Jobs You Can Do With No Experience

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Jobs You Can Do With No Experience

Jobs You Can Do With No Experience

Whether you’re ready to start work for the first time or looking to start a new job after a long layoff, you may be looking for a job with little or no experience. It may seem hopeless, but don’t give up! Here’s our list of the 20 best jobs you can get with no experience and no college degree.

How To Land A Remote Job With No Experience

💡 Many of these jobs include on-the-job training. Most employers will provide this training within the first week or month of employment, so you can start working and earning right away.

Here are some of the best entry-level jobs that require no prior training and can be obtained even if you’ve never worked in the field before:

Restaurant server jobs are available in cities and towns across the country. You can apply for a fast food chain, but it’s better to get prospects from tips and bonuses at high-end restaurants. Some restaurants require you to take a course on serving alcohol, while others require you to memorize the menu, but the training is minimal. If you enjoy a fast-paced environment and interacting with people, being a waiter or waitress may suit you.

There are many opportunities for delivery drivers in cities across the country, from UberEats, Instacart and DoorDash to bike delivery services. All you need is a high school diploma and a few days of on-the-job training to start earning more than minimum wage. Many drivers make $20 an hour or more during peak hours.

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If you dream of traveling, becoming a flight attendant requires only a high school diploma and three to six weeks of on-the-job training. Once you receive an FAA certificate of proficiency, you can begin flying. Being a pilot is a very lucrative, long-term career, but usually requires you to be near a major airport.

You’ll need strength and physical training to become a firefighter, but all you need to get started is a high school diploma. As a new firefighter, you will be trained to handle heavy equipment and emergency situations such as hazardous material spills and wildfires. Firefighting can be an exciting career and a way to give back to your community.

There is a strong market for virtual assistants as well as traditional administrative assistants. Strong organizational and communication skills are a plus, as are reading and typing skills. Administrative assistant jobs allow you to interact directly with departments and managers. This can be a good opportunity for you to learn the ins and outs of running a company and choose a career path in business.

Jobs You Can Do With No Experience

If you want to connect with people and explain value, becoming a sales representative can be a good option. There are usually no education or experience requirements. Many sales positions are commission-based, which means it can take months to earn your first commission. However, you will gain sales skills, which are always in high demand, and your income will increase over time.

Tips For Getting A Job With No Experience

Claims adjustment is a level job with many variables including adjusters, appraisers and auditors. The main task is to assess property damage and personal injury and accept or reject the claim. Initially, new hires work under a claims administrator, and some states require you to pass an insurance licensing exam. This is a good entry point if you are interested in working in the insurance industry.

If you’re willing to spend two weeks a month in a remote area with your primary residence, being a gas station attendant is one of the most rewarding jobs you can get without experience. Plus, oil rig jobs provide housing while you’re on the rig, which means you’ll save a lot of money on rent. Responsibilities include cleaning and maintenance of equipment, construction work and other oil drilling work.

📘 If saving for shelter while making money sounds interesting, check out our list of the best jobs.

Requirements for library technicians vary, but you can start with a high school diploma and no experience. If you have detail oriented and good people skills, this is a great job that you can get with no experience to add to your resume and open up more career opportunities.

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Security guard opportunities exist in many fields, from construction to community or security guards. Self-sufficient security. These jobs often provide housing. It’s a job you can get with no experience that provides an entry point for those interested. Interested in working in law enforcement or security management.

Construction workers are still in high demand, so you can get a job almost anywhere, even without experience. If you are willing to work hard, you will get a chance to learn from skilled workers. Whether learning a trade or becoming a supervisor or general contractor, there are many opportunities for advancement and growth.

If you know you want to go into a trade – plumbing, flooring, roofing, concrete or tree trimming are some options – you can start as an apprentice. You will receive a small salary while studying, but the training period is usually no more than a few months.

Jobs You Can Do With No Experience

If you love working with animals or are interested in a career as a veterinarian, this is another job you can get with just a high school diploma. While the pay may not be great, it can be a great step in your career or a way to make your college application stand out.

Work From Home Jobs You Can Start Today With No Experience

Many companies prefer candidates with no experience in marketing roles so they can train new hires in their unique marketing style. Again, this is a job that does not require experience but there is an opportunity to grow to executive management level.

Entry-level customer service jobs usually don’t require experience. You will develop problem-solving and communication skills and develop a greater understanding of the company’s vision. Many customer service jobs are fully remote with flexible hours, opening up options for single parents or those in school.

Most landscape jobs require only a few days of on-the-job training. Additional training for specialized work, such as landscaping or golf course management, can be obtained while on the job. In warm climates, the landscape is year-round, while in climates with cold winters, the landscape is seasonal.

If you don’t mind small spaces and different pests, it’s easy to learn pest control through on-the-job training. You can obtain the required state license while working. This is a potentially dangerous job due to exposure to hazardous chemicals, but a growing number of companies are promoting environmentally friendly and humane pest control.

Best Entry Level Social Media Jobs You Can Land With No Experience

Medical and dental jobs allow you to work directly with patients while receiving technical training. It is a great stepping stone to a career in dentistry or medicine with growth opportunities. Lots of examples.

If you’re willing to invest even a few months in training before applying for a job, you have a rewarding, long-term career path open to you. including:

Real estate agent jobs require only a high school diploma and no prior experience, but you will need to obtain your real estate broker’s license from the state. You usually spend one to three years as a sales agent before studying for the real estate broker exam. The exam costs $300-$500 and requires 10 days of study.

Jobs You Can Do With No Experience

Pharmacy technicians fill and label prescriptions for consumers or medical providers. You will need to pass the pharmacy technician exam and be trained to work in equipment operation and system management.

Work From Home Jobs You Can Start Today With No Experience Story

If you have a background in computer programming or design skills, as well as an advanced degree, you can become a web developer or web designer and create websites. This job has great earning potential even with no previous experience and no opportunity to move up.

You will need a commercial driving license, which may take a few months, but then you will be able to travel the country and earn good money. On-the-job training means you usually start as a co-driver until you are comfortable enough to drive yourself.

No degree is required, but each state sets a minimum age you can start bartending. You can improve your job prospects with a bartender certification. Bartending can be a lifelong career that builds ownership and management.

If you are interested in sustainable energy sources, you can train on the job to become a solar photovoltaic panel technician or a wind turbine technician. There is huge growth potential and interest in this field, which can set you up for a career as an energy consultant or owner.

Online Jobs With No Experience Needed (so You Can Travel More)

These are all jobs you can get without experience, but you still have to convince people to hire you.

👉 Don’t forget to dress for the job you want, present yourself professionally, show up on time and listen carefully

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