Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room – If you’re staring at a blank wall in your living room, trying to decide what to do with it, one of these six living room wall decor ideas can help!

Do I have large walls in my apartment? I don’t think every blank wall needs decorating, but I feel like this wall needs something I don’t know what! After searching for inspiration, I collected 2 of my favorite living room wall decor ideas to share!

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

To the right of the blank wall in the photo above, you can see the solution we used to decorate the largest of our four walls – the gallery wall! I used ten framed art prints in an evenly spaced grid around our media console and TV:

Design Coach: What To Do With A Large Blank Wall

Source: TV Console (similar). | Chandelier (Satin Bronze). | Textured white pillows Artificial fiddle fig leaves | Carpet Floor pouf Art Print Book: Collected Homes Book: Emily Henderson Style Book: Dog

My art prints are in 18″ x 24″ brushed brass frames – you can’t buy my exact frames separately (my pieces are shipped pre-framed) but they are very similar and come in both sizes or check otherwise they don’t. That’s a big need

A similar grid-like gallery wall can also be used on the larger wall behind the couch with the TV without removing the center frame. You can also create a gallery wall with a more eclectic look like our home office – check out our tips for creating your own!

Another great option for large living room walls is to hang two or three large pieces of art;

How To Choose Large Wall Art For Living Room

I love this look and the wing prints are amazing! For a cheaper option, make sure you can lower the frame yourself I think it’s also a good idea to create a series with a continuous image, for example for a beach style house:

A large tapestry is a great idea for living room wall decor because with one piece you can fill a large wall and add color and texture to your space. You just have to be careful how you hang your tapestry because some tapestries can make your room look too lofty, which may not be what you are looking for. I like the more customized look of hanging them on a hanger like this:

I’ve seen a big change in large bare living room walls with built-in bookcases, but if that’s not in your budget, large freestanding bookcases can give you the same look. A miracle:

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

It also comes in a smaller width and a configuration to hold a TV Using both endings also works:

Large Canvas Wall Art

A large floor mirror can stand out beautifully on a bare wall in the living room, especially if it’s opposite a window and can reflect light into the room. Completely elegant and features a traditional design with an updated twist so it looks great in a variety of decor styles:

Living rooms are often filled with square-sided items—coffee tables, TVs, media consoles, etc.—so adding round baskets to the wall breaks things up and adds texture and softness. I love the look of a group of baskets of different shapes:

Here’s how I found this basket (I have the large size) sitting on a shelf in our apartment in NC:

Instead of a group of small baskets, you can also use two or three large wall baskets, for example;

Large Wall Decor Ideas

I bought it to hang on the wall in our master bathroom and will hang it temporarily until I move the furniture in, but I love this spot in our entryway! Our entryway is the next area I tackle – now that our contractors aren’t backing down, I’m ready to put up the wallpaper I’ve been holding off on for over a year. Stay tuned…

So, which blank wall solution do you prefer? I lean toward grouping baskets on my bare walls because not only do I like the look, but I’m always looking for a place to use them in the house in the future. What do you think?

Want ideas for decorating another room in your home? Check out my post on Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas! If you have a big blank wall in your home and are looking for ideas, tips and inspiration for wall decor, look no further!

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

At the gallery, we often see people looking for ideas to cover a large wall in their living room We’ve compiled a list of four great wall ideas and art pieces that can make a statement and instantly liven up that empty wall.

Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas To Infuse Style And Personality

Let’s start with some considerations when deciding on an interior design strategy Often, blank walls in a home require a large art or art set to fill all or most of the space. In recent years, gallery walls have also become a popular choice and a worthy competitor to large wall art. A bonus is that they are adaptable and can grow to any size needed for the space

On a bare wall, artwork should hang at eye level, with the center point between 57 – 60. Art at eye level

If you need to cover a serious surface, diptychs and triptychs certainly fit the bill and are functional enough to hang over a sofa, over a staircase, over a bed, or on a bare wall with no furniture.

Another idea to decorate a large blank wall is to choose a panorama A panorama is an art with a wider view than usual, which makes them a good choice for decorating large walls. Abstract art and fine art photography lend themselves to panoramic formats It’s easy to get completely absorbed in the clear view of a distant place, just as you are enjoying the view

How To Decorate Your Large Living Room

If you’ve been following MK Envision Gallery, you probably know how much we love gallery walls. If you’re like us and find it hard to pick a favorite, gallery walls are the perfect solution! Go eclectic and mix and match to create a personal art collection, or choose a theme and have fun finding complementary pieces. Either way, a big statement can be made by completely transforming your space

For more detailed step-by-step instructions and more practical tips for hanging a ladder on a gallery wall, check out our complete gallery wall guide.

Picture shelves or picture ledges are another fun way to add lots of interest to a large wall with the added bonus of super shelves. We love gallery walls because each one is unique and personal The beauty of the pattern shelf is that you get the same unique elements, plus the added ability to easily swap out certain prints for the season (or whenever!). You can refresh or completely change the look of the room

Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Shop our collection of wall art from our curated gallery or create your own with small art prints of your favorite subjects like the beach, desert, nature or travel.

Large Wall Art Ideas For Neutral Decor

Want to see how the image looks on a real wall at home? Click below to learn more about our free offer: Not sure how to decorate a large wall? Instead of seeing it as a wide, open space to cover, think of it as a blank canvas Chances are today I’m sharing 10 wall decor ideas in our home and examples of each, as well as some tips and ideas for getting started on your project!

Before you start filling your walls with *all the stuff*, there are a few things to keep in mind

Now that we’ve covered the basics and what I try to keep in mind when planning wall decor, let’s take a look at 10 different ways to decorate a large wall!

If you’re trying not to spend a lot of money on a large piece, you can create a wall of art that can be hung on a gallery wall and function as a larger piece on a smaller scale. There are many methods and tons of options to perfect it

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas To Reinvigorate Blank Spaces

. You can choose a curated, diverse range or go a more uniform route In the breakfast nook, I used the same Ikea frame to display the iPhone

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