Making An Office In A Small Space

Making An Office In A Small Space – After sharing more pictures of my apartment, I thought you’d finally get an idea of ​​the small space I’m working on. Fortunately, my living room is more spacious than I thought. It can easily fit a sofa, a coffee table, two bookshelves and another piece of furniture. Originally it was a TV console, which I also used as storage. But when I started working more from home, I realized that my couch wasn’t enough for work. So my only option is to replace my TV console with a small home desk.

Creating a home office in a room that doubles as my comfort zone is no easy task. At first I set up this small workspace, but over time it got messy and I avoided it and continued working on my couch. I need to create a calmer space with softer colors and less clutter. So I started with a new table.

Making An Office In A Small Space

Making An Office In A Small Space

The table itself should be simple enough not to distract from the rest of the room, yet unique enough to create a space with a style of its own. To find the perfect piece, turn to DENY’s latest obsession. If you love prints and colors like me, then you should check out DENY. They have literally thousands of designs from over 170 artists, and any design can be used on any of their products. The items are then made to order so that you get something truly unique and personal to you. I can’t get enough! I chose this table because its simple design makes it so versatile and it has that beach vibe that I love so much. Check out more of my top picks here!

Small Office Space 101: All The Basics You Need To Know

Once I choose the perfect table, I have to find a way to create some kind of separation in the room. First, I decided to put my desk against a wall to prevent distractions. And instead of just staring at a blank wall, I hang these pretty prints, also by DENY (find them here, here and here) to keep me motivated. Art hanging above your desk is also a great way to create a unique atmosphere in this part of the room.

Then I built a small shelving system using some boxes I got at the Brooklyn flea market. I love how resilient these kids are. Use them as baskets or stack them vertically like this. I organize my files and other items in boxes and place them near the desk to separate that area from the rest of the room.

Once I have the main elements down, I finish off the look with some accessories. Boxes are my favorite way to organize things, and DENY features beautiful wooden boxes that you can customize with any design. As soon as I saw the artwork, it caught my eye.

I love how I ended up creating a workspace with a beach that is similar to other apartments, but different enough to feel like a space in its own right. I declutter the space and introduce soft colors to create a serene and inspiring workspace.

How To Make A Home Office In A Small Space

// THANKS DENY Designs for helping to sponsor this post! As always, all my opinion :).

Hello my friend! I’m Amanda, founder of Advice from 20 Something. I’m from the East Coast, but I always felt like I was from California, so I went to San Francisco after college and never looked back. I have an obsession with dogs, I have a major obsession with candy, and I’m not a morning person. Most importantly, I believe we all deserve true happiness and I’m trying to make the transition into adulthood as easy as possible by creating (hopefully) useful content here :).

So you have an idea of ​​how flexible your 20s can be. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s think about this whole life together. Work from home. We all got used to it in the last year and I predict that in the future we will be spending less time in the office and more working from home.

Making An Office In A Small Space

But what if you live in a tiny house and don’t have an extra room to use as a home office? There is an easy and stylish way to add a home office to your small home.

Strategies For Designing A Small Office Space

From cabinets to bookcase dividers, you can create a functional, stylish, and comfortable home office in your home, no matter how big (or small) it is.

What is Cliff? It’s very simple, it’s a combination of desk and wardrobe. This might scare you a little, because working in a closet doesn’t look fancy and it’s a little intimidating, but you can totally turn your (built-in) closet into a great workspace.

Shelf faces are also inexpensive to make, with a small wooden shelf you can pick one up at the hardware store for a few dollars and you can make a nice cliff face. These examples will show you.

Another advantage of Cloface is that you can hide your desk space when you are not working. But not all (used) safes have doors. If you still want to hide your office space, you can consider adding curtains or sliding doors (which save space too) that you can close when you need the workspace. It also adds warmth and texture to your home.

How Big Should An Office Be

Wall-to-wall cabinets make the most stylish home offices. Also add a shelf above the table for extra storage. The sleek Cloface wallpaper gives it a really cool look.

Two clever design ideas are incorporated into the shelf above. These cabinets are pretty small, so by adding a fold-out table, you’ll create more workspace in your cabinet. (I also love all the pops of color on this cape)

A good way to enhance your colors is to add wallpaper (removals) for a nice pop of color. The photo above also shows that you can place an actual desk on a slope (not the wall-mounted shelves you’re used to seeing) to give it a more cluttered look.

Making An Office In A Small Space

Strange place under the stairs. Small space under a sloping roof. You can all use it for the home office. With custom shelving and storage solutions, you can use every nook and cranny to create a truly functional home office.

Of The Smartest Work From Home Solutions We Saw This Year

I’ve never seen the storage solution for a pitched ceiling which you can see in the top left photo, but it’s genius. Sloped ceilings are often considered inconvenient because you can stand there and tall furniture is useless, but you can add narrow storage boxes to the slanted ceiling which are perfect for storing papers.

Bookcases do not need to be attached to the wall. By using a bookshelf as a dividing wall, you can create a home office separate from other rooms.

This way you add a little privacy, keep your home office out of sight when you’re not working and use bookshelves as a partition wall, for storage in your temporary office. There is also plenty of space.

This shelving system can be found on Etsy and is perfect for small spaces. Create a separate home office with extra storage space.

How To Create An Organized Office! Small Touches That Make A Big Impact

The IKEA Kallax bookcase is perfect for creating a home office with lots of storage. Plus, the open cabinet construction helps keep your home office bright.

If you live small, always use the height of your room. Now I know no one is lucky enough to have high ceilings but when your room is the right height you should definitely opt for it.

Do you live in a one-room apartment? Get a loft bed and put your desk. Of course this is also important if you have separate bedrooms. It’s all about what you want to prioritize in your home, a home office is probably more important than a bed.

Making An Office In A Small Space

A foldable table is ideal for small spaces because it doesn’t get in the way when not in use. You can make one yourself (there are plenty of tutorials on the web), but some stores sell foldable tables, too.

How To Make The Most Of A Small Home Office Space

The 4NM Folding Table can be purchased on Amazon and is ideal for small spaces. The desk is large enough for comfortable work and you can fold it against the wall when you don’t need it.

Mr. IRONSTONE folding table on the left, the (waterproof) wood top gives it a warm look. There’s no fold-out table right, but this over-the-desk storage solution from Lofia is pretty clever. You don’t need extra cabinets cluttering up your space. When I first started working from home, I found myself struggling to get anything done. This was largely because I was struggling to adjust to the fact that my home, a place normally reserved for rest and relaxation, was now a place of focus and productivity. . I will be lazy to work

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