How To Set Up A Small Office Space

How To Set Up A Small Office Space – Interior designer, licensed therapist and mother of three in SoCal. Welcome to the blog! I hope it inspires you to create a life (and home) you truly love.

There are always compromises in life, right? The previous townhouse had a nice spacious loft where our first two daughters played. We lost that when we moved here, but we got a yard and a room with a bathroom. But our attic is small. Since then, I can’t tell how […]

How To Set Up A Small Office Space

How To Set Up A Small Office Space

There are always compromises in life, right? The previous townhouse had a nice spacious loft where our first two daughters played. We lost that when we moved here, but we got a yard and a room with a bathroom. But our attic is small.

Simple Design Ideas To Maximize Your Small Home Office

I can’t tell you how many Tupperware storage systems I’ve made since then. Ikea has lots of storage for toys and books. We were also able to fit two tables and a small folding table attached to the wall.

Oh! And my last resort is a giant IKEA wardrobe to hide all the beauty of the child. You know what they say, one child’s wealth is another mother’s trash.

I took “before” photos after each test. Maybe I just wanted to forget it all.

And the view of the Po is amazing! Finally, we decided to add value to our home and install a system. The narrow space dictated a vertical design.

Essential Tips On How To Utilise Small Office Space

If I can give you any advice for storage-free spaces, stop buying extra baskets and bins. Save money and install shelves or cabinets instead. Despite the money I spent on fixing horizontal storage, it was all wasted. My stumbling block was expensive, but after years of adding bin/basket purchases, I realized I could afford vertical shelving.

There are three categories of “mess” that need a home. First, we need a table for at least 2 adults to do homework, bills or work. Second, storage of office supplies and files. Third, arts and crafts for girls, school supplies and course toys. And toys! I promised myself no more new toys. But with every birthday or holiday, things add up quickly. A mother’s life is the best.

I purposely designed the cabinets to extend to the ceiling because the last thing I wanted was the dreaded dead space above the cabinets. That drives me crazy! Is this crazy to you too? I have the option of lowering the bottom of the closet, but I’m too claustrophobic. And I hate feeling confined at work. So I preferred the lounge.

How To Set Up A Small Office Space

There is always a catch 22. In this case, the availability of goods is very high. I knew it would come. Luckily we got drawers and storage under the table. So at least kids can easily get what they need.

How To Make Your Small Office Space Look Bigger

Every project always has a surprise element that I love to share! With this outfit, copper shoes make me proud. The cabinet company I used offered a high end brass pull for $72 a pop! It wasn’t ideal for a budget girl, so I decided to explore the internet. And I found something similar for a fraction of the price.

Enter Amazon Prime. The quality is absolutely flawless! I am absolutely thrilled. They are huge and have an antique brass finish that I love!

I bought a 5 inch boot and the length really gave me the modern look I was going for. It’s always a great feeling to get the look you want on a budget!

However, I try to keep clutter to a minimum every day. This is where real life happens. Bills and chores are piling up on my side. The tasks, toys and crafts that girls start and don’t finish cause a huge mess.

Infographic: How To Maximise Small Office Spaces

But that doesn’t mean we can’t add a few display items to each table as a family. As you can see, adding books and plants to any corner can bring life and magic. Simple, but impressive every time. You can’t lose with this formula. If anything I say puts you off, remember this design tip. Thank you very much. *look*

Another great design tip for decorating office spaces is rustic woven baskets. These hemp baskets I got from The Container Store are so cute, add texture to the shelves, and are great organizers!

Finally, adding a plant or two can make the whole space more colorful and lively. Green colors in terracotta pots create a fresh impression.

How To Set Up A Small Office Space

So you have a bit of an awkward spot? Be creative and think of ways to use verticality to create more space. I know you get it! And don’t forget to share with me. I love learning how you can maximize storage space in your home!

Cool Small Home Office Ideas

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Eventually I realized that I needed to create a home office space, but the problem was that we lived in a small house. We have roommates, spare rooms, and a crowded bedroom, so how am I going to create a home office space in a tight and shared environment?

I had to compromise on space to create a small office in our cramped home, and with a little tweaking of my desk placement and setup, I ended up with a simple productivity nook.

Small Home Office Ideas: 11 Ways To Create A Work Space Anywhere

If you’re struggling to work from home or feel like you don’t have enough space, here are some quick and easy tips for creating a home office space:

If this is a gathering place in your home, you should not set up your office in the lounge/sitting area. Sometimes that means turning the garage into office space, and sometimes compromising on other rooms. Perhaps you can find a small wall in your living room, put it in a corner away from the kitchen, or find a new purpose for the room by removing a door.

Nothing slows down productivity like a cluttered and uncomfortable space. Place cables and cords behind the table and around the walls. You can also use zip ties or bread clips to keep things organized and tangle-free. Alternatively, you can purchase a cable organizer. You’ll thank yourself the next time you move or clean your office.

How To Set Up A Small Office Space

The best home office setups are tailored to the tastes of the people who work there. You want to make the space your own using colors that you associate with warmth and happiness. It encourages creativity, creates a sense of unity, helps you stay calm and relaxed. A chaotic work environment with matching colors can create a real sense of hostility, anxiety, and slow down overall productivity.

Creating An Office Space In A Bedroom, Adding Function, Organization And Style • Our House Now A Home

Access to sunlight is an important aspect of any workplace. Sunlight increases the amount of vitamin D in your body, which is directly related to your level of happiness. Sunlight also maintains your body’s circadian rhythm and keeps you awake. If you don’t have a window, you need good lighting with lamps. Or consider getting a light therapy lamp to combat seasonal affective disorder. Also, consider potted plants to oxygenate and calm your space.

It may seem obvious, but keep a source of water nearby, such as a large bottle, pitcher, or faucet. When you work from home, like any other office, you need to stay hydrated, but frequent trips to the kitchen can cause distraction and procrastination.

One of the best ideas for home office space is to use the entire height of your wall. Install higher shelves, stock drawers and use the space under the table. By building vertically instead of horizontally, you’re still using the same space in your home to optimize storage and keep everything you need close at hand.

If you have a hard time finding office space, divide the space so that it can be used in different ways.

How To Set Up Your Home Office Space To Maximize Productivity And Creativity

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