How To Make Space In Small Closet

How To Make Space In Small Closet – It is very chaotic that two people who love clothes/fashion have such a shockingly limited closet space. Of course, like most things in life, it’s not the end of the world or a deal breaker, but it’s hard to manage. Finally, I’m a disorganized person by nature and I’m pretty sure that won’t change overnight (but if you have any tips or magic spells let me know). But despite our lack of natural ability, even the messiest among us love to see a closet with every piece of clothing neatly organized and in its proper place. Closet organization is extremely satisfying and we all want it.

Unfortunately, my lack of organizational instinct goes hand in hand with my design problems. Here’s the scoop: My boyfriend Rocky and I moved to a new place last August and we were in love. Now, almost 5 months later, we still love our tiny house as much as when we first saw it, except for one design flaw: it only has one closet (5’x3’x8′) in the whole country. To be fair, the space itself is tiny (800 square feet), so there’s no room for another closet, but we’re short on space. I probably shouldn’t tell you that this creates unnecessary tension, but more importantly, it creates a mess and a mess of an already messy and messy girl. Friends, the fun has just begun.

How To Make Space In Small Closet

How To Make Space In Small Closet

You may wonder who I am and who this Rocky man is and I’m listening to you. Let it drain well. Here we are:

Build A Closet Dresser And Easy Diy Closet Shelves » Lovely Indeed

Now, before we move on (and now you can show off the faces of your victims of design torment), it’s only fair to give you a peek into our closet (or have we become best friends?). Feast your eyes on the “before” and please forgive me for not having a satisfying “after” to show you… not yet:

It’s your standard (full) closet with a door, so it has things in it that we haven’t seen in months. Buying a bigger chest of drawers should ease the problem somewhat as hanging clothes after a long day is unthinkable for me (another disorganized person here), but I think we need a little more help. So now that you’ve seen the beast, let me explain our biggest problems and offer some professional EHD-approved solutions.

There are no built-in shelves or hooks, and the top shelf is very high, so it’s hard to stack clothes without them falling. It is also incredibly difficult to reach anything when the clothes are bulging out. Aside from hanging our clothes (and the truth is we don’t have room to hang everything) this closet has no intuitive or convenient storage options.

1. MALM CABINET WITH 3 DRAWERS| 2. SKUBB Shoe Box | 3. Horizontal cube with two shelves| 4. Shoe organizer for 8 bins | 5. Shoe organizer for hanging cupboards 26| 6. Shoe organizer with 10 compartments | 7. Dropbox for | 8. 10 packing hooks | 9. Pants hanger with 5 layers

Built In Ikea Kallax Closet Storage {budget Friendly Hack}

We like to add a small dresser like #1 to store socks, underwear, swimsuits and other foldable clothes (like t-shirts). You may have noticed that many of these are shoe storage options, but I think they can be used for other purposes as well. Like #2 can easily store clothes or shoes and the same with #4.

We’re not done. Not even close, my friends. Now I invite you to my unfinished house. Nothing is allowed here.

Incidentally. Sharing a photo of my unfinished home with thousands of people makes me feel like I’m exposing myself for the world to see. There’s something very intimate about it, so know that if you’re uncomfortable watching it, I’ll feel 10,000 times more uncomfortable thinking you’re watching it. But here we are! Now our next problem…

How To Make Space In Small Closet

I’m talking to you sweatshirts and sweaters. Have you noticed that men have a lot of sweatshirts? Because they’re lucky and can wear sweatshirts and look great all the time. Thing is, I have a lot of sweatshirts and sweaters (many from sports I played in high school) and these things are bulky and hard to store. And before you ask, yes, we donate clothes, but we also know that donated clothes often end up in landfills. So we’ve decided to stop giving away so much and instead sell or give directly to people we know. We also try to buy less 🙂

Tips To Make A Small Closet Space Work For Your Fashion Collection

Well guys, it’s been three years and I think it’s finally time for a bed frame. I went back and forth on whether I wanted a storage bed, but ultimately decided against it because of the layout of our space. It’s already so thick that a boxy bed frame looks visually stifling. Instead, I choose a bed frame with enough space underneath to implement some storage solutions. Key for us is under-bed storage that’s easy to access, because I like to pull out a sweatshirt when it’s cold (and I’m also a monster who wears hoodies to sleep when it’s cold). This is what I think:

Simple enough right? I really like the idea of ​​#1 because it’s clear so I can see everything inside, but I’m not sure I want to keep things fully folded. Sounds like a lot of work. #2 is something EHD has used before (remember this amazingly satisfying organizational post??) and I’m very interested in how it opens up at the top for easy access. The same goes for number 3, so I think we have winners.

It’s a shame that the only time you can show off your favorite clothes is when they’re on your body. Or is it?

I personally like the idea of ​​an open wardrobe so I can see my best clothes and shoes. I’m a very visual person, so I can imagine seeing certain pieces helps me get ready in the morning. These are the ones I’m considering:

Beautiful Walk In Closet Ideas For Organization

1. Red Oak Foldable Clothes Rack | 2. Freestanding Industrial Clothing Rack | 3. Levi’s clothes rack | 4. White and Alloy Clothes Rack 5. Camerons Clothes Rack | 6. Metal clothes rack

One thing you should know before we move on (other than Gus is a really nice guy) is that every piece of furniture we have will be replaced at some point. When we moved out of our last home, we got rid of all the furniture we absolutely didn’t need and everything we kept was affordable or free. The couch was gifted to us by the previous renter of our apartment, Rocky made our coffee table from a wood pallet, our dining table was from Craigslist, our chairs were found at Goodwill, and both of our nightstands were inexpensive. I think the only thing we bought brand new was the nightstand (both from Target). This sounds like “humility” but I really overcompensate for the fact that I know my country is far from being “done” and so I’m giving you the liberty to hate its current state. Don’t worry, we hate it too!

You probably guessed it that we have a lot of shared wardrobes. I won’t deny it. We are fashionistas who like to express our personal style, so we invest in clothes (obviously more than we invest in furniture that I’m trying to change. Be patient).

How To Make Space In Small Closet

I understand it might seem weird to want to store clothes in the living room, but it actually works perfectly for us. Rocky gets up much earlier than I do, so the ideal situation is to get dressed in the living room instead of our bedroom. He does so now, with his clothes draped over various pieces of furniture. It’s just beautiful.

How To Organize A Small Closet With Smart Storage

1. Harvey Prober Bar Cabinet | 2. Bookcase| 3. Henredon Gentleman Mid-Century Modern Book 4. Rattan Plate | 5. Hutch Danish sideboard from the 1950s 6. Large acorn wood storage cabinet

All of these choices are ambitious and beyond my budget, but I find it very helpful to search online so that when I’m at the flea market or Craigslist I have an idea of ​​what I’m looking for. I’ve chosen a few vertical and horizontal options here because I’m open to both, but let’s face it, #4 has my heart.

Do you do this when you enter your home and immediately take off your shoes, creating dangerous obstacles? I’m sure I’m not alone here, and if you’ve learned anything by now, I’m probably the type of person who needs an easy way to fix myself so I don’t let myself or my loved ones down.

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