Ideas For Decorating Your Office At Home

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Ideas For Decorating Your Office At Home

Ideas For Decorating Your Office At Home

Creating a home office is not an easy task. Because if you make a mistake, you don’t realize it

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You hear it—you feel it every workday from 9 to 5. A home office is cool enough to spend the day in, small enough to keep you focused, and of course, interesting enough to get your creative juices flowing.

“Life can be messy,” says Jennifer J. Morris, interior designer and principal of James Morris Design. “Organizing and prioritizing your workspace rewards the hard work you put in.”

Life can be enjoyed as it is. Organizing and prioritizing your workspace rewards the hard work you put in.

Start by finding a place to work. (No, it doesn’t have to be a separate room. According to Morris, you can do a lot with unused closets.) Then, start pulling your space together.

Home Office Design Ideas For Productivity (2023)

If you need inspiration, look no further. We’ve rounded up 31 truly amazing home offices — and highlighted design ideas worth stealing from each one.

Designing a home office can seem daunting. Fortunately, the first step is easy: think about how you want to work.

“I start by understanding how clients need space to work,” says Jenny Kramer, senior designer at Carolyn Brackett Design Studio. Ask yourself questions like: How do I want to work? What bothers me? When am I most productive?

Ideas For Decorating Your Office At Home

“For headquarters, especially, function shouldn’t trump beauty,” says Kramer. “Both must work together.” So, consider what you need from the space.

Best Office Decor Ideas To Design Your Workplace & Home Office

Most jobs require access to some type of equipment—whether it’s a large printer and copier or a neat notebook and pen. But chances are, you won’t need those devices all the time.

What kind of equipment do you regularly use in your work? Kramer asked. “What tools and equipment do you need that you don’t need full-time access to?”

After answering these questions, you can create a storage configuration that meets your needs. One of the preferences of designers is to create special shelves and cabinets.

“I love how custom sites have everything a client needs,” says Kramer. “If it’s well thought out and designed, it can smooth the workflow.”

Wall Decor Ideas To Take To The Office

When creating your home office, you need to set yourself up for success. Part of that is anticipating and avoiding pain points you might experience.

Think about what you’re putting in your space and whether it should be there. Does funky decor make your office cozier and more productive, or does it distract you from work?

The centerpiece of any home office is the desk, and you need to consider how the desk feels and looks. “Always invest at the right rate on schedule,” says Kramer. After all, you will spend more than a day there.

Ideas For Decorating Your Office At Home

Find a desk that’s big enough to provide a comfortable workspace, tall enough to accommodate your legs — and then consider the look.

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Most of us use large desktop monitors when we work — and some use more than one. With a little creativity, you can turn this useful material into a design element.

“If you work from home, you probably have multiple monitors on your computer,” says Ginger Curtis, owner and principal of Urban Designs. “It can be a design challenge, but we’ve found that installing a flat TV as your controller keeps the room clean and beautiful.”

Even if you don’t have room to mount your TV on the wall, you can keep the look complete by matching your monitor with a different color scheme. Pair the gray with a shiny silver monitor or pick a monitor that matches your all-white color scheme.

A clean coat of paint can go a long way in any space, and since home offices are smaller than living rooms or bedrooms, you can paint your home a bolder-than-average color.

Over 50 Home Office Ideas To Make Your Work At Home Better!

“Color is a great way to create an immediate impact,” says Curtis. “If your office is feeling tired or needs a makeover, a fresh coat of green or navy on your walls and shelves can create a nice vibe.”

When it comes to home offices, light is your friend. Beware of glare. Morris suggests “avoid glare and light the room for better vision.”

One of the most common mistakes people make in home office designs? “The computer area is just light and windows — and not thinking about the ideal desk area,” says Morris.

Ideas For Decorating Your Office At Home

Pair bright windows with drapes you can adjust throughout the day with snack lights and built-in dimmers. These two add-ons will put you in control of your home office environment.

Home Office Desk And Décor Ideas

Because home offices are highly functional spaces, casual decor can feel out of place. If something is good but impossible, is it worth building a house for? Fortunately, cute and practical aren’t your preferences. Well-designed desk accessories can add function and form to your equally sized space.

“Awesome desk organization tools can make a huge difference,” says Morris. “A pencil case, a cute stapler, and a tape dispenser can make your desk game.”

A good chair is not only beautiful – it’s comfortable and lasts all day. “Ergonomics should be a major consideration when choosing work desks and chairs,” says Morris. He recommends finding a seat that’s comfortable for you.

Kramer agrees. “If you sit all day, your desk chair should have good lumbar support,” he says. Comfort is worth the investment, and if the chair you’re looking at helps you work without distractions, it can pay off in no time.

Home Office Decor Reveal

Floor space is often at a premium in a home office, but you’ll still have plenty of wall space. “I like to incorporate beautiful solutions that tap into the essentials of the office,” says Morris. “I often use beautiful magnetic linen wallpaper on table tops and exposed walls.”

By combining this theme with some magnets, you can hang calendars, inspiration items and important documents on your wall.

If you don’t want to invest in wallpaper, you can always hang large cork boards for the same effect.

Ideas For Decorating Your Office At Home

Your home office doesn’t have to be in a separate formal room. If you’re pressed for space, all you need is a place to sit and work. And with a little creativity, you can stick your desk anywhere. Turn a low-hanging cupboard into a workspace or place a desk under the window. Then, grab a comfy chair and you’ll be fine.

Ideas On Decorating A Home Office Desk

Your home office shouldn’t be easy on the eyes—it should be easy to use. So make sure your essentials are always available. According to Morris, “cleaning house” can be very effective for your purpose. This may mean letting them sit at your desk, rather than keeping them out of sight, out of mind, and out of reach.

Books and a home office make a natural pair. Why? Your book needs a place to live, and so does your home office

“If you have a shelf, good books are very important,” says Curtis. Use a few to improve your storage arrangements and keep your favorite reference books in case you need to refer to them throughout the work day.

When setting up your home office, think about where you’ll be looking. “I like to choose the best view of the room and have the table facing it,” says Betsy Moyer, co-founder of Retreat and interior designer.

Best Home Office Decor Ideas 2021

But if there’s a lot of discomfort, you might be better off with a different system. “I find that giving it a shot—with a nice view of a favorite curtain against a colorful background or landscape—I like to look up at the sky while I’m brainstorming my next big idea,” she adds. .

Remember, you can always move furniture around if your current arrangement isn’t working. Spend some time looking at the best spot for your desk, considering visibility, lighting and how people enter the room, notes Moyer.

“Lighting is an important part of home office design,” says Kramer. He recommends mixing and matching different textures to add functionality and flexibility to your space.

Ideas For Decorating Your Office At Home

“Pairing bold decorative lighting with important task lighting can be an opportunity for fun situations,” he says. Pair your best task lights with bright statement lights.

Decorating On A Budget: Home Office Ideas

When creating your home office, you need to take care of your space

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