How To Make An Office/guest Bedroom

How To Make An Office/guest Bedroom – More people are working from home, increasing the demand for a home office. Things get complicated when the room has multiple functions. These are the challenges of a guest room in a home office.

Although it may seem difficult to squeeze two rooms into one room, it is possible! You can design a versatile space that doubles as a home office and guest room. First let me tell you about my situation. Next, we’ll go into guest room home office ideas that you can use to influence the design of your room.

How To Make An Office/guest Bedroom

How To Make An Office/guest Bedroom

I have worked from home for many years. My current space is the home office, laundry room and utility room in the basement. I have a space that doesn’t fit with the rest of the house. But Greg and I plan to move to Florida. We’ve been there before, but disasters can throw off even the best-laid plans.

How To Make An Office In Bedroom

We learn that Florida’s problem is the lack of basements (except for Ernest Hemingway’s house). For people living in the south, such as Florida, Texas and Arizona, where there is less land, this may not be a good situation. But for northerners, cellars are important!

We have a home office in our home in Florida. Nice! However, we both work and Greg will be working from home, so we are definitely struggling. Where my craft room goes is another challenge for another day.

The home office is a guest room with two doors to the hotel. It has wooden floors, a small built-in desk and a Murphy bed. At first there was an extra dining chair on top of the table so that the room didn’t look empty.

When our Murphy bed was folded, it looked like an empty room. When they folded, the room was full.

Our Guest Room/office Basement Suite Reveal … + How To Make A Basement ( Office) Feel Warm, Happy And Functional

If you are not familiar with Murphy beds, they are beds that fold into the wall when not in use. It’s a great shop that allows a lot of flexibility in the room.

The built-in desk was small and you couldn’t do much with it. There is room to move around at the foot of the bed, but not enough for a large table or desk.

I racked my brain and went online to look for a solution. You must have looked at hundreds of folding tables. And then… Europe! I found

How To Make An Office/guest Bedroom

This is a table that goes down on both sides. It can be folded up as a larger dining table or as a refrigerator. THE EARTH IS GOOD! I took the tape in my hand and started measuring.

How To Turn Your Functional Home Office Into A Guest Room

When folded, the table fits against the wall and the bed leg, providing enough room to move around. I think I just found the perfect home office!

I ordered it and it arrived a few days later. It has a gray top with white metal legs. Neutral, slightly beachy, clean lines and fully functional! We have already added an alligator feeder and a lamp to the room that Greg’s parents had. Now you can sit down at the computer and start working. This room doubles as a home office!

We have storage and a small desktop printer. The large table keeps clean, can be easily folded and moved. Problem solved!

What we love about the table is that we can move it! If we are hosting a party, we can use it as a buffet or an extra dining table. It can easily be moved from one room to another! When the bed is folded, there is still enough room to move around and our guests can put things on it. The desk really does double duty for us and not just in the home office.

Small Guest Room Ideas

We bought great folding chairs so we don’t have to drag plastic chairs into our dining room if we have more than six for dinner. They stay in the office when not in use and are very convenient. Fortunately, they make great home office chairs because they fold up. So if someone lives and the home office needs to be converted into a guest room, we give way. There is enough space to put chairs on the wall and next to the Murphy bed. Another problem solved!

I have three springs for the seats. See who’s selling and where you can find a great deal! When we ordered ours they were out of stock for a while.

Let’s talk a little about the style of the room and its functionality. It should function as an office and guest room. So the two most important things you need are a place to work and a place to sleep, but decoration and arrangement are also key to making it a place to work.

How To Make An Office/guest Bedroom

There are several different options on the table. I like to have a large workspace, so the desk you found works really well for us. Here are some compact calendars that still add style and function to your space:

Guest Bedroom Ideas For A Cozy, Inviting Space

You know I’m all about DIY and making furniture! If you can keep something out of the landfill and work on designing your home office, say so! I just made a table design that might inspire you.

We had a Murphy bed when we bought our house. I did some research on Murphybeds. There are many styles and one depends on your needs. There are chairs, tables and even extra storage that can look like furniture or built-in furniture! You can find a large selection of Wayfair Murphy beds.

Don’t worry, if the Murphy bed doesn’t work for you, there are other options. Depending on the size of your room, a regular sofa bed may be a good choice. The good thing about them is that they allow you to sit comfortably. You have more space to relax or watch TV, and the room can function as a TV room. The biggest problem with traditional sofa beds is the uncomfortable bar that goes against your back when you try to sleep. Around 2am they start to feel like central torture devices. If nothing else, it will ensure your guests don’t stay too long!

It is foldable and a convenient option. Have you even noticed that one of the stocks is under there? There you can store your mattress and pillows!

How To Design A Stylish Bedroom Home Office

Daybeds can be a good solution and provide a comfortable place to spend the afternoon! Remember that if you have a daybed in the room, it will always have a vibration in the bedroom.

We have air mattresses on hand if guests have an emergency that can send them to the storm shelter if needed.

Decorating your office should make you feel good and not distract you. You want to be productive. I would stick to a neutral wall color, light gray or taupe. You can add a pop of color with art and rugs. The carpet in our office is blue, a great color in an otherwise neutral space. The blue and geometric design gives Greg a clean, elegant and unfeminine look. If it were me, I might have gone for a slightly more feminine rug, but marriage is about harmony!

How To Make An Office/guest Bedroom

Being organized is important if you have a place that does double duty. The computer age has certainly helped reduce paper, but it has not completely eliminated it. Have you ever seen a sofa bed with storage underneath? You can use it as storage for beds, or you can use stationery as extra paper.

Ideas For Creating A Dual Purpose Home Office/guest Room

Home office shelving is a good option, but an enclosed storage unit is even better. Closed storage allows you to hide all the little things that get out of the way. If you use text, use cubes or baskets to hide it. When you find furniture that will work for you, don’t be afraid to think it’s meant for the dining room, bathroom, or laundry room. room If it works, use it!

Accessories that help make the room comfortable. But in a multipurpose room, you want to make it very small. You don’t want to move a lot of stuff around when you switch from one service to another. Pick a few things and do them

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