How To Start A Wedding Photography Business

How To Start A Wedding Photography Business – If you are wondering how to take wedding photos, you may feel confident in your craft but not so strong in the business aspects. Or maybe you’ve been photographing weddings for a while but don’t know how to develop as a wedding photographer.

In this post, we’ll go over the most important factors to consider when creating a wedding photography business plan. We’ll look at budgeting, time management, and how to promote your wedding photography business.

How To Start A Wedding Photography Business

How To Start A Wedding Photography Business

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How To Start A Wedding Photography Business In 2022

To arm you with expert advice, I spoke to Georg Carlos of With Love By Georgie about how to start a wedding photography business.

Photographer and business owner Georgie shared tons of tips on how to start a wedding photography business.

As a destination wedding photographer, Georgie has photographed over a hundred weddings around the world, from Bali to St. Lucia and throughout the United States. Her work has also appeared on platforms such as Netflix and

Eight years ago, Georgie was working on the corporate side of the entertainment industry when she began to feel dissatisfied with her job. She took the camera “as therapy” and to restore the creativity she needed in her life.

Is The Wedding Photography Business For You? It Depends

Family photos she took for a friend went viral on social media, leading to her first wedding reception. Eventually, she secured enough work as a wedding photographer to make it her full-time job.

One way to turn your wedding photography business into a full-time job is to give yourself an initial trial period.

Georgie tried her hand at photography full-time in the summer between corporate contracts. She ran her photography business part-time, but at the urging of a friend she decided:

How To Start A Wedding Photography Business

“Let me take a chance. I had to make X amount of money [during the trial period] to know I could make a living. “

How To Start A Photography Business

By the end of the summer, she had enough work and income to know she didn’t have to go back to her day job. After all, “I could make more than I was making as a full-time corporate employee.”

A key part of getting started in the wedding photography business, especially in the first few months, is building a good portfolio. As a wedding photographer, your portfolio is your resume. This is the best way to promote your wedding photography business.

For some designers, this can seem like a chicken-and-egg situation. You need a solid portfolio to book gigs, but how are you supposed to book those gigs without a portfolio?

Acting as a second shooter for weddings is a great solution. In addition to photos for your portfolio, you will gain valuable experience. Just explain to the photographer you are working with how you plan to use the photos.

How To Write A Wedding Photography Business Plan

You can also offer free photos to build your portfolio, but be selective. Georgie recommends doing this only if it’s true fair trade.

For example, if you know someone who wants to expand their modeling portfolio and poses as a bride for your styling session, this is a win-win situation. On the other hand, what if someone asks you to photograph their birthday party for free, and it’s not the type of photography you’re interested in? We would like to charge you for this work.

Finances are a key part of a wedding photography business plan. You should budget for equipment and other startup costs, but also consider long-term costs. Setting reasonable prices and knowing when to raise them are also important steps in this planning.

How To Start A Wedding Photography Business

Expect equipment to be a large percentage of your initial costs when starting a wedding photography business. Georgie estimates she paid a total of about $25,000 for the initial equipment. However, it took her several years to become the owner of all this equipment.

Steps To Building A Successful Wedding Photography Business

A combination of lease, payment and loan plans can help you get started if buying everything first isn’t an option.

Start with the camera. Georgie reports that a full-frame camera (as opposed to a crop sensor) is non-negotiable. Full-frame cameras tend to be more expensive, but they give your photos a certain professional look that a crop sensor can’t match. The Canon EOS 6D is Georgie’s recommendation for a relatively inexpensive entry-level professional camera.

You may not need them all at once. But when creating a wedding photography business plan, consider the costs that will arise when you bring in more clients.

Reflecting on her first two years in business, the only thing Georgie would have done differently was to hire extra help sooner. As he says:

Princeton Photo Workshop: New! The Business Of Wedding Photography

“If you succeed, you grow very fast, and sometimes you are not ready for it. I didn’t expect how fast I would grow, so I don’t think I can enjoy and accept this growth. “

What you can do in your company (in Georgie’s case it’s filming and editing). Then be prepared to pay the rest when the time comes.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of W9s and payroll, it can help keep things simple and organized when it’s time to hire people to help your business.

How To Start A Wedding Photography Business

One of the first hurdles photographers face when figuring out how to start a wedding photography business? I don’t know how much to pay.

The Business And Art Of Wedding Photography

Georgie recommends checking the rates of other wedding photographers in your area. You will also want to include your experience. Basically, Georgie says it all comes down to, “Can you hold your price?” “I’ve done over a hundred weddings, so I know I can keep my price right now.”

If you have been a wedding photographer for a while, be sure to increase your rates according to your level of experience. For example, Georgie started saving $800 for a wedding to gain experience and build her portfolio. After a few weddings, she raised the price to $1,100, then $1,200.

After a few years, both clients and other photographers told her she was charging too low. She realized she was overdue for another price adjustment and now her asking price for the wedding is $6,000.

Adjusting your rates to your level of experience is part of growing as a wedding photographer.

Why Street Photography Will Make You A Better Wedding Photographer

How much do wedding photographers earn? Although it varies by location and specialty, around $40,000 (before expenses and taxes) per year is a reasonable estimate for a beginner.

A wedding photographer with about eight years of experience, Georgie can expect to earn about $140,000 to $150,000 a year (again, before expenses and taxes).

You can’t talk about how to start a wedding photography business without talking about how to market your wedding photography business. Fortunately, there are many free and inexpensive options when it comes to marketing your wedding photography business.

How To Start A Wedding Photography Business

Georgie recommends using social media as early as possible in your wedding photography business plan. You don’t necessarily have to spend money on ads. Regularly publishing high-quality content can bring you huge profits.

Digital Wedding Secrets Review

Instagram is the best place to advertise your wedding photos. Georgie estimates that about 40% of her customers come from Instagram. If you’re looking for a second platform, TikTok is another strong social media outlet for photographers.

“Once you start doing [social media], it starts to feel a little weirder and more natural… you have to find a way to please yourself. “

Instead of trying to keep up with social media trends that aren’t comfortable, post about the parts of your business that you love.

And listen to your audience as they react to your content. For example, Georgie’s fans are interested in her editing process, so she lets it influence her social media marketing strategy.

Ways To Market Your Wedding Photography Business

While social media may be the best place to advertise your wedding photography, it is no substitute for your website. The benefits are worth the relatively small cost of doing so.

First, you need a place for your portfolio. While you may have work from your portfolio on your social media, it won’t be treated the same.

When it comes to promoting your wedding photography business, a website to host your portfolio is essential.

How To Start A Wedding Photography Business

A website also increases your credibility. There are customers who simply feel more comfortable contacting you through your website than through social media.

How To Start A Successful Wedding Photography Business

Outside of Instagram, Georgie’s main sources of clients are word of mouth and referrals from marriage consultants. These are the channels that will open up how you will experience the delivery of quality work.

However, when you get into wedding photography, consider advertising on a third-party wedding supplier website (like The Knot) as a way to get your foot in the door. There is usually a fee for this, so make sure you book enough work through the service to justify the cost.

When you’re first thinking about starting a wedding photography business, time management can be a challenge.

Therefore, your wedding photography business plan should include basic planning for all major functions. You can make adjustments by learning at your own personal pace along the way.

Step Plan For Marketing Your Wedding Photography Business Online • Filmmaking Lifestyle

You’ll also want to consider how many weddings you can afford

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