How To Set Up A Bedroom In A Small Space

How To Set Up A Bedroom In A Small Space – Welcome to the next episode of How to Improve Your Wardrobe*. This idea started as a joke with our first living room post, but it became so popular that we thought we’d continue for a good time! But we can get it too. As much as I love most lists, these details would be a nightmare for me. Of course, there are always things that could be added, but I know that if I do these #things, I will have a better room…heaven.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my bedroom lately, and it might be the last room on my must-do list. But I think a lot of people put bedroom design on the back burner because it’s usually where we sleep and it’s not a room that usually gets foot traffic from our guests. And if this is the case, “I’m sorry, there was a mess” or “Don’t review, I haven’t finished decorating it yet” come out of our mouths. We want to be better, don’t we? We want to have a bedroom that greets us with a sense of calm upon entering. So let’s look at 12 ways to make it.

How To Set Up A Bedroom In A Small Space

How To Set Up A Bedroom In A Small Space

To be clear, this is not your average size coat. They are large and we like to style them as a topper at the foot of the bed. They make your bed cozy, comfortable and an extra space for those cold nights. Let me show you what I mean.

Tips For A Cozy Bedroom

Photos by Sara Ligoria-Trump | Left: Our comfortable yet private bed + bath | Stunning design by Julie Rose for ehd, via: Suzanne’s Bedroom

Here we have two different neutral options, but they are scripted. I love how the green coat contrasts so well with the pale and pale bedding in a mountain bedroom. Then in Suzanne’s bedroom, a cream bedspread complements the other bedding but adds a lot to the look. And it looks delicious, right?!

Photos by Sara Ligoria-Trump | ehd for a similar design for Julie Rose, via: Julie’s Bedroom Reveal | From: Our living room/basement office opens

But where there are two great role models, you will be the role model. To the left in Julie’s room, she went to a beautifully embroidered quilt. The pattern is bold but the colors are more muted, which works perfectly with the overall color palette and vibe of the room. Then in Emily’s old basement living room, she used her big blanket/cover. It adds another layer of pattern that breaks up the blue fabric underneath. Overall, they add a lot of personality to these rooms.

Make Your Bedroom A Sexy Sanctuary

Emily has been talking about this sleep trick for years! She (and most of us) loves to make a bed that only takes a minute to make and less to destroy. If you spend more time with decorative pillows than you want (I always think about this

, IYKYK) then this is for you. Let’s put the knife in your kitchen and make life easier and more modern with a long decorative waist pillow.

Photos by Sara Ligoria-Trump | Similar design by Emily Bowser, from: Emily Bowser Bedroom Open | From right: How to make the “quiet max” with the new opalhaus spring line

How To Set Up A Bedroom In A Small Space

Check out these beds and tell me if your sleep stress level has not decreased by 7 points. It is simple and can be translated into any style.

Tricks To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

And the principles of mixing colors and colors are always the same. Place it in the color palette of the room and decide whether you want to play with the bed as a contrasting or complementary color. Then you can decide whether to go for a nice smelling model or a sturdy model like MQ’s mountain bedroom with faux leather sofa.

Yes. Do you think we won’t release this again? We did this because it is also important. Here are our bedroom rug size rules:

Rule of thumb: Ideally, your rug should be at least 24 inches on three sides of your bed. Our standard size standards are: Twin 5’x8′, Full 6’x9′, Queen 8’x10′ and King 9’x12′.

But of course, you’ll also want to consider the size of your room. That’s why I like to print things like rugs before I buy them.

Bedroom Layout Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Photos by Sara Ligoria-Trump | ehd for a similar design for Julie Rose, via: Julie’s Bedroom Reveal | Byemily Bowser Perfect Style: How to Style Your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep (+ Introducing the New Casaluna Line)

We like rugs to be on the larger side because you don’t want the bulk of your beautiful rug tucked under the bed. We recommend at least half, if not two-thirds, of the bottom of the bed. This way, when you get out of bed, your feet will land on the carpet instead of the cold floor.

If you have a rug that you love but it’s not big enough, an inexpensive way to fix it is to get a large jute rug and roll it up like Julie did in her bedroom.

How To Set Up A Bedroom In A Small Space

If you plan to place a chair at the end of your bed, make sure your rug is large enough to go under your bed and leave room for the four legs of the chair, which is in front. At least 12 inches.

Decoration Ideas For A Small Bedroom On A Budget

I promise that finding the right size rug will make your bedroom look well decorated and easy on the eyes 🙂

We take a picture of a beautiful pedestal bedside table. They are beautiful and very beautiful. But you know what they are not??? It works. Most of us are “hoarders.” Stock up on hair ties, books, magazines, electronics, and if you don’t have a tablet, the night will be a mess. None of us want that.

Photos by Sarah Ligoria-Trump Left: ehd for design julie rose from: opening susanne’s room | Me: Our cozy yet private guest bed + bath

Above are the nights that hold only dreams. They’re cute, simple, and provide plenty of storage space to keep your nightstand clutter-free and stress-free.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas From Designers

Left image bytessa neustadt, design byginny macdonaldandmelanie burstinfor ehd, from: griffith park master room | Emily Bowser Design Photo: Emily Bowser Bedroom

Here we have two nightstands with a drawer and a small/small shelf. If you love books and/or are into style, this is perfect. Books can be laid bare or on a tray with a bowl on top to hold important items and other small items at the side of the bed.

You’re probably thinking, “Come on Jess, everyone has window treatments in their bedrooms.” Unfortunately, I am here to tell you that it is not. Look, if you hate the look of curtains or shadows, by all means. But if you touch metal or plastic blinds in the apartment, or you can’t choose a window treatment due to lack of time or restlessness, this is a sign to change it. . Every time I raised the curtain, it changed the room. Suddenly the room was longer and more comfortable. They are game changers in the bedroom.

How To Set Up A Bedroom In A Small Space

Left Image by Kelina Bowen, Designs by Emily Henderson & Kelina Bowen, via: All the Master Suite Details in a Truly Simple Home | Photo by Sarah Ligoria-Trump, EHD for Julie Rose Design, Julie’s bedroom reveal

Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Girly

However, curtains are not the only option. Roman shades are a great way to give you privacy, add character (and pattern if you want), but are less heavy than curtains.

But remember, if you want black color, you have to install them and there may be “leak holes” on the sides. A little food for thought.

Yes, curtains bring more “drama” (which I love), but if you need them or want to be on the budget side, they are very easy to buy “over the top”. Oh, and come back tomorrow afternoon for an updated version of our “Pull Curtains All Wrong” post.

Lighting is very important to the atmosphere, and you want to have at least two options to create your own mood. Also, DIMMERS! Install them if you haven’t (and make sure your bulbs are compatible).

How To Make The Bed For Home Staging

So, when I say two light sources, I mean a pendant and a table lamp, or a table lamp and a floor lamp, or a pendant and a lamp, etc. i say. But I strongly suggest that most of them will be like this

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