Living Room Dining Room Combo Decorating Ideas

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Whether it’s a studio, apartment or modern home, we all love the airy nature and high design of an open floor plan. However, creating a clear separation from one room to another while maintaining the sense of open space is a challenge. But one of the most important parts of an open floor plan is the living room and dining room. These are places where you can relax, enjoy food and entertain friends. So, it does not mean that the living room and the dining room should be as functional as they are beautiful.

Living Room Dining Room Combo Decorating Ideas

Living Room Dining Room Combo Decorating Ideas

When creating your dining room and living area, it is important to make room for everyone-or you will end up spending dinner on the couch, in front of the TV. Eat from a tray. First, you’ll want to arrange the furniture in a way that will enhance the functionality of your open plan interior without sacrificing style. Next, you want to decorate the two spaces in a way that gives each its own uniqueness without clashing with the other. Finally, tie them together in a cohesive way and flow into the future. You make a partition, but you want one room to easily lead you to the other.

Before & After: Traditional Dining Room And Living Room Makeover

We know, it’s a lot! But don’t worry, we got you. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to pull it off, plus some great Pinterest inspiration to help bring your vision to life. First, how to use a living room that doubles as a dining room, regardless of how much space you use. Because shopping less is better for sanity, we’ve rounded up the essentials to spruce up your new space.

Adding a rug to a space adds texture, warmth and color, but it also works wonders to define and divide spaces. Create a clear separation between your living room and dining room with each choosing their own rug. It creates visual boundaries that show you and your guests where the living room begins and the dining room ends. Since they come in many shapes and sizes, you can always find one that suits you. Roll up your fabric and go decorate it. It was easy, wasn’t it?

Screens are a great way to divide any space, but they defeat the purpose of the open concept. Instead, use furniture to create the necessary separation from room to room. When placed in an orderly manner, the back of your bed can act as a great room divider, it won’t create a temporary wall and spoil your open plan. Move your sofa to the back of the dining room. Doing so closes off each room in a way that is clear and feels its own. Now, set up your living room with the essentials (coffee table, end tables, accent chairs, whatever) and place them in front of the sofa in a way that makes sense. Likewise, you have a complete living room that doesn’t clash with your dining area.

As you already know, it is important to think about the size and shape of your physical space when decorating, but do not forget to think about your final goal of the space before you start. Depending on your lifestyle, you may not need a large dining room for entertaining. If you have the opportunity to hold a movie night than a dinner party, you will probably benefit from a large sofa and a small dining table.

How To Decorate And Create Spaces In An Open Floor Plan

If you prefer a larger living room space, consider swapping the formal dining room for a kitchen bistro. You’ll still have a designated dining area, but your entertainment space will double.

If you like the idea of ​​a kitchen bistro table, but giving up an apartment with space for a kitchen island seems like the reality of having your own private island, fear not. Place a small bistro table near your living room area as a place to enjoy your morning coffee or weeknight dinner. Then, when you have friends over, use small dining room chairs for extra seating in your living room.

When defining a space, we recommend that you look at design elements beyond seating options and carpet designs. Adding simple accessories and design elements can make any space your own. For example, hang a pendant light above the dining table to give your dining area its own glow. This will make the dining area look defined and familiar. Also, painting an accent wall in the living room or hanging wallpaper in the dining room can give the space its identity.

Living Room Dining Room Combo Decorating Ideas

Go for everything you need to expand your open concept design. Add everything from rugs to lighting to your shopping cart, and you’ll have a dining room for hosting dinner parties and a living room that luxury for gathering with friends.

Home Tour :: Townhouse Living And Dining Room — Anna Osgoodby Life + Biz

Don’t forget to take measurements and plan several design options before making the final design. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did. Today we tackle an age old problem… What do I do if I have a room that needs two things done? How can I decorate a shared room?! In fact it can be a living room and a dining room, a living room and a home office, a dining room and a kitchen … but in this small case let’s focus on the whole situation of the room lounge/dining room. Why?

Hi Betsy, My living room and dining room are actually one big room, but I want to decorate them to make them feel like two separate spaces. I don’t even know where to start! Thank you. – Sydney

Sydney, I have 5 quick and easy fixes for you…let’s start with the most obvious.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how easy it is to overlook a simple solution. When trying to create two different spaces in one room try to plan each space clearly.

Best Dining Room Ideas

This doesn’t mean you have to take a map and make a battle plan, but make sure you treat each area as a separate room. Target each area (physically or mentally…whatever works for you) and plan accordingly.

When trying to create two separate areas, it helps to make a line of sight with the main property. The most common solution is to position your sofa in such a way that it cuts the room in half. Your sofa is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room so it will have a distinct line in the center of your space!

Bonus tip: Even if your space is too small for a hallway, two spaces will still work by placing your desk or table behind your bed. In the case of the table, the bench can slide down quickly and easily for chairs that you can pull out for company.

Living Room Dining Room Combo Decorating Ideas

In fact, if you have enough space in your space, a sofa table is a great way to divide your space. Place a few large objects above (like a lamp or a rug) directly behind your sofa. The visual height will help to divide the space more.

Modern Living Room Ideas You’ll Love In 2023

That probably makes you cringe, but I love carpets, so this makes me cringe inside!

Rugs are a big ticket item, they add pattern and softness to your space, but the best part is that they have their place anywhere. Even under the rug it visually divides your space… Two rugs, two areas, two areas, one room.

It can be a bit difficult… mainly because not all rooms are that big. If your room is big enough to divide the room into two areas, the easiest way is to divide it physically. The body space is amazing…bonus points for the view that makes way for a long corridor runner.

Look at the physical separation between the kitchen and the living room. There is obviously a lot of space (it feels like an entire dining room!) and it helps define the differences between each area.

How To Decorate A Living Room That Doubles As A Dining Room

Instead of a gallery wall that surrounds the entire space (like tip #2!), use art to define each space. A large picture or pictures in each area helps the eye to define each area as a separate area. Try to use art that fits the room…go as far as you can without losing balance.

Remember when Emily Gilmore played Richard from the Year in the Life episodes? Yes? Well, unless you’re actually trying to make a statement

Use your furniture

Living Room Dining Room Combo Decorating Ideas

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