Office Bedroom Combo Ideas

Office Bedroom Combo Ideas – Not everyone has a big house and if you face the problem of lack of space, combining spaces is a great idea to solve it. We have already presented how to add a home office to the bedroom, living room and kitchen and today we will share another popular combination: the guest room to the home office.

There are two ways to go: smooth transition without dividing the space or visual separation between the two areas of design and furniture or colors. You can also go for a dormitory with a comfortable bed or in the case of a severe lack of space choose a sofa that turns into a bed when needed. Let’s look at all the examples.

Office Bedroom Combo Ideas

Office Bedroom Combo Ideas

If you have enough space in the guest room, treat your guests to a real bed and visually divide the work and sleeping areas. Choose a table in a different shade, place it near a window or a wall away from the bed. Another good idea to divide these areas is to make a raised bed and place it under the table. If you can’t spend too much space in the work area, go for a window view that doesn’t work on a regular desktop.

Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas That Actually Work

A calm and airy guest room with plenty of dark white vintage table and chair to complete the look.

The guest bed and home office are connected by orange, making it a cool place

The guest room has a home office with bookshelves and a wooden table by the window for comfortable work.

A minimal guest room with a bed and a table by the window makes it spotless and seamless.

Best Home Office Ideas 2021

If your guest’s bedroom is too small, you should replace the bed with a sofa bed, which does not take up much space but gives enough space to sleep at the same time. As for the table, it can be a window or even built-in with built-in shelves. If the room is small, it is not necessary to separate the spaces in any case, and there are many combinations that allow the bed and the table to be placed very close, the table can be used as a bedside table.

A sofa instead of a bed and a glass table by the window in a small space

In the guest room there is a comfortable bed by the window and a glass and metal table

Office Bedroom Combo Ideas

Guest room with two beds and shared home office by the window.

Bedroom Office Ideas For The Ultimate Work Life Balance

A quiet and airy guest room with a comfortable sofa bed and a table by the window

A small space with a day bed that can be used for sleeping and a nice desk with a chair for a home office

A neat home office with a wooden leg table by the window and a gray couch that could be a bed.

An airy and bright space with built-in shelves and a desk plus a small couch that turns into a bed

Beautiful Bedroom Home Office Ideas

We use cookies to improve your experience and support our mission. By using our websites, you consent to our use of guest room cookies. A bedroom can be the perfect place to squeeze in an office if no other options are available. You will find peace and distance in the most important areas of life – not to mention the bed is close if you need sleep or important time to think!

If you break down an adjacent wall, a section of the partition wall (called an end wall) will help create separation. It’s important to switch off at the end of the day! Check out our collection of 25 ideas for adding a home office to your bedroom below. We hope you were inspired to make this addition that is comfortable and beautiful. have a nice time! FYI: In the photo above, the wall color is Benjamin Moore HC-155 Newburyport Blue.

Tell us: Are you planning to add a home office to your bedroom? Tell us all your design ideas in the comments.

Office Bedroom Combo Ideas

Note: Check out another inspiring article on home office ideas: 25 Creative Small Home Office Design Ideas That Will Inspire You.

Bed With Desk Attached

The small bedroom has transparent doors that do not let in natural light, but provide a privacy screen from the home office. If you have extra space in your bedroom, this would be a great idea to steal! Separation of spaces so you don’t feel like you’re sleeping and working in the same room.

A homeowner from Dallas, Texas, was in desperate need of an office in her home. The solution was to create it in her master bedroom. The idea was to be able to close the space so that it looks like a closet, clean and tidy. If you have space in your master bedroom, or even a spare bedroom, turn the walk-in closet into an office. It will be quiet, and when the doors close, you won’t even know he’s there.

One of the problems you can overcome with an office in your closet is the light, because closets often don’t have windows. Consider adding an overhead light to your desk lamp to help with task lighting.

If you need a guest room for the occasional overnight visitor, why not have a combined office/guest room? Install the pull-out wall bed (Murphy bed) inside the closet so it can be tucked away when not in use.

Bedroom Office Ideas

A pin board or magnetic board above your desk helps keep you organized with notes, reminders and inspiration.

Instead of a bedside table next to your bed, why not add an office desk with an easy chair. Related accessories really help personalize your space… and make it more fun!

In the upstairs bedroom, the bay window used to accommodate a built-in desk. Not only do you have a lot of natural light in this space, but there is plenty of storage to keep things (like a printer) out of the way. A professional… and comfortable work chair will complete the look. But since this is at home, you don’t need to go with a professional, just look at the image above for inspiration.

Office Bedroom Combo Ideas

Home office with a view! This master bedroom rises back above the street, offering stunning treetop views. It gives you a floating feeling, we can get motivated to work here, how about you? This modern lake house is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina.

Office Guest Room Ideas For A Versatile Space

Another clever way to hide your office space in your bedroom is to create a “now-you-see-now-you-don’t” layout. If you have an empty alcove – or you can pull out the closet doors – put the table and shelves in the space. Install a full-length hose, hiding it from the entire work area when not in use.

It is not good to keep laptops, desktops, cables and papers in the bedroom. Your bedroom should promote rest and relaxation. If your bedroom is the only space in the house that you can turn into an office, then hiding it can be a great option. The upstairs bedroom has closet doors that close off the office alcove when not in use.

The office desk can be used as a bedside table. Be sure to personalize it with photos, a flower vase or any other detail that helps inspire you in your work day.

A young child’s room offers the convenience of a desk and built-in storage closet, perfect for homework and privacy!

Living Room Office Ideas For Your Wfh Desk

If you have an office that doubles as a workshop/guest room, don’t despair. Combining a hideaway bed will give you the best of both worlds!

In this master bedroom in Denver, Colorado, classic barn doors were incorporated into the design. The door can be used to close off the home office or master bathroom. Want to visit the rest of this house? We featured the article here: Mid-Century Estate With Modern Appeal in Colorado.

If you live in a small house or apartment, your office will probably be in your bedroom or living room. If you choose to add an office to your bedroom, make it cozy like the Scandinavian bedroom above. Choose furniture according to the style of the room. Don’t forget to personalize it, it’s your home, add some style!

Office Bedroom Combo Ideas

If your bedroom is characterized as an office space, consider a narrow desk. It will be small, but still wide enough to accommodate a laptop and any other necessary accessories. Instead of choosing a more formal chair, why not consider something more interesting, like the curved option above. It complements the white color palette and provides comfort during long working days at the computer. The Eames armchair with plastic legs is available for purchase here.

Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

When designing your office space, try to avoid the cubic aesthetic. if you

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