How To Prepare For Google Technical Interview

How To Prepare For Google Technical Interview – Every year, Google receives about 3 million job applications. For context, that’s more than the populations of Atlanta, Austin, and San Francisco combined, and are probably the top three cities in the US for tech jobs today.

If finding a job on Google has been on your radar for a while, you’ve also heard a statistic that less than 1% of those applicants get hired. The thing is, it doesn’t mean you have to panic, and it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. So 0.4% of 3 million equals 12,000; That’s a lot of job offers, and you only need one of them.

How To Prepare For Google Technical Interview

How To Prepare For Google Technical Interview

First, it’s important to realize that many employees at major tech companies aren’t hired on the first try. In fact, it often takes several tries before getting hired at FAANG or a similar Big Tech company.

Becoming A Developer Advocate At Google

The other truth is that you will not overcome the odds with luck and magic alone. If you want to land one of the most sought-after jobs in the world, you need to take your preparations seriously.

Don’t take my word for it – this Google software engineer claims he only got it on the fourth try because he was finally invested in preparing for and rehearsing for interviews.

“You can try your luck and fail N times, or you can prepare properly and pass the interview. I did a Google interview 4 times, prepared poorly 3 times and got rejected, and the fourth time I prepared 4 months in advance 20 hours a week and passed the interview.”

Looking at Google’s interview process, it becomes clear that the overall structure is very similar to other major technology companies. You can expect an initial phone call with the recruiter, then an interview with the hiring manager, followed by a structured interview with 3-5 people who will test you on different cultures and roles.

Pdf) Hiring Is Broken: What Do Developers Say About Technical Interviews?

In interviews, you will be asked to answer three different types of questions: situational, behavioral, and technical (relevant to the job for which you are applying).

Technical questions can vary greatly depending on the job you are applying for. Earlier, we covered the technical part of the interview with Google in detail. Phil and Robert, senior trainers and experts at Google, provide insight into software engineering and the product management interview process.

Now let’s see how we answer the rest of the Google interview questions.

How To Prepare For Google Technical Interview

Fortunately, Google noticed the clues and moved away from the vague puzzle-type questions that were once so popular.

Google Interview · Github Topics · Github

They now use a structured interview method that has proven to be very accurate in predicting a candidate’s performance.

This means that for each role, Google uses the same interview questions and evaluates candidates’ answers using a standardized rubric. This allows them to make hiring decisions based on predetermined criteria that are consistently applicable to all applicants.

The four key attributes of Google are always the most important when designing these interview questions: GCA (General Cognitive Abilities), Leadership, Googleyness, and Role Knowledge. As a result, planning your interview preparation based on demonstrating these four qualities is a good strategy.

Of course, you can expect some of the “normal” interview questions that will be asked at almost any company.

Software Testing Interview: A Guide On How To Prepare Yourself

Although these types of questions are not exclusive to Google, you should invest in preparation and thorough research.

Review the job description with a fine tooth comb. This resource explains verbatim what the hiring manager is looking for. This is what they want you to illustrate with your answers, your examples, and the stories you choose to tell.

Social media is one of your best allies in preparing for an interview. Browse all Google Profiles and Channels to see your latest achievements and progress. Do additional research to understand the topic. If you talk about a recent achievement or product development in an interview, this is a good opportunity to make a positive impression on them.

How To Prepare For Google Technical Interview

Situational questions are usually work-related: think “what would you do…” and “how would you react…”.

The Ultimate Guide To Acing Your Technical Interview

These questions ask you to think about a suggested event or scenario and tell the interviewer what you would do in your situation.

Behavioral questions focus on your past experiences and are often designed to demonstrate sound storytelling skills.

Tell me about a situation in which you found yourself in conflict with your supervisor. How did you solve the problem?

Answering these behavioral interview questions can be very challenging, but the secret to getting your answers in perspective is to use the STAR method.

The Interview Process & How To Improve It

As mentioned earlier, your Google interview questions will vary depending on the role you are applying for. The product manager is not asked the same questions as the human resource manager.

However, some questions (and variations on the topic at hand) appear frequently in all job categories.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common Google interview questions. We’ll also look at what the interviewer is looking for and what a sample answer might look like.

How To Prepare For Google Technical Interview

This is the question you will face the most. It is designed to assess your knowledge of Google products. It is also a great way to show your creativity and innovation. You don’t have to be complicated with this – you can use any Google product as an example. The key is to talk about it enthusiastically and make the right suggestions.

How To Ace Your Google Behavioral Interview: A Guide

“My first Google product has to be YouTube. I can easily see why this service is so popular. It’s so immersive and gives people access to entertaining and educational content for all tastes and backgrounds. Most importantly how it leverages the capabilities from the platform. People use their talents, and it allows Thanks for sharing helpful insights and ideas with ease, I’ve personally spent many happy hours on YouTube learning new skills, finding answers to my questions, watching recordings of live events and having fun.

If you optimize YouTube, it will make it easier for creators to get feedback from viewers about what content they want to see. For example, I’d like to allow creators to run a poll where users can vote on what topics they’d like the channel to cover next.”

If you need more ideas on a Google product you want to talk about, consider these Top 10 Google Products for inspiration.

This is basically a culturally appropriate question. It gives the interviewer the opportunity to demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of Googleyness, which is one of the four traits that Google looks for.

The Stars Align: Google Interview Preparations (phone And On Site)

They want to see that you can relate to traits on a personal level, so let your story shine here. Pick an example from your past experience that shows you were proactive in letting go of your ego and becoming comfortable with ambiguity.

By asking this question, the interviewer is assessing how well you understand the market in which Google operates. What other companies are standing out in the same space as Google? If you are applying for a product-focused position, such as a product manager, where you identify opportunities for growth on a daily basis, this question may be especially important.

Answering this question that will make you stand out requires several elements. Of course, you’ll need to list Google competitors relevant to the space you’re focusing on. However, talking about what sets Google apart from the competition will show that you understand what makes Google’s services unique, and what gives Google the edge. For example, you could talk about how Google can ensure that its offerings integrate an optimal experience across platforms. This creates the ease and convenience of using the Services as part of daily life, which competitors may not offer.

How To Prepare For Google Technical Interview

After many hires and thousands of interviews, we have developed an effective program in preparing for job interviews and increasing your chances of finding a job at Google. The content we create gives us a huge advantage over other conversations, but the real strength lies in the training. You deal with a trained trainer who has experience working directly with Google and can tailor the program to your needs and increase your chances of success.

A Guide To Google Interview Questions: 20 Examples And Tips

The bulk of the program will help you build, explain, and practice your past experiences based on four attributes that will help you demonstrate that Google is fit and appropriate for the job: General Knowledge, Leadership, Google, and Role Knowledge.

Learn more about why this program has such a high success rate and meet our Interview Coaches from Google. Most engineers dream of working for Google at some point in their lives. However, preparing for an interview with a Google software engineer requires dedication and consistent effort. Also, do you want to know what it takes to join Google as a Software Engineer? Do you like to work?

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