How To Start An Online Etsy Store

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Bongo! My name is Derek and I run Money Family. The site is all about making money online, with an emphasis on my shop’s specialty, woodworking. If you’re wondering how to start an Etsy shop, you’re in the right place. I still sell my woodworking hobby for $2k on Etsy.

How To Start An Online Etsy Store

How To Start An Online Etsy Store

Woodworking has long been a hobby of mine, and like most craftspeople, I’ve always wanted to start selling some of my work. Unfortunately, I also suffered from really bad imposter syndrome and never felt like my work was marketable enough and that I didn’t know the best things to sell on Etsy.

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In 2018, I started cooking. One of the tools used in making bread is called a scraper. This semi-circular piece of plastic is used to remove sticky, wet dough from the proofing bowl.

Well, instead of buying a $1 plastic tool, I thought I’d make my own out of wood. After using it a few times, I decided to post a picture of it on the subreddit.

Well, the place kind of blew up! Suddenly someone asked me if I bought a ton.

I sold a few via private messages on Reddit and soon after opened my Etsy shop.

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The next year I made a few sales a month, but my shop was mostly bust.

As of early November 2019, my store has been open for 16 months, and I’ve made a total of $470 in sales.

With the holidays around the corner, I decided to post on Reddit again. Well, this time I was ready to go shopping and made over $1,000 in the last two months of the year.

How To Start An Online Etsy Store

Suddenly, my products were ranking well in Etsy’s search results, and those sales gave me the confidence to start promoting more and putting more effort into my business.

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Etsy status, for which you get a small mark in your listing and a top rank in the search results.

My goal this year is to do more shopping on autopilot. I’m cutting back on how much I post on Instagram, cutting my advertising budget, and trying to set aside two evenings a week for fulfillment.

After all, I’m a stay-at-home dad to a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, running the Money household. So I have a little less free time!

With that said, if you are looking to start an Etsy shop, here are some things I would go back and do differently.

My Kid Wants An Etsy Shop. Now What?

The key to success on eBay is to sell products that people are looking for and ultimately want to buy. In the early days of my shop, I sold dough swords with silly names and short descriptions. That’s why almost no one saw my list. Even then, I only sell this product on eBay.

Etsy provides sellers with tons of information about how customers view their shop. The most important of these are search terms.

I have used this to my advantage to organize my listings and create new listings targeting popular keywords while trying to avoid saturated product placement.

How To Start An Online Etsy Store

I’ve also learned that, at least for me, one-off listings never sell well. For example, I can make a wooden bowl, and I only have one, depending on the dough pattern, of which I’ve sold hundreds at this point. Etzi will look at these two listings and know that scrapers are selling well. Therefore, they will perform well in the search results. When the bag is sold, it’s gone!

Etsy Online Shopping

I still make a product once in a while, but now almost all of my sales come from products I can make and sell.

It has been very helpful in my development over the past year. In my first 18 months with the business, I was too scared to approach other people in my cooking space. Although I got some feedback and started getting good reviews, I was worried that “real” bakers wouldn’t think my products were good.

I talked to a baker on Instagram who lived near me and ran ads. I reached out and asked if she would like to donate some of my products, and she happily agreed!

That first month seemed to open the door to what was possible, and I started applying for even bigger accounts. Almost all happily said yes, and their ads helped drive sales and build my Instagram profile with potential customers.

Etsy Banner Maker

With placement advertising, you can set a daily budget, and pay only when a potential customer clicks on one of your ads.

I left the ad on Etsy early and I regret it. Even a few dollars a day will bring in customers and start building a sales history that is important to start ranking your products in Etsy search results.

Off-site advertising is a new feature on Etsy. They display ads for your products on external websites like Google or other search engines. If your store is new and has no sales history, you can choose to register or close the program.

How To Start An Online Etsy Store

Please note that there is a 15 percent sales charge when advertising is placed off-site.

How Many Etsy Shops Can You Have?

Once you reach $10,000 in sales in the last 12 months, the program becomes mandatory, and the payout drops to 12%.

I think this program can be useful for new stores if you price your products correctly. Many new store owners run away from this sale, but they don’t know the program and don’t have enough of their products to pay after the 15% advertising fee.

When I started my shop, I started an Instagram account to go with it. My account was good at first, but unfortunately most of my students were other woodworkers.

Looking back, I wish I had been bolder to reach out to other influences in the bakery where my potential customers were staying.

Starting An Etsy Shop Checklist

Customer profile recognition, advertising, social media, distribution, etc.

Consider promoting your listing on Pinterest for a quick boost. You can use templates for pins and send them from Canva using the following templates:

That said, the paying customers who came to my store were mostly bakers who wanted to buy other kitchen items.

How To Start An Online Etsy Store

Although I had to be very careful, I kept my Etsy shop as a place to put whatever I wanted to make at the time.

How To Open A Second Etsy Shop

At various points during that year, I found wood and metal wedding bands (a nice product, but not where my focus should be), a few wooden bowls, wooden pegs, and a list of miscellaneous crafts.

Since then, I shop for starters, pizza/bakery, kitchen decor, and more. I listed. Currently 25% off orders on many items. And some of these new items have even surpassed doughnuts in popularity!

Branding your shop is important for selling more items and getting your listing higher in Etsy search results.

Etsy is a great way to build a side yard or even a full-time home business. If you’re thinking of selling your crafts on eBay, then go for it! It’s been a long road to get to where I am today, but none of this would have happened if I hadn’t put myself out there and started selling!

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Derek is a woodworker, writer and father of two young children. His website Money Family takes readers on a journey of building an online business. In his free time, Derek and his family can be found hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest or playing around their home. Etsy is one of the leading marketplaces for online shopping—especially for handmade, handmade, and vintage items. With more than 89 million active buyers, Etsy’s 5.3 million sellers have enough traffic to sell approximately $3.3 billion in merchandise in Q2 2022.

Although setting up a store on the online marketplace is convenient for users, there are several factors that need attention when opening an Etsy store, such as understanding fees, adding products and pricing.

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