your shelf material. My cabinets are standard laminate coated chipboard which is inexpensive and perfect for cabinets.

Step 7: I used an iron fastener to finish off the cut edges of my shelves. Very easy and no trimming required as the fixture was the same width as my laminate shelves.

How To Make Closet Space In A Small Bedroom

Repeat the entire process with as many shelves as you need or have wall space. I made a cross section on both sides of my window. Hey – clothes hangers are like extra insulation, right?

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Step 8: Fill the rails and shelves with clothes and storage accessories. I used white baskets to store non-hanging items like bags, scarves and other less used items above, and clothes and gym kit below for easy access.

It’s important to me that this system looks good, so I used the same fabric style for a clean, uncluttered look.

Here you can see how small our bedroom with the bed in the photo is. The door on the right is my husband’s metal wardrobe. I will tell you more about the space-saving ideas I used on the opposite wall in a future post. But the benefit of a whole wall of windows for the wardrobe

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