How To Start A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost

How To Start A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost – From quitting my 9-5 job to freelancing and writing three Amazon bestselling books…to using the skills I learned from a blog to build a six-figure digital marketing company in a matter of months…all the good things in my career have come. because of this blog.

I now make six figures a year with my earnings from Robben Media. I’m 25 years old, I have my dream job, financial freedom and I can work anywhere in the world (with wifi of course ????).

How To Start A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost

How To Start A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost

It’s great that I started this website in my college dorm room with no idea what I was doing.

How To Launch Your Bluehost WordPress Site And Make Your Blog Live

And it’s a shame if you lose your blog and the resulting life changes because you can’t manage your blog properly.

That’s how you can take your blog to your wildest dreams.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you set up your WordPress blog on Bluehost.

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Start A Blog With Bluehost Video Guide (2022 Edition)

Note: This page contains affiliate links. And while I do receive a small commission when you buy from one of these links, it doesn’t cost you anything extra to use those links, and in fact, the products I recommend are the same ones I use myself.

If you’re new to blogging, it’s easy to get confused about what you do and don’t need to start a blog.

Fortunately, we were able to use Bluehost (a hosting company) to set up our hosting, organization and website. In the next section I’ll show you how to do that.

How To Start A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost

Previously, I chose Bluehost over all other hosts because it offers reliable service and affordable plans starting at $2.95/month. You also get a free domain when you buy hosting. And their years of excellent support is why I continue to trust Bluehost with my website and over 50 of my clients’ sites.

How To Start A Blog At Bluehost

Follow these steps and you will have your website ready in 10 minutes.

2. Choose the best hosting package for you. The basic plan is what I recommend for beginners.

4. After entering your domain name, you enter your personal information and choose your hosting package (12, 24 and 36 month price terms to choose from).

If money is limited, use a 12-month hosting plan. But if you want to help commit to blogging for the long haul (the key to building a business from your blog), the 36-month plan offers the best value and low price for the essential months. Then click the “Submit” button.

How To Set Up A WordPress Site On Bluehost In 10 Minutes

To login to your WordPress Dashboard, add /wp-admin to the end of your website URL (eg And you can make your life easier by bookmarking this page so you don’t have to remember that URL in the future.

7. Next, it’s time to choose your WordPress theme; in other words, choose the look of your blog.

You can choose a free WordPress theme and do your best, or you can buy a custom theme.

How To Start A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost

As with most things in life, you often get what you pay for. So I recommend buying a theme from Themeforest. The reasons for this are as follows:

WordPress: How To Add A Blog Post

Then go to Features » Themes » Add New » Install Themes. Select the main zip file from your computer, install and run it.

To write your first page, make sure it’s in your WordPress admin panel, and go to Pages » Add New. And to write a blog post, click Posts » Add New.

And now that you have a website, you can start getting traffic, fans, email clients and eventually customers. You will soon have a successful business and a thriving online empire.

But before you make plans to conquer the Internet, be thankful that you’ve created your WordPress website. I know you can do it. Learn how to start a blog on Bluehost! Bluehost is great for beginners because no website or software development is required. If you’re interested in starting a professional blog, or just a hobbyist one, I’ll teach you why you need a Bluehost blog. Learn how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost in 2023, including step-by-step instructions, marketing and more!

How To Sign Up With Bluehost

Today you will learn how to create a WordPress website with Bluehost. Learning how to start a self-hosted blog allowed me to work from home full time.

If you want to turn your blog into a business one day, it’s easier to finance than other blogging platforms. (Including Wix, Blogger, Blogspot and Your WordPress and Bluehost blog will look more professional if you need a professional website for your business or service.

This article is for Bluehost beginners, so let’s start with some details. Here’s what you need to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost (or any other host):

How To Start A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost

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How To Start A WordPress Blog The Right Way

Bluehost is not the only paid hosting you can use for websites with advertising and marketing. So why use Bluehost for web hosting? Why not use AWS, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, BigScoots, GoDaddy or another host?

The main reason to use Bluehost when deciding between BigScoots vs Bluehost, Bluehost vs GoDaddy WordPress Hosting or any other platform is price.

Bluehost’s shared hosting isn’t the fastest, but it has minimal downtime and is one of the cheapest blog hosting options. Most bloggers I know, including you, started with Bluehost.

To make the deal even better, I teamed up with Bluehost to create a special offer just for our readers. For a limited time, you can get it by clicking the button below:

Bluehost WordPress Tutorial — Step By Step Instructions For Beginners

Are you ready to learn how to start a blog on WordPress and Bluehost in 2023? Here’s your helpful guide to setting up a website:

Plans start at $2.95 per month for the basic plan. This is what I started with, and what I recommend to many new bloggers. However, there are other plans if you run many sites or have other needs.

Click the “Host Your Site” or “Share” button in the social media drop-down menu.

How To Start A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost

Scroll down and select the “Basic” button (or the plan of your choice). At the time of writing, the best price for the 36-month Basic plan was $2.95 per month. The 12-month plan is $4.95 per month.

How To Create A Blog

When I signed up for Bluehost, I was able to get a 36-month plan for $2.95 per month. However, I used it for 2 years before renewing the plan (and switching groups), paying well for the year I didn’t use it. A one-year plan may work best for your needs.

Now it’s time to choose your domain name, which is your website’s URL. Choose wisely! If you are not sure what your current blog is, it is better to use your name. (Yes!)

Sometimes the section you want isn’t available, so you have to select something else. If you haven’t decided on a domain name yet, click “I’ll create my team later.” If not, you can register your team now.

Scroll down and you will see that Bluehost offers many additional features. You can easily double or triple your website costs if you opt for a few add-on plans.

How To Start A Travel Blog In 2023 (step By Step Guide)

The only add-on I would seriously consider as a newbie blogger is the premium security for $1.25 a month. Removes names, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information from the whois database that lists website owners. It’s like having an unlisted number.

It’s time to pay and click submit. Your plan will automatically renew unless you call customer service at +1 855 984 4546 to cancel. IMVHO this is a good thing because you don’t want to lose your site by forgetting to update it.

You did it! Now that you have a website, let’s talk about how to create a blog.

How To Start A WordPress Blog Using Bluehost

How do I promote my website on Bluehost? There are two ways to access your WordPress dashboard. The first is to login to your Bluehost dashboard, and from there click on your WordPress dashboard.

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost (free Wp Setup Included)

Go to Bluehost and click “sign in” in the upper right corner of the screen. This will take you to your host login (or your email address if you prefer).

The second way to login to your WordPress dashboard is to go to This is what my dashboard looks like:

My dashboard will be more complicated than yours because I’ve been blogging for years. However, your dashboard should have a “Features” section. One of the first things is you

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