Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

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Small apartment living room ideas are something we’re always looking for because most of us don’t have a ton of space. It’s always inspiring to see how creative you can be in decorating well-thought-out, stylish, small living rooms and apartments and all its little parts.

Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

We’ve rounded up five spots that show you just how much you can do in a small apartment—from practical tips for expanding your space to buying multifunctional furniture that makes your room work hard.

The Top 39 Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

There is a tendency to focus only on functionality when decorating a small apartment living room from scratch. But yes, practicality is just as important as design in small spaces, that doesn’t mean you can’t think about style.

We’ve got the practical advice and inspiring design ideas you need, so keep scrolling to get inspired…

When it comes to choosing furniture for a small apartment living room, less can be more. Really think about the pieces you need and it will be very useful.

Storage and seating are essential, but why ditch the sofa for two cozy seats or opt for a smaller sectional that can be tailored to your space? When deciding on storage, think about what furniture you can buy that can double as storage, so you don’t have to waste space with just storage pieces. Coffee tables with hidden storage are perfect for this, as are TV units.

Apartment Decorating Ideas To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

We’ve already suggested keeping things simple in a small room so that the space is as large and airy as possible

We may need to backtrack a bit on this point. Don’t be afraid to add a lot of “stuff” to a small room, you don’t want it to feel overwhelming and overwhelming, so be sure to add patterns and patterns that suit your style. It actually makes the space look bigger because having enough on the wall can highlight the edges of the room.

Our advice is to keep at least two walls clean and ensure there is still some negative space.

Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

So, even with all your beautiful pieces, replace dark, bulky furniture with more slender pieces to prevent your small living space from feeling too crowded. Light should still pass through your space, and you should leave plenty of space between the furniture and the floor for ventilation.

Budget Friendly Apartment Living Room Decor Ideas

It’s interior design 101, pictures make a space look bigger. A strategically placed mirror can make a small room feel bigger and lighter. Go for a simple image, nothing too heavy or ornate and too big that you think your space can handle. On the wall, instead of mounting it high up behind your furniture, hang it on the floor like in the bedroom above, or get a picture cushion that leans against the wall (a great solution if you’re renting).

A very simple, small apartment living room idea that doesn’t involve buying anything new is to transform your space. When designing a living room layout, there is a common tendency to throw all your furniture against the walls.

But trying to regain those precious few inches can often backfire. Instead, copy this small room design and move your furniture away from the wall to create space outside the room and group it around a central coffee table.

We’re all always interested in trying to make a small space look bigger, but what if we were given a smaller size? You want your living room to be cozy and inviting, and small rooms are perfect for that, so add soft furnishings, lots of low, bright lights (even fairy lights, obviously) and your dirty but charming space.

How To Decorate A Studio Apartment

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When square footage is limited, it’s important to keep everything organized, so extra storage is needed. Wall-mounted shelves look great even in small living rooms (as the #shelfie trend proves), they’re usually inexpensive, and they save valuable floor space.

Choose a mix of open and closed shelves so you can hide unsightly clutter and display your favorite succulents and healthy houseplants. Check out our gallery for more inspiring shelf ideas.

Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

In general, crisp white walls and minimal colors always make a small room feel more spacious. But neutral doesn’t mean boring, there are many neutral colors you can use to create a more interesting space. Combine whites with whites, creams, grays and browns to add a lot of depth, but still keep the scheme bright and fresh.

Small Studio Apartment Design: An Interior Designer’s Favorite Tips

It may be common knowledge that if you want to expand a room in a small apartment, you should stick to bright colors, but color lovers have no fear, because filling a room with color can have the same effect. Choosing a bold, colorful palette can really draw attention away from a small area of ​​a room.

If you prefer a more dynamic aesthetic than magnolia-blo, stick with it. Come up with a little plan, pick some colors and throw them around the room to make the space stand out – rugs, cushions, rocks. , soft furnishings will be your friend here.

You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes to lose your furniture legs and replace them with a wall mount. But raising these pieces of furniture just a few inches off the floor makes the eye feel like there’s more space because nothing breaks up the floor area.

I know what’s coming. In every gallery about small spaces, step into the Marie Condo and downsize is your best choice. Sorry guys, there’s a reason you’re asking so much, and it’s true. The best way to create a light, airy, spacious small room is to have really few things.

Apartment Decorating And Small Living Room Ideas

Now this doesn’t mean you have to take everything and put a sofa in the middle of your room, but look at everything in your current space and decide if it works and could it work better somewhere else? What does it bring to the room? If you have fewer items to access your space, you’ll immediately find yourself making it look bigger.

A very easy hack of curtains to give a small room some height. Hang the curtain just above the window and let it fall to the floor to create the appearance of large windows and high ceilings. Choose a light, floating object where you want to maximize natural light.

An easy way to make a small apartment living room look bigger? Add a large blanket. In a small space, lots of small furniture and decorations floating around make the room feel small. But a large rug that’s almost room-sized doesn’t take up floor space and can be used as an anchor for your furniture. Think of the dimensions of the rug as the edges of the room and plan your design around that.

Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

Using glass or acrylic furniture in a small space is a way to get some extra furniture without adding too much visual clutter to the space. They add extra surface space to rest your coffee on, but when not in use they’re almost blue in the background because light passes through them. smart

Studio Apartment Design Ideas For Small Spaces

You always want a small space to be well lit, but you don’t want it to come from one source. Layered lighting is important to create atmosphere, so make sure we have some lighting in our space. Along with the ceiling lamp, add some wall sconces (since small apartment rooms take up zero floor space) and a floor lamp for soft but more focused lighting.

This statement floor light works almost like a pendant and adds a real focal point to the room.

A great way to decorate a small apartment on a budget is secondhand sales. Look around thrift stores and eBay to find bargains, and even if something isn’t quite right, think about whether you can pick it up to make your space better. Buy second-hand furniture and decorations

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