Office Craft Room Design Ideas

Office Craft Room Design Ideas – A craft room calls for creative remodeling ideas. Rachel Beach may have had a spare room to work on DIY projects in her home in Culpeper, Virginia, but she didn’t have a proper workspace, so she often strewn everything on the floor.

Before: The spare room didn’t have a convenient crafting setup, and the art supplies stacked in the trash didn’t inspire much creativity. |

Office Craft Room Design Ideas

Office Craft Room Design Ideas

To improve the temporary setup, Rachel started by painting the walls with a light and economical paint. She chose a neutral color palette to make her accessories, which she wanted to be within reach and not packaged in containers, pop.

New Home Office And Craft Room Reveal

Then she and her husband, Brent, installed oak cabinets bought off Craigslist along one wall, painted them white and gave their 7-year-old son, Blake, space for homework and art projects .

After: Some new storage accessories, as well as chairs and curtains already on hand, completed the room. |

To display and organize art supplies, Rachel hung a framed chalkboard, used file pockets to create a wall station, and made pine 2x4s for storage. Above Blake’s station he installed 1×6 poplar with wire and metal clamps, where his work could rotate in and out.

Rachel and her son now have their own spaces to work on art projects, homework and blogs. “It feels fun and colorful without being overwhelming,” says Rachel. “This is the room of my dreams!”

Craft Room Ideas

Get the latest vintage home news, trusted tips, tricks and clever DIY projects from our experts straight to your inbox. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, an artist or creative who works from home, or just want to explore your artistic side in your spare time, a dedicated craft space is a game changer. Indeed, setting aside a space that helps you relax and promotes productivity can make all the difference in honing your craft or finally making time to let your imagination run wild. So read on for these nineteen craft room ideas to get your projects started, whether you have a spare room to transform or just an empty corner.

A well-lit workspace is essential, especially when it comes to detail-oriented crafts. If the overhead lighting isn’t bright enough, bring another table lamp. Or save surface space with a fireplace. Hang a pretty picture, paint the walls blue, and add some contrast with a modern Lucite chair, like this small workspace by J.P. Horton.

If your craft room is all about weaving and/or knitting, check out this workshop by artist Lindsey Campbell, who runs the weaving-centric blog Hello Hydrangea. Keep all your stuff close at hand with a modular wall shelf to keep all your supplies (wire, string, spools, etc.) organized. Then use glass jars to recycle scraps and bins to organize.

Office Craft Room Design Ideas

Children also need a place to let their imagination run wild. But they also need a dedicated space to organize all their markers, pens, brushes and paper, so make sure you invest in some items that keep everything in one place. An easel with built-in pencil storage, a portable desk stand and a few hooks or a wall unit to hang finished products, as seen in this kid-friendly craft room by Natasha Baradaran. great ideas.

Chic Craft Room Design & Décor Ideas

Speaking of kid-friendly craft rooms… If you’re setting up a kid’s craft room, consider using chalk paint so kids can literally write on the walls. Regan Baker attached traps to the wall in this playroom to keep chalk organized and easy to find.

A horizontal paper cutter on the back of the height table allows easy access to kraft paper for sketches or gift wrapping. Designer Barbara Kurgan included custom storage below the work surface to keep frequently used materials hidden but within reach.

Do yourself a favor and opt for a large table or desk instead of something small. Even if it takes up most of the room, a large table will allow you to stretch out and be creative. If there is no storage space or drawers, just use the walls.

Craft rooms usually have a lot of scraps. Bring bins and boxes to stay organized and reduce clutter (or at least out of sight). Check out this craft room in Sharon Lee’s Santa Monica bungalow and put them under the table.

Copy This Craft & Sewing Room Makeover!

Instead of going for boring stock, opt for design-friendly options like the Lucite tape dispenser. Then remove items like paper clips and clips from their original packaging and dispose of them in modern baskets and bowls.

Wallpaper is an easy way to dress up your craft room and make it even more polished if you ever want to use it for something else. Opt for a gray print to show off your bold arts and crafts, as seen in this room from Tali Roth Designs.

If you don’t have enough space for your creative work, it’s still a good idea to create space wherever possible. And you can do it in a way that doesn’t interrupt your existing flow or feel too messy. In this bedroom by Catherine Kwong, a long bench and floating table, along with built-in storage and a wall, provide plenty of room for creativity.

Office Craft Room Design Ideas

Making your craft room comfortable can have a surprisingly big impact on productivity. If you feel comfortable, you can work continuously for hours. Throw a sheepskin over the seat for added comfort

Best Craft Room Decor Inspirations

Don’t be afraid to stick things on the walls. In fact, a physical moodboard can help you when you’re on a creative journey and can also light up an entire room. It’s a great way to reflect and track your progress so you don’t have to worry about bare walls. Lark &​​​​Linen demonstrate how beautiful it can look here.

Built-in storage will save a lot of space. Opt for sliding shelves to show off your decor, then hide unsightly items in the cabinets below. A paper wall or a wall in the color you like will also inspire creativity. We’re digging this fun blue Brooke Crew print.

Even if you’re drawn to bright colors, a bold and complex color scheme can make your workspace look chaotic. Try a neutral palette that inspires a soothing space.

If you don’t have room for an entire craft room in your home, just use a small corner in another room. Whether you’re converting a cupboard or, in this case, a craft space from Amber Interiors Design, simply turn it into a branch of the kitchen – a side table with drawers and a chair is all you need to know.

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Arts and crafts can be messy. In fact, this is the only guarantee. So if you work with a lot of paint and almost any pigmented tool, you’ll need a durable stainless steel sink. This stainless steel model from Leanne Ford Interiors is a perfect example, with plenty of depth in the space.

This face wall is a great way to add color to your decor scheme. It’s also handy when you’re working on new projects and need to come up with color palettes.

Whether your workspace is a separate room or you live in a larger room that has another function, a built-in sliding desk will save a lot of space. Karin Millet added one to her home office.

Office Craft Room Design Ideas

A washboard will keep your supplies organized and close at hand. It can also be a good place for mood boards and other inspo, like here is an example from The Crafted Life.

New Office Craft Room Tour

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