How To Start A Home Elder Care Business

How To Start A Home Elder Care Business – Starting a top-notch home care business is a great way to become your own boss in a fast-growing industry. In these uncertain economic times, however, self-employment can provide opportunities for steady income and future job security. In addition, senior home care is a booming business, as people age and need help regardless of whether the economy is booming or not.

As the elderly age, they increase their demand for home care. Currently, the elderly population in the United States is over 40 million and is expected to double in the next two decades. As seniors age and become less mobile, they need more help with daily activities such as cooking, laundry, paying bills, running errands, and more.

How To Start A Home Elder Care Business

How To Start A Home Elder Care Business

Startup costs. A top home care business can truly be a “bootstrap startup” because most of us already have two essential items, a reliable car and a cell phone. A computer with an Internet connection is required, but new inexpensive laptops such as Chromebooks can be purchased for around $200 and can easily handle basic business needs.

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Print sales and marketing tools like business cards, flyers and brochures are essential business building tools, but they can be purchased online from services like at prices that won’t break even the smallest advertising budget.

How much free can I get? How much you can pay for senior home care services depends more on where you live than on any other factor. Hourly rates, the most common way to charge for home care services, range from $18 an hour in smaller cities to $40 an hour in larger cities. The national average for non-medical home care services is currently $24 per hour.

Recommended skills and training. No formal education or medical training is required to start a home care business for the elderly. The four most important skills are: common sense, empathy for your older customers, honesty, and organizational skills. These skills come in handy when planning errands, errands, and household chores at the client’s home. Honesty is very high on the “important things” scale, because without honesty, your customers will not trust you or recommend you to other leaders – the best way to build your business.

Marketing tips. Since all your customers are seniors, you need to reach them where they are – where they live and hang out with other seniors. If there is an over-55 community in your area, advertise in a monthly newsletter or bulletin and post a flyer in the town hall. Local senior centers are a natural place to post flyers or drop off some business cards or brochures.

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Free ads on can bring in new leads all the time, because a simple website can help potential buyers find you online. Don’t forget that a large portion of senior care dollars are spent by the grown children of senior retirees who may live far away from their parents and need a local home care provider to help them.

Potential income. Using the national average rates for non-medical senior home care of $24 per hour, a home-based senior care provider can make approximately $900 to $1,000 per week, or $45,000 per year. Receive up to $50,000. If you have employees, this number can be much higher. There are also additional services, such as preventive visits, that can increase your income even more.

Starting an elder care business may help you escape the rat race or unemployment. It’s also a part-time business for anyone over 50 who wants to “semi-retire” and still earn some extra income. With low start-up costs and strong income potential, the future is bright for anyone starting a top home care service. It no longer supports older versions of your web browser to ensure user data security. Please update to the latest version.

How To Start A Home Elder Care Business

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How To Start A Private Home Care Business

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This manual guides you through daily operations. My name is Daniel Foley and I have owned a trusted and experienced non-medical home care business for 14+ years. I created out of my full-time senior care business to expand my reach and help clients outside of my local business.

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How To Start A Home Elder Care Business

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How To Start A Home Elder Care Business

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