Ikea Office And Guest Room Ideas

Ikea Office And Guest Room Ideas – Living in small spaces is tricky, but I think with a little careful space planning and careful thought you can create a functional space that doesn’t have to compromise on style. As more people live in urban areas and with increasingly compact homes, whether we rent or invest in our first home, we need to make our homes work for us. And a lot of that comes from flexibility: Small spaces need to be adaptable to serve different functions, whether it’s a mood or a purpose.

I worked with IKEA to easily update my gray home office. You may remember that when I first decorated it last year, it looked like this. I was inspired by the IKEA AW19 Urban Minimalist trend to create a calm and organized dual-use space that offers a quiet retreat while working at home, yet quickly adjusts to the arrival of guests.

Ikea Office And Guest Room Ideas

Ikea Office And Guest Room Ideas

By pairing clean, functional designs with emphasized neutrals and natural textures, and taking a less is more approach, I’ve created a space that is relaxed and inviting, whether I’m working on my laptop and brainstorming or designing a space. to sleep well.

Creating An Ideal Workspace

[A.D. Disclosure: This post features an IKEA press release as part of a paid partnership on Instagram. I didn’t have to share this post, but I had so many photos that I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at the room!]

When I first decorated the guest bedroom/home office, it was still a spare room with a large queen bed taking up most of the space. After a while, I actually started working at the dinner table, where there was a little more room to spread out. But working and living in the same room isn’t good for everyone. When we came to dinner, there were stacks of papers on the dining room table, and I couldn’t interrupt work on my laptop by the sofa.

The home office turned into a kind of dumping ground, I closed the door and fell in love. It struck me that if I work from home every day, there really is no point in having a huge bed upstairs that eats up so much floor space. We only had occasional visitors, but I used my home as an office five days a week, if not more. If I was to take this freelancing life seriously, I needed my own space. A real home office that would inspire me every day.

So we abandoned the bed! And suddenly I saw all this space – not just physical space, but breathing space; so you can think in a room focused on work and creativity, not just sleep.

Ikea Catalog 2021 Work From Home Tips

I had the idea of ​​getting a sleeper sofa, but with the narrow hallway and stairs, the condo quickly became the only option. Then I found the IKEA FLEKKE sofa bed. It’s a smart solution for living in a small space: it’s a sofa during the day, but can quickly become a single bed or even a double bed.

With lots of pillows and blankets, it’s a cozy nook to work and read when I don’t want to sit at the computer across the table. It’s perfect for slow mornings with coffee and email on the laptop, or when I want to listen to a podcast as a break from work. However, when a friend arrives, the slatted base can be pulled out to create a spacious and comfortable bed for one or two. The sofa has two mattresses: simply stacked on top of each other when used as a single bed and next to each other when used as a double bed. Extra pillows, blankets and blankets can be kept close at hand in two drawers at the base.

A white daybed keeps things cool and fresh, while soft tones and nature-inspired details keep it out of the cold. Neutrals can still be cozy, they’re just layered textures.

Ikea Office And Guest Room Ideas

I think one of my new favorite pieces in the room is the RISBYN rice paper pendant and birch lampshade. With a honeymoon in Japan on the horizon, I’m obsessed with all things Japanese-inspired, and it seems I’m not the only one, Japanese design is a big trend in interiors right now. The shade gives a diffused glow and looks great lit up at night. It also attaches easily to the pendant, so there’s no need to call an electrician or worry about wiring – perfect if you’re renting and can’t change the digit.

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Baskets are never enough! They help keep clutter at bay and keep things organized. If I change the sofa bed and need things, I can quickly put my office supplies in the HANTVERK basket or put extra pillows in the larger SNIDAD rattan basket. The HANTVERK basket is made by artisans in India as part of social entrepreneur IKEA’s latest collection. It is hand woven with strips of banana fiber to give an organic shape that makes each basket unique.

A black and white patterned cushion from the same HANTVERK collection adds a monochromatic touch. Some rows are worked together with thread, which gives a subtle colorful detail. This is enough for me! Crafted from undyed and unbleached cotton, ODDRUN beige is just what you need for chilly days (the home office faces north and I’ve been noticing the chills lately). I also like the raw and roasted edges.

All these cozy details are obviously approved by Francis, he is the king of coziness! We enjoyed being back in the office and feel inspired again. It’s amazing what a few small, simple updates can do to transform a room and help you fall in love all over again. You don’t have to do a complete makeover or spend a fortune to get a fresh perspective. I can’t wait to open my door every morning and start my day here. If only I could sleep all day like her… If you stopped by my post yesterday you will see full photos of what this room was like before and my journey to a rarely used office, family office and guest room guests all in one transform. it is now one of my absolute favorite rooms in the whole house. I’ve teamed up with two of my all-time favorite companies, IKEA and Modify Ink, to show you how to create this space for yourself!

What difference! Since I’m a blogger and spend so much time on the computer, I wanted to create a room that everyone in the family could use, with multiple workstations, seating, and room to move around. Is it too much to ask for a guest room? I do not believe! By taking away the piano that has never been used and adding a sleeper sofa/mattress, this room has become a room we use every time. not married. during the day.

Before And After: How We Created A Functional And Intentionally Designed Office And Guest Room Combo On A Budget

I’m sharing a tutorial on how I made shelves with plumbing, yes using plumbing that you can pick up at your local Home Depot. On these shelves, I wanted to highlight the items that are important to us, like our Utah State University graduate certificates, and create an HER and HER space, so to speak.

I wanted this office to be sleek and modern, but in a way that reflects both our tastes and personalities. Paul served his mission in France, so I found this Eiffel Tower in a local thrift store, stacking books and old Robinson Crusoe from my grandfather’s vintage book store.

Storage unit: IKEA This is part of the BESTA collection and is one of my favorite pieces in the room because it hides so many knick-knacks that drive me crazy from our last office. Shredder, file system, printer and computer are neatly arranged in this unit. I almost want to call him, I like him so much.

Ikea Office And Guest Room Ideas

I love these IKEA chairs! Even though they are a bright color and I was worried about it when I had babies, it is leather and dries very easily. I’ve spent a lot of time on them and they are super comfortable. These drawers are new to IKEA and I love the way they look. I haven’t added any labels yet, but I like the shape and look. This table top is pure wood and extremely durable, I couldn’t be happier with the light and beachy look it gives to the whole room.

Hemnes White Daybed Frame With 3 Drawers

One of my favorite things about this room is that I used this ModifyInk print to hide all the cluttered routers.

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